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A March Update . . .

So yes, once again a LONG time has passed since a blog update. My life has just been very busy as of late. I’ve been teaching three classes this semester, a first for me. All three are different classes too. I’ve taught them all before, which silly me, thought that would mean it would be easy! NOT!

The farm has started back up, so once again I’m seeing less of John. I also had to get their webpage up to date, a newsletter out, oh and I made them a mobile phone page! That was fun . . . NOT! WHo knew it could be so tricky?

I have, however, started killing the weeds in my garden area 🙂 Tomato planting time is just around the corner! I now just remembered I wanted to save seeds from last year to plant seedlings this year. I guess that’s a year too late. I’m not, however, planting as much as I did last year. By the end of the summer I had so many tomatoes that just went to rot/waste because I couldn’t use them all.

Annnnnnd that’s about all I have to say for now!