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Ready To Party Like It

I think everything is in readiness for tomorrow. Emily did a booze run and some grocery runs today. I cleaned the guest room up for her, made the pizza sauce and whole wheat crust. I have a bit too much actually. I made a small test pizza tonight, it was good! I also chopped up all the vegetables for the quesadillas, so they should be easy and quick to make tomorrow night. The tricky thing will probably be pigs in a blanket. It’s shouldn’t be hard, we shall see. I’m not sure WHY we are making all this food for three people. We will have lots of left overs for sure. We could possibly have one more person showing up, should the poor soul not have plans for tomorrow and feel festive. This means I may have to do a quick clean of the downstairs guest room too should they need to crash.

Hard to believe, but we heard to Virginia next Tuesday and fly out to Orlando on Wednesday. It’s that time of year again, cruise time! This time we are doing Royal Caribbean, which we’ve never done before. We are also going on Liberty of the Seas, which is the biggest ship in the world right now. It should be an adventure. The ship has a fricken ice skating rink in it! I’m sure it’s a small one, but that is just insane really. I have a butt load of work to do as usual before then, so I have a busy week ahead.

Home Sweet Home; Christmas Part Deux

I made it home today, and let me tell you the drive was HELL. I got a car which had the CD/Radio LOCKED by some security code. Honestly I should have taken it back, but for some reason I didn’t. Let me tell you if this ever happens again, I will. A three hour drive with NO music is likely to drive one insane!

We had Christmas Part II when I got home and exchanged our gifts. Remember my Grandma’s Christmas village and how I was trying to find the new ones put out a year or two ago but they stopped making them? The BF got them for me! Yippeee! He also got me this cool thing I’ve never heard of called a slingbox. You hook it up to your cable/tivo and your internet router, then using a laptop or any computer with a net connection you can access your home tv and watch tv on your PC. You can switch the channels and everything. Sweet!

Anyways, off to watch some movies and spend time with the BF. This weekend I have school work to do and to get ready for New Years. The house is immaculate, so I don’t have to clean at all. The BF even did the guest room sheets! I’m sure I still need to vacuum in there though lol. Oh for those who asked, I’ll add the pizza sauce recipe up this weekend. Actually I’ve never tried it, so I should probably make it first and decide if it’s actually good.



Planning A Party For Three

I head home tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that glorious three hour drive, but am looking forward to getting back to my own house. Though I have much work to do for New Years Eve! Of course it’s a party for three: myself the BF and Emily. So it’s not like I have that much to do. The BF supposedly cleaned yesterday, hopefully that is good. He probably didn’t do the bathroom I’m betting, so I’ll have to do that. I still have to change the sheets on the bed in Emily’s room upstairs, vacuum, burn some incense, spray ever surface with Lysol (the BF’s brother stayed in there for a month).

Saturday I hit the store to buy food supplies. The menu is supposedly quesadillas (with sour cream and guacamole) and mini pizzas. I’m making the pizza sauce the day before, everything else we’ll make the day of. Oh I have some Betty Crocker molten lava chocolate cakes we can make too. I’m not sure if we are just cooking everything at my house that day or what, I assume that would be easiest.

For entertainment Emily is bringing “Harry Potter Scene-It” and then of course there is the Wii. Emily has to see “Hairspray” still so we may put that on, then at midnight put on “Rocky Horror” for good measure. We’ll tune into Dick Clark throughout the evening just to see what’s going on.

Stardust: Two Thumbs Way Up!

Last night I watched the film “Stardust.” I loved it! It was one of those films I wanted to see in the theaters, but never did. The film is a fantasy film, but not with dragons and stuff. It’s more of a fairy tale. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to buy it. If you are a fan of “The Princess Bride” then you’ll probably enjoy this film.

