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Happy New Year Penis Pictures

That’s what someone googled and somehow ended up on my blog. I’m intrigued. What is a Happy New Year Penis Picture? I guess I’ll have to go google!

Happy New Year! 2010!

This one isn’t as good as the Christmas card one, but I didn’t want to use the same photo again. I have very few photos of me and John together where we are both actually smiling and look good, cause he’s always doing this silly fake smile. Unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan of this photo cause I look as big as a house in it (this was when I was at my heaviest, or maybe a little under).


Vacation . . . NEXT WEEK!

The annual cruise is coming up . . . like NEXT WEEK! Of course I’m all kinds of not ready. I’m at least 10 pounds heavier than I was last year, so I’m not happy about that at all. I’m all about the Atkins diet till next week, but that will never last 🙂 I’ve got to get my courses planned as I start teaching when I get back, but at least this year I have something to go on and am not working from scratch. I know I need new shoes, and an Old Navy/Gap run will probably be made for some t-shirts. Every year I swear I won’t over pack, will just send things to be washed. It never happens. However this year with the fact that greedy airlines are now charging 20+ bucks for each bag period, it might happen. So might my muche overdue and planned speech about how their lame excuse that this is about fuel charges is crap since I am sure to get stuck sitting next to someone who alone weighs as much as me and both bags combined.

Hmmmm, what else? Twitter will be back on the blog for updates, as that shit was my sanity last year. Here is hoping I won’t need it this year though lol! Oh and I’m weak, I did go back to my iPhone. It became obvious I was paying a hefty phone bill for a piece of crap phone that all I could do was text on, since I don’t really talk much on my phone. Oh my Razr also crapped out on me. It works mind you, but the battery lasts about 2 hours max. I guess I should have anticipated that, it does say CINGULAR on the back! Also a friend warned me about pay-as-you-go phones, which I considered moving to, as in fact they are really just “use because you have no other choice otherwise they’ll suck your wallet dry” phones. Plus the piece de resistance was that John got an iPhone. Yeah, he was one of the reasons I tried doing with out because he used to always tease me about how addicted to it I was. He of course thinks it’s just fabulous!

Anyways, New Years seems to be a party at our place. I don’t know how many people will show, I have one for sure, a possible friend of the for sures, and one maybe. No matter how many people come, fun will be had. Oh and I’ll make sure to broadcast it on cam!

Up Next, New Years!

So New Years is fast approaching, and unfortunately I have no idea what the plans are. Emily was gunna come over, but now she’s not. My other friend Jen (maybe she’ll see this lol) suggested possibly going out, but I haven’t heard from her on any ideas yet. John’s sister and her hubby from Texas are coming in and staying with his sister up here, and because of the other half I have no desire to do New Years up with them (i.e. him). Sorry but I refuse to be “put up with” when I know he won’t want me there and will give nasty looks all night long. Plus he doesn’t drink so it’s not like we can ply him with booze to maybe make him tolerable or have him pass out. Of course there is now a threat of snow storm #2 coming in that weekend, but as of yet nobody knows what it will amount to. That could just make sure nothing happens.

If it snows and we don’t want to go out in that (which I don’t having done it on New Years before, Philly is cold and miserable in those conditions!) or I don’t here from people, an open invite might go out on Facebook saying anyone with nothing to do is welcomed at our place and we can put you up for the night if need be. Movies, Singstar, Buzz Quiz World . . . um and whatever I can find for people to do. We even have dirty board games we’ve never played! We can watch the ball drop at midnight of course, but I don’t think I have any desire to watch New Years Rockin Eve on any channel unless they have someone good on.

Merry Jesusmas!

The e-card I made up, but really haven’t sent out rather just posted here and facebook 🙂

Merry Christmas!


I was determined to go sledding, but we didn’t have any sleds. I had planned to use an old skateboard deck, but couldn’t find them. They may have been thrown out . . . GASP! This is what we had used in the past few years if we ever went sledding (and it’s been years, but I know we had them circa 2006 as I have photos of us on them that Christmas).

