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Noise Polution

Ahhhhh! I feel so bad. It’s been a month since I blogged! Well, here is an entry on our house repairs . . . . which need to get moving!

Our garage has been completely emptied of the crap John hoarded in there for years. LOVE IT! Though now it’s their workshop, so we can’t park in there. I actually want them to do the basement if possible 🙂 They also got rid of all the trees and brush on the side of the garage, which I’ve been trying to get rid of for over a year now. We had trees that John cut down as they got too big, but then he left them and weeds grew all over them. They also mowed the woods down on the side of our house too (not pictured). We haven’t had the tree that needs to go removed yet though. We are getting a new porch with a built in fireplace grill for me. Yay!

Some of these I took this weekend, some I ran out this evening and took. They’ve really sanded off all the old paint from most of the front and one side of the house now, as well as dismantled the entire front porch. They haven’t really been here since before Memorial Day, but now seem to be back daily doing work.

Today I was asked “So when do you normally start putting up decorations for Halloween?” I gave them a look . . . Their response was “Uhhhhh October 1st?” I said yes, let’s go with that . . . I should be getting reading NOW! I had planned for things to go up this weekend, but I have no porch! I’m going to work with the yard areas I guess and do the porch later.

I do have to say, the sanding of the house, and hammering on it, is LOUD! There is no sleeping in anymore, as the dogs just bark and bark at them when they get to work early in the morning. Right now I’m battling some insomnia, so I’m not appreciating that. However if they get that damn porch done by October 1st, it will be worth it.

Oh, in one of the pictures (bottom left) you can see the new color of the house. There was a test splotch put up. It’s a darker blue-grey rather than the light grey it was.