The movie is about a young man named Tristan who lives in a village in England called Wall, named so for the wall that runs by it. The wall separates the village from a forbidden zone, where they aren’t allowed. The rumor is there is a hidden world there. Tristan is trying to win the love of a girl in town, and to do so he vows to find a fallen star they see one night. It falls on the other side of the wall, this takes him into the other world where magic and witches and everything else in a fairy tale world exists. Much to his surprise, the fallen star turns out to be a beautiful girl. Well you can figure out where this is going. Throw in some princes who are after the star as it’s a test to see who ascends to the throne and a witch who wants to eat the heart of the star to make herself young and beautiful again and you have the makings of what turns out to be a really fun movie.

Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas has come and is almost gone. It’s always so sad when Christmas is over 🙁 However when I get back to NJ I get another Christmas with the BF 🙂 Though it’s not Christmas Day, but it does mean more presents to open (and give). Tomorrow I’m off to have dinner with Keith. In about 2 weeks we all leave for our annual cruise. Crazy!

Christmas Eve Is Here!

Wow it just seems the year has flown by, it’s Christmas Eve again! I of course waited till the last minute to wrap gifts, so that is what I was doing today. I’m a terrible wrapper, so they look pretty bad. It didn’t help that some of the boxes were huge and not fun to wrap. Oh well, the paper is just going to get torn off anyway!

It’s unusually warm here in Virginia, so it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’m currently tracking Santa at Norad Santa tracker. I’m pretty sure these videos they are showing are the same ones used last year. Bummer. I’ll know when he hits New York around 10pm or so, I remember that video well.

Anyway, I’m off to play some video games, chat with friends, kill some time until Christmas movies come on this evening. Hope whatever you are doing is relaxing and fun!

– Dustin

Way Too Many Stranger

Where to begin? I guess at the beginning would be a good place. I woke up this morning prepared to go get my rental car to drive home. However when I got on the PC to print out the confirmation email, there was none! I was sure I had received it, but the deleted folder and the spam folder didn’t hold it. I knew I was in trouble, if there was no reservation I would end up having to hope they had something or I could get something on Monday. I didn’t want to have to drive home on Christmas Eve honestly. I arrived at Avis and sure enough, no reservation in my name. I asked if they had anything at all they could rent me. Their ready cars were sold out or reserved, there was one car they could give me. The issue? It was “trashed.” I asked what the man meant? Damaged? Oh no, it was just dirty inside and needed to be vacuumed, it’s not like there were bottles all over the place or anything. I guess Avis gets a lot of drunk drivers returning cars smelling of beer or something? I didn’t ask. I said the dirt didn’t bother me, so he rented me the car. It was dirty because some guy had it for like a month. I hope he got some corporate rate or it was paid for by insurance, cause you might as well just buy a new car given how much you’d spend renting one for an entire month.


This is the sight I was treated to when I got to the car. Yes folks, that is a condom on the back dash. Now it was still in the wrapper, thankfully. However it was still a condom in the back seat, which indicates sex was probably happening in this rental car. What to do? I needed the damn car, so making a stink would have done no good. What kind of person returns a rental car with a condom in it? For all I know I guess it could have been one of the agency’s employees. Yuck, I know what they look like! So I removed the ickyness and drove home.

This is when issue two with the car was discovered. Now I was sure it was stated some guy had the car for a month. Apparently he had really chapped hands and slathered them with old lady lotion. The steering wheel was greasy, thus transferring the old lady hand lotion smell to my hands. It wasn’t a bad smell mind you, but if I wanted hand lotion, I’d apply it myself. I don’t want it transferred from condom man’s hands to mine via the steering wheel. The fact that he liked his lotion and left a condom in the car, deeply disturbing. I tried wiping the steering wheel down with cleaner, but it still made my hands smell like old lady lotion. Oh well.

