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Disaster Zones

So last night I finally got my butt back to the gym, only to come home to find the boyfriend holding a faucet. Turns out the bathroom sink faucet sprung a leak, when he tried to turn the valve to shut the water off, the pipes snapped! So we had no water anywhere until around 11pm last night. Currently the bathroom is a nightmare, most everything that was under the sink will probably have to be thrown out. The BF did manage to start installing a new faucet tonight, but it’s not working. We are brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink. Ahhhhh! This is what the BF’s brother does and it drives me nuts!

Today I was having such a good day till drama hit the soap boards tonight and sucked all my time up managing and trying to settle things down. My head is hurtin now! I also fell way behind what I was working on, not a happy camper. I’m heading to the gym tomorrow to blow off some stress. I should have done that tonight but had TV shows I wanted to watch, not realizing I’d end up missing them over silly things.

I’m trying to lesson the amount of meat I’ve been eating. I eat too much meat that isn’t healthy (ie fast food stuff). I know I could just cut out the fast food, but it’s so hard! It’s quick and easy and sooooo good. I was vegetarian for 7-8 years and one of the reasons I switched was because the only meat I was eating was bad for me. I don’t know how I did it, I just went cold turkey one day and managed to do it. I made it through today with now meat. Let’s see if I can make it through tomorrow 🙂

Temptation and More Guilty Pleasures

This weekend I had to go to a spit of a little mall in the area to take care of things. While there I saw they had a pet store. This store actually sold kittens and dogs. I had to take a look. They had a Westie a little over a year old. I felt sooooo bad for it. There was also a Cairn, about the same age. Both were said to be last owned by some woman. I didn’t know the story, I didn’t want to. The Cairn was beautiful, the Westie however needed a good grooming. Someone came along asking to look at the Westie. I swear it must have come from the breeder I got Princess from. I had to leave the store, I don’t know if they adopted it.

I then made the mistake of telling the BF, who talked about it all weekend. “Do you think it’s still there?” “You should go check.” As much as I’d love to, I can’t. Getting dogs from pet stores just keeps putting cash into puppy mills. It’s very possible this pet store was actually reputable and didn’t get their animals from puppy mills, but who knows if they can be trusted. Plus the dog was a little over a year, I would not want to bring it home and have it not socialize well with the current dogs and cats.

On the topic of guilty pleasures, the following video is a totally guilty pleasure. It’s terrible, we shouldn’t really like listening to his music anymore given all that has happened, but I can’t help but like the old stuff I grew up with. This song always makes me want to dance when I hear it.

Someone Turn Off The Sun

It was an insanely hot day here. If this is any indication what the rest of the summer is going to be like we could be in for a doozie! I was so good today in regards to my work, I stayed focused and didn’t get distracted and got everything I needed to get done in record time. I knew I had to if I wanted to go to Philly.

Unfortunately, that never happened. The heat got to me and my head was not happy. I was tolerating it and planning to go still, but getting there became an issue. I missed a bus that would have gotten me there on time, I couldn’t get a ride to the subway/transit and was forced to call a taxi. At that point though I would not make it in time for dinner, half the people wanted to just eat and go home, so my one friend said it would probably be silly for me to go through all the trouble to get into town just to have a few drinks and turn around and go back home. I agreed, it got canceled.

Nintendo and Dinner night has also been canned for tomorrow, kinda. My friends I’ve been TRYING to do it with for weeks now had to cancel, this time the health issues were on their side! I am going to try and go to dinner and a movie tomorrow with Emily. We want to see “Knocked Up.”

Tonight I watched the movie “The Messengers.” It’s about a family from Chicago that moves into an old farm house where they try to “start over.” Through the movie we learn what the problems they had to start over from were. Their youngest son, a toddler, starts off seeing creepy things. Eventually the older troubled sister does too, but nobody believes her and thinks she’s just trying to force them to move back to the city. Eventually the truth comes out about the house. Most of the movie terrified me. It was creepy, I jumped a lot, I screamed several times too. I was on the edge of my seat worried about what would happen next. Unfortunately for me the end fell flat. It was like they took the easy and predictable way out for me. Still most of the movie was a heck of a ride, so if you want to be scared give it a rent.


Guilty Pleasure

Love it 🙂 I thought she had the coolest hair when this came out.


Updates and Stuff

So the BF is doing MUCH better. He hasn’t had any issues since Monday. Of course I’m sure he will in the week or months to come, but he’s fine for now. We are still waiting to hear what kind of stones he had and what the cause is. My vote is the normal calcium stones, as he drinks FAR too much milk.

I’ve been a tense puppy this week. Every day I try to get to the gym, but I haven’t made it yet. I’m determined to get there this weekend when I have some more free time in the day. My shoulders are so sore! I know some exercise will help, but hurt.

