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Down South

So I drove home to Virginia this week. My dentist is still here, yes I have not changed dentists yet. A good one is hard to find! I actually hadn’t been for a year and expected the worst, but no cavities! I don’t know how I managed that, something always needs to be filled or repaired. I was unfortunately warned down the road I’ll need two crowns as I have some old larger fillings that when they go, can’t be replaced. My appointment was made thinking I’d be going back on Monday for the followup. Now that I’m not, I may be headed back on Sunday. We shall see I guess.

Keith and I headed out for dinner tonight. We went to Gordon Biersch. It was so good, but I ate too much and ended up with a stomach ache. I have to say that I hate how so many restaurants are now only cooking beef medium or higher. At least I was actually given a choice to have medium, some places will only do it well nowadays. Poo poo! If I want a burger I want it medium rare! It’s my choice, you put the warning disclaimer on the menu, I can’t sue you if I get sick from it (I don’t think). Give me the pink!

Afterwards we hit the movies. Well we had a bit of a wait. I looked up times on Thursday, not realizing or thinking that they’d change on Friday. Oops! So we had to catch a much later showing. We saw “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” I thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t great, but it was no “Spiderman 3.” Some reviewers have slammed it. If you enjoyed the first one, you will like this one. They did totally screw up Galactus though, which I understand has the comic fanboys in an uproar. I’m not a comic fanboy, but I know what Galactus is supposed to look like. Yeah they screwed him up.

The mall we hit tonight also had an apple store. Wouldn’t you know it, we arrived around 6pm, right when the iphone went on sale. The line wound around the inside of half the mall and out the damn door! The really funny part? Three hours later the line was gone, and we passed the store on the way out to the car. Apple people were standing outside letting passers by know they still had iphones! I’m sure next week the news will be full of iphone returns.


Guilty Pleasures

Who Remembers?


I Miss Movies Of The Week

Remember them? I miss them! With cable being in so many homes today, it seems the networks no longer do the “Movies Of The Week” unless it’s something during sweeps like “The True Story Of Different Strokes.” Remember Sunday nights were always “The Wonderful World of Disney” on ABC? They would always show either a classic disney flick or some made for TV movie. Now they just show them on Disney Channel. There were also the 2 hour expanded TV shows that were promoted as a movie of the week, things like “The Facts of Life Goes Down Under.” Then you had the miniseries like all the Danielle Steele stuff. Okay I never watched that garbage, which re-runs on Lifetime all the time. Every now and then they’ll still do a Steven King miniseries on TV, again though only for sweeps usually.

In other news I head to Virginia tomorrow. The original plan was to go today, that was before the PC crash though. I technically could have gone home today though, I just didn’t rent a car. Did you know you can now put in for “green” cars on the rental places? I didn’t, I was terrible and didn’t rent one. I just need the cheapest thing please that runs and is safe, thanks.

I plan to see Keith while home, who basically told me I better make time for him lol. He wants to come up to NJ for a visit too, though the BF says the house is a mess. I told him I’d do a massive cleaning before Keith came. Most of the mess is his piling up mail though!

Should I stay in Virginia for the 4th I think Keith and I might hit the mall in DC for the fireworks. I haven’t done them in years, at least 10.

Hella Weekend

This was one of those weekends that you wish you had a time machine to go back and do a lot of stuff differently!

Emily and I decided we would finally get our butts to Philly for a fun night out. The events of the night began with the patco (transit/subway/rail system) to Philly. We are waiting in the station down by the tracks when a voice comes over the loud speaker “The police are on the way, get out of the station now!” There was a fair amount of people around, we are all puzzled. Again a voice tells us to leave the station. Well it turns out, some kids up in the actual station entrance were jumping the turnstiles or something.

We finally make it to Philly where we planned to eat at Jones, which is a fun American restaurant. We get there and some young man is in the entrance on his phone screaming obscenities. He’s asked to leave, and of course the cops come! More drama! We eventually enjoyed our dinner. However it later came back to haunt us. We got cheese perogies as an appetizer, they didn’t seem to sit well with either of us later on. It was either that or the drinks we had, as those were the only two things we both had.

After dinner we headed to Tavern on Camac to dance, which was dead dead dead until around midnight, then it seems everyone just showed up at once. We left around 12:30, both of us feeling blah from the dinner.

More drama at the patco station! As we wait for the taxi, some kid gets arrested. We don’t know why, but eventually we learn he had a warrant out for his arrest for something. He was taken to jail. He cooperated, so there wasn’t a scene or anything.

Back home, only to have my laptop crash. Windows broke basically and nothing was fixing it. My only option was a full format and starting over. Unfortunately I had backed NOTHING up since February! I was up till 5am figuring out how to get my files off the HD, otherwise I knew I’d be at best buy asking them to harvest the files from the HD for me. I fortunately got what I needed and spent the day re-installing everything on the latop. It’s not done yet, but I can at least work now.


Drama, You Don

Drama! All night long! Where to even begin.

So I was a good boy and went to the gym again. On the way home I called to make sure the TV wasn’t going to be changed, Tivo was set to record “Hidden Palms” for me tonight. Well the BF was still working at the farm. It seems there was a big dance going on there tonight (they have a conservatory for functions). Dances have become the big thing to throw at the farm. Basically a group of kids organize it, pass out fliers and such at school, their rich mommies and daddies fit the overhead bill for what is needed, they charge admission and make a bundle.

