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Okay Spring Can Come Now!

Okay as much as I love me some snow, I’m over this cold. I have moved on, and I want to get outside and start yard work and gardening again! The weeds have not yet returned, but that’s because it’s still cold. I need to make sure they don’t come back. I’ve started spraying weed killer because that warm spell we had a week or so ago caused things to begin turning up.

The winter knocked a bunch of branches down all over the place, which need to be picked up. Actually some are so large they need to be cut up first. I don’t know where I’ll put these things. My compost pile from last year did decompose some over the winter, but not enough. It’s probably going to get built up as big as it was before! Oh and it would seem something is living in it too . . . .

I never did get to the back side of our house last summer, so it’s still covered in ivy and all sorts of tree saplings are growing where they aren’t wanted. That will probably be this summers challenge.

I am totally going to grow topsy turvey tomatoes again, and I think I’ll add in peppers this year. I was not in love with the eggplant last year. I don’t like it THAT much and I still have some in my freezer (which I guess I should toss).

I think I’m going to plant a bunch of sunflowers in the garden area this year, they were pretty last year. As for out front, I’m being easy . . . I’m just going to get some pre-planted hanging baskets to put up!

Oh and another reason I’m ready for spring . . . grilling! I am ready to BBQ again and try some new recipes out on my grill. I also just bought a small smoker as well, so that should be fun.

SPRING! Get here NOW!

The All New Wonder Woman Hour!

So the new “Wonder Woman” show is taking flight, so to speak. The pilot for NBC began shooting this week. We’ll know if it’s a go by May.

Adrianne Palicki ( photo, she has darker hair now) has been cast in the title role. Honestly I don’t know who she is, and if I’ve seen her in films, I still can’t remember her.

She’s not only playing Wonder Woman and Diana Prince, who now works for a fortune 500 company Themiscyra Industries, she’s also playing the CEO Diana Themiscyra. Yes three roles! Should be interesting.

Tracie Thoms has been cast as the bumbling Etta Candy.

No official news on who Steve Trevor will be.

Elizabeth Hurley is signed on as (one of?) her nemeses Veronica Cale, but right now it’s just being reported as a guest role.

WonderWomanTV.Com recently posted a photo of the new logo for the show, as snapped on set while filming. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It has a retro look to it, but honestly looks more Egyptian than Greek to me.

I honestly don’t know what to think about the show. It will either be great, or a hot mess.

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Horrific Dreams!

Perhaps I had my mini blog post yesterday about Monster Mania and Tumblr on the brain, but wow did I have some insane dreams last night. The one I remember was straight out of a horror flick. I, and a bunch of people I don’t remember, got stranded in a town over night, and were given shelter in the town’s haunted house. I’m not sure, but I think Elizabeth Montgomery was the woman who owned the house. It was a terror filled night as the ghosts came out. Since I refused to sleep, I oddly braved exploring the house and recording ghost sounds on my iphone – – – to upload to my Tumblr blog. I would NOT be so brave in life let me tell you.

I do have a bunch of posts I hope to get out soon. I’ve been using my S2H to get points, though not as often as I should be according to the bathroom scale! I want to make a post about it, as well as some tips and tricks I’ve discovered for anyone who is thinking of (or has) ordered one. Additionally I’ve also been using some other sites that gain you money back while shopping online that I want to share. I’ve been using them for a month, and know which work and which DON’T.

Spring time is around the corner, and I’ve been surveying my yard! One of the things I hope to do next week is kill weeds and then plant some grass . . . not that kind!

Trekking Along

I know it’s been a week or so since I blogged. Bad me! I’ve just been really busy as usual. I’ve been putting photos on my Tumblr Blog as often as I can. I did find a plugin that I believe will let me bring those posts into this blog . . . but I haven’t decided if I want to do that. The Tumblr Blog is mainly a photo blog, so I kinda want to keep it separate.

Not much has been happening worth blogging about really. Hopefully that will change. This coming weekend is Monster Mania, then next week is Spring Break. Finally somewhat of a break from work . . . but I still have stuff to do as usual. Still I plan to make room for some fun 🙂