I’m supposed to try and go to either dinner or for some drinks with friends in Philly tomorrow. I’m going to do my best to make it, even if it means saying “screw the web page” for the day. I’m so tense I just need some down time with friends and hanging out.

I’m still working on the blog meme I was tagged for. I need to come up with two more random facts about me then I’m done 🙂

It’s gay pride weekend in Philly. I think this is the 2nd of 3 gay events the city has during the year. We just had Equality Forum, which I skipped. Should I make it to Philly tomorrow night, it could be an event!

I guess that’s all for now. G’nite!


Some Quick Updates

Sunday the BF was back on his feet, all seemed good . . . until the evening hit as did another stone. Today he was laid up in bed most of the day. He got up in the evening to do a bit of work, but quickly went back to bed after dinner. I keep telling him to drink more water, he’s not drinking enough. At least one glass or more an hour! He grumbled “Who told you that, that’s a sh*tload of water.” Yeah and do you think those kidney stones are gunna move themselves out? I’ve been through this enough to know the key to getting them out is to drink (well really pee) them out!

Blogrolling is down again, big shock there. I can’t visit anyone’s blogs unless I can remember the urls and the history in my browser kicks in, or i dig through comments. Grrrr. I’m terrible about leaving comments, but I do try and make the rounds to read up. I think I need to just ditch blogrolling. It’s not like their “whose updated their blog” feature even works anymore.

I got tagged for a blog meme and am working on writing it now 🙂 Hopefully it will be up in the next day or two, when I can figure out enough things to list about myself.

People Watching

The strawberry fields were full of people who came to pick strawberries, so the doggies had a full day of people watching out the back door.

3 For 3!

First up, I did have PF Changs for dinner tonight . . . . however it was takeout. Yes, plans with friends fizzled unfortunately. This time it WASN’T my fault! I swear!

At around 9am this morning the BF shows up collapsing in pain in the bedroom. He has to go to the ER, he thinks he has a hernia. I ask when this pain started? 6:30am when he got up! Anyways, his words, “it feels like I’ve been kicked in the nuts.” Well I don’t know what a hernia feels like, but I do know it’s pain in the groin area from the intestines poking out through ripped muscles and tissue and stuff. guess it could be a hernia.

So many many hours in the ER, an ultrasound and a CT scan later, the verdict is in . . . . kidney stones! Now he has never had kidney stones, and as much pain as he was in, he unfortunately missed the real pain. Basically his stone was already in the bladder making its way through the urethra. As it slowly passes, it can hit nerves and send pains to . . . well a man’s nether region. Thus he felt “kicked in the nuts” from it. I have not experienced that pain down there, I will spare you what I have felt. As bad as that part is, it is heaven compared to when the stones pass from the kidneys to the bladder. THAT is the real pain. That must have happened during his sleep, he is lucky to have missed that part! HAd that been the pain he was experiencing I could have saved him the ER trip (been there done that, will never forget that bill). So he’s been sleeping in bed since about 3/4pm. The drugs they gave him in the ER have made him sick. He’ll probably pee the stone out in the morning, from my experience.

Needless to say, I wasn’t having people over tonight, so dinner out and people over to play Nintendo was canceled again. On a brighter note I got the edited article for the journal. I can do this is an hour or two, which is a huge relief. I had visions of days of rewrites on this thing. I do need to return a book to the library and pick up a few more. I should do this tomorrow, but it will probably be pushed back till Monday evening since I have to make up some work.

I guess that’s it for tonight!



That seems to be what I was most of this week . . . annoyed. That paper I wrote and had to turn in in march for publication, the bane of my existence at the time, has returned! It seems I need to do some edits on it, they are sending it to me . . . . I need to have their edits done by mid June! Basically I have a week to try and get the stuff done. Not thrilled about that, especially since I don’t know what they want changed.

Princess has been an itch monster this week. She hasn’t been this bad with the itching in a looooong time. I know she can’t help it and it sucks to be her, but it does get on my nerves too! Thump thump thump thump! She’s getting a bath tomorrow in itch shampoo, I’m hoping it will help and maybe get some of the grass pollen off of her. Otherwise it’s back to the vet and probably a week of prednisone for her. Fun fun fun! It makes her pee a lot. If it isn’t the grass and heat that is doing it (I think it is) then it’s her treats, which I did change this week. Same treat, same makers, just the “organic grain free” version. Maybe she’s allergic to healthy 🙂 I did notice an abundance of “grain free” foods in the store after the pet food scare. They are also a lot more than the regular versions I must stay.

Other things have bugged me this week too, but I’m not getting into them. I have to try and relax this weekend. Well that would be nice, but I don’t have time to relax! Too much to do as always. I have to get a lot of work done tomorrow before the evening. Tomorrow night is try #3 at PF Changs and video gaming with friends. I really can’t cancel this time, otherwise they’ll never speak to me again 🙂