Well drama at the dance tonight! As I’m on the way home I learn that just as the dance is starting, a few kids get the idea to show up with beer, jump the fences and go into the fields to drink. Obviously from the city looking for a thrill! They were caught, one punched “the farmer” and ran off. Well the cops were called, the idiot ran into woods that were completely fenced. A few hours later the kid sneaks out of the woods . . . . and tries to come back to the party! All these kids were arrested. The cops decide this is going to be a problem party and stuck around through the night. This ONTOP of security the party already hired mind you.

Around 11pm, when this thing is supposed to be ending, I notice there are now fire trucks and ambulances over at the farm. I tell the BF, who calls the sister. We all converge to find out what has happened now. There was a farm employee over there whose job it is basically to be the attendant on hand for these shindigs. We learn the police wrote up 8 incidents! I’m standing here thinking , after incident one the party should have been terminated! What the hell! Vomit ALL over the bathroom, a hole in the wall. It was disgusting.

The icing on the cake? The police BILLED the kids throwing the party for their “time” monitoring the party all night long. Too funny!

I Need To Spice Things Up

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I’m depressed! I’m a Disney movie!


Big Grown Up Decisions

I had dinner with a friend last night whose moving across country for the next two years. She’s determined to come back, she hopes she comes back, but two years is a long time and who knows what will happen. It was really sad. To top it all off, another friend is moving by the end of the summer, though she’s just moving to outside of New York. That’s not too long of a trek. I am losing all my friends! I’ll need to put a friend wanted ad out soon!

Over dinner we talked about how we were officially grown ups, having to make important decisions and stuff. We both agreed it sucks. I have an “important decision” I’m in the midst of trying to make. I can’t really go into it (it has nothing to do with the BF). I’ve been seeking advice from EVERYONE I can who I know I can trust. I basically know what I need to do and should do, it’s just one of those things where you need to get reassurance from those around you (no I’m not dropping out of school).

Being an adult SUCKS


Rehab For Meat Eaters

So I made it four days without meat, but tonight I caved. I went out to dinner with friends to PF Changs and had some meat. Starting tomorrow though I’m back on the wagon. I think I’m going to allow myself meat as long as it’s at a sit down restaurant, anytime else no meat!

Princess had to go to the vet on Friday. She’s been really itchy since the weather got hot. One of her ears has been bothering her real bad and got that wonderful dirty waxy build up. I knew it was swollen. She’s back on prednisone (sp?) for 2 weeks to open her ear back up, then I have to give her basic antihistamines to see if that helps. My poor baby!

I’m meeting a friend for drinks tomorrow evening. She heads to Seattle where she has a new 2 year job. I’m going to miss her so, but she’s determined to return to Philly when the job is over.

I know I had something else I wanted to blog about, but it’s late and I can’t remember. Plus I have that infernal Amy Winehouse song “Rehab” stuck in my head. It’s this years “Discotheca” on the cable music channel. They play it almost once an hour.


So Alive

One month till my weekend meet-up with friends in New Orleans. Shannan and I have agreed we are going to be singing this in a Karaoke bar. I have never sang in front of anyone. I am petrified. I figured it’s New Orleans, they’ll be drunk and I probably will be too. Plus this is more of a talking song πŸ™‚

Oh, we are supposed to sing Xanadu too 😐 I said we’d have to do that at gay karaoke so we don’t get stuff thrown at us.

I Got Tagged!

David tagged me to play this little meme. I figured I’m game! It only took me a week to finish it though πŸ™

Name five blogs that make you think

Aravis, because of her outlook on life and her photos πŸ™‚

Rich, his mix of religion and politics fascinate me.

Kip, cause his blog always makes me think about things I normally wouldn’t hear about.

MusicGuy, because of his outlook on life, politics and religion.

Moby, because he has such a serious and stressful job but always seems to be able to wind own and have fun.

Write six weird, unique, or unusual facts about yourself

1) I can quiver my eyes. This is a freaky little talent that comes in handy, especially with drunk people in bars (but should I have partaken in spirits it’s a struggle to pull off)

2) I have one of the longest running “Days” pages on the net, and I think the first “Passions” page. I’m not sure if that is unusual, weird, or unique . . . or all of the above.

3) I have a scar on my cheek that I idiotically gave myself in sixth grade. It involved an electric windshield scraper and my curiosity as to whether or not it was hot.

4) I didn’t get drunk for the first time until I was 26 (probably ancient by today’s standards)

5) Some of my closest friend I met online.

6) I was vegetarian for almost 7 years (PhD exam stress). I really want to go back to being one, but it’s a struggle.

Name eight random facts about yourself

1) Met the BF on a little over 5 years ago.

2) I was a band geek in high school (clarinet and oboe).

3) The only sport ever good at was gymnastics.

4) I was a skate rat for a few years in Jr. High. I guess nowadays this is a sport though.

5) I once ran a popular Sega Saturn web page.

6) I am a Brady Bunch trivia wiz (I won a game of Quizzo based on a Brady Bunch).

7) I hate talking on the phone, but in person will often not shut up.

8) My house is haunted.