I arrived home safe and sound, and this is when I decided to suck it up and hit the mall tonight to do my final shopping errands. I went to Tyson’s Corners and decided to get some food, as I was hungry and wasn’t sure my mom would have anything I’d want. I went to Charlie Chang’s Mongolian Grill/Bistro place, which is in the “food alley” on the first floor of the mall, next to McDonalds and across from Panda Express I believe. I’m telling you all this in case someone googles the place and comes across the blog. Don’t eat there! While what I ordered was quite delicious, half way though I discovered a long black hair in my food! EW! I considered yet again making a stink, but figured getting everyone else in the place riled up wasn’t worth it. Plus I know this happens more than I probably realize, hell I’ve gotten pizza with a hair in it before too. Had it been a little curly black hair, then I would have probably vomited right there and started screaming. I threw it out and walked out. Of course for the next hour I had that feeling like there was hair all the way in the back of my mouth stuck on my tongue and nothing would get it off.

I am going to go live in a bubble now I think.

Lost Remote *Found*

Right now I’m really annoyed, so I’m blogin about the issue. Tomorrow at some point I’m sure it will be solved, but I won’t be annoyed about it then, just aggravated. I’ve lost a remote! In this day and age when homes have far too many remotes, well I’ve lost the one to the amplifier/surround sound system. I know I saw it around 8pm when I last used it, but now I can’t find the foker. I’m sure I carried it off somewhere, I checked the bathroom, it’s not there. It will turn up tomorrow, but tomorrow is not now and I want to know where it is now. We have like 50 million remotes and I’m always losing the one I need. I wish those universal remotes things they always try to get you to buy actually worked, but we all know they don’t. That’s why we all have stacks of remotes!

Update: I found it! It was caught in the branches of this plant/tree thing! Fell off the arm of the couch and into it. I looked in the bottom of the pot last night and it wasn’t there, it was stuck in the branches.

Clark Griswald, We Have Christmas Lights!


It’s usually the BF’s job to do the lights outside, he’s done them the past few years. However this year he hadn’t put any out. The lights from years past had worn out, and he had ordered new ones but not all of them came. I was going to go get some, but Tar Jay didn’t have what I wanted. I wanted icicle lights for the porch, and was going to put out some light up snowflakes too, but the ones that they put out as icicle lights aren’t what I want. I want the ones that look like icicles that light up like we had when I was a kid, not the strings of hanging lights the call icicle lights nowadays. I didn’t get to a Christmas store, which I’m sure would have them. However the BF ended up putting some red LED berry lights all over the bushes out front yesterday.

I feel bad, I haven’t been keeping up with the Christmas specials on TV. I’ll have to make up this weekend when Cartoon Network and ABC Family have their usual marathons of them. Last night I did watch my most favorite version of “A Christmas Carol” ever, the 70s musical version “Scrooge.” They used to show it on TV all the time when I was a kid, but nowadays your lucky to find it on at all. It’s usually on some obscure station late at night on Christmas Eve or in the early morning Christmas Day. I have it on DVD now so I can watch it in it’s wide screen glory 🙂

Christmas Almost Here

So I head back down to Virginia on Saturday for the week. I’m trying to finish up everything I can here before I go down. I hit the mall yesterday, but only bought things for me. Bad me! I bought some ornaments for the tree and a few shirts for the cruise in January. This of course means I’ll probably be going to Tyson’s’ Corners on Sunday. I guess I’ll get up early and go, but I’m sure everyone else under the sun will have the same idea.

I’ve been trying to finish things up around the house before I leave. I cleaned up the guest room downstairs. Okay it needs to be vacuumed, but I cleaned it up otherwise. It became the Christmas storage room and was a mess. Now it’s back to looking somewhat normal. The upstairs guest room has to get done. This will require vacuuming, boiling of the sheets, lysol’ing every surface and some incense burning and maybe some chanting. The BF’s brother stayed in it for about a month, and you should have seen the explosion. I should have taken a photo, it was a nightmare. I’m honestly not sure how he slept in the bed given the amount of crud he piled all over it.

Emily is coming over for New Years. We will watch the people in Times Square on our TV, drink, watch movies, drink, play Wii, drink, eat and drink. We are planning a feast of fun foods for the evening. It’s still not finalized and I suspect won’t be till that day when we probably go shopping.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Santa and I tonight. I was told to sit in his lap, I passed.