Okay as much as I love me some snow, I’m over this cold. I have moved on, and I want to get outside and start yard work and gardening again! The weeds have not yet returned, but that’s because it’s still cold. I need to make sure they don’t come back. I’ve started spraying weed killer because that warm spell we had a week or so ago caused things to begin turning up.

The winter knocked a bunch of branches down all over the place, which need to be picked up. Actually some are so large they need to be cut up first. I don’t know where I’ll put these things. My compost pile from last year did decompose some over the winter, but not enough. It’s probably going to get built up as big as it was before! Oh and it would seem something is living in it too . . . .

I never did get to the back side of our house last summer, so it’s still covered in ivy and all sorts of tree saplings are growing where they aren’t wanted. That will probably be this summers challenge.

I am totally going to grow topsy turvey tomatoes again, and I think I’ll add in peppers this year. I was not in love with the eggplant last year. I don’t like it THAT much and I still have some in my freezer (which I guess I should toss).

I think I’m going to plant a bunch of sunflowers in the garden area this year, they were pretty last year. As for out front, I’m being easy . . . I’m just going to get some pre-planted hanging baskets to put up!

Oh and another reason I’m ready for spring . . . grilling! I am ready to BBQ again and try some new recipes out on my grill. I also just bought a small smoker as well, so that should be fun.

SPRING! Get here NOW!

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  1. When you find Spring–send some my way. I love what a friend posted on facebook—would someone tell Mother Nature to take her bi-polar medicine and quite PMSing with the weather!!!

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