We had old old metal saucers in the back corner of the yard . . . under two feet of snow of course! I’ve never had luck with those things unless your sledding on a sheet of ice (which tonight we will probably have out there). However the saucers have been there for so long, and are pretty dented.

I headed to the attic hoping maybe the skateboards were up there. They weren’t, but and old old old “you’ll shoot your eye out” era wooden sled with real metal runners was! I had struck gold.

So my brother and I headed out to sled down the street. We kept having to wait as stupid idiots were out driving. I’m tempted to go out after dark when it’s a sheet of ice (and hopefully nobody is stupid enough to be driving, but you know they will be). Usually most people in the past have gone down this street after dark because cars don’t traverse it too much.

Anyway, enjoy some photos and videos! (the videos may need time to be fully uploaded and converted to HD quality as well).

Dustin Rocking The Raiders Look From 1993 Dustin Sleds!

Fun With Photo Apps!

christmas-princess christmas-nikko

A Holiday Snowem and Snowtos!

So I woke up around 10am and headed out to shovel AGAIN. Making a patch for the dogs, doing the deck, the front walk, etc. It’s all covered again already, so I’ll have to go back out later and clean up again. While outside it was very quiet, so I had time to think. I composed this little diddy to a well known holiday classic . . .

In my backyard we can build a snow-woman,
And give her giant boobs and call her Dolly P!
She’ll say “Are you married?” and I’ll say “Gay ma’am,”
“But I’ll come to your show when you’re in town!”

Later on, at the Dolly Show,
It’s a sea, of chicks and homos.
She belts out a song,
We all sing a long.
The drinks are good in Dollywoodland.
All is right in Dollywoodland.

And now for some photos! Click through for giant versions, especially if you want to examine ornaments 🙂

Looking Out From The Front Stoop Front Of The House

Out front, look close and you might spot a Princess in the window!

Nikko Princess, back steps

Nikko finds something in an old stump and won’t leave it (them) alone.
Princess says “Fuck this shit, I’m going back inside!”

Pop Culture Tree Side 1 Pop Culture Tree Side 2

The Star Wars / Wiz of Oz / Wonder Woman / Pop Culture / Life Day Tree – Click for giant photos to see the ornaments!

Main Tree Nativity Shelf!

The main tree (minus a tree skirt for now)
The Nativity Shelf! Our old nativities, plus the Time Life books LOL

Snow Snow SNOW!

I had planned to be out with a friend in Philly tonight. Instead I had to zoom home to Virginia, as I was originally planning to drive home tomorrow. However the east coast is getting a major snow storm starting tonight, and I was not about to drive 3 hours in that!

I’m home in Virginia now and it’s already snowing. I’m also decorating the Sci-Fi Fantasy tree here. Tomorrow will be a thousand and one baby Jesus playsets! I’ll be sure to post photos, as well as photos of the doggies in the snow. Though we could get 2 feet, which means they won’t be going very far in the snow!

Like most dogs, they love love love the snow! I am going to have to shovel a pee/poo patch hourly for them off the deck most likely. Given they are terriers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and tunnel through the stuff should it be deep enough.

Post Note . . . .

Snow Day!

Shoveling the back steps, porch and a poo/pee circle in the yard for the pups so that in a few hours they can still get out!

Had To Update The Jesus Lights . . . .

Last night one of my strand of icicle lights blew. I was fuming, it was the last straw, I was so over Xmas at that point. This whole year decorating has been a nightmare it seems!

This morning when I went out to look, it looks like they got corroded in the rain. A lot of them had rusted out, it looked like they just blew down the line or something.

Of course TarJay, where I just bought them last year, doesn’t sell these anymore. I know Phillips is the maker, I just haven’t bothered to see if I can order them straight from them. I bought two other regular style icicle lights and just decided to make do with them (these are what has become known as icicle lights in the past few years, not the kind with the real plastic light up icicles I had bought).

I also finally put in all the purple lights that John bought and wouldn’t do anything with. Grrrrrr! He has to put away all of Jesusmas I’ve decided since he didn’t help decorate anything 🙂

Chrismas Lights 2.0