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New Orleans

Like many people, I’m shocked and saddened by the devastation going on in New Orleans. I have only been to the city twice, but fell in love with it on my first visit. The city is very magical and has a way of casting a spell on you. The city has such a rich history that you can’t help but love the charm of it, the people and the architecture. Please consider donating a few dollars to The Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help the people of New Orleans. Additionally you may consider New Orleans for your next vacation to help the economy get back on track.


Princess Bumbles Gets A Sibling

Because I’m a glutton for punishment I’m getting another dog. I’ve decided Princess needs a companion, someone to keep her company when I’m not home or when I have work to do and can’t play with her. Princess loves attention and gets a little upset when she doesn’t get it.

I got Princess almost a year ago. She’s a West Highland Terrier. As many of you might know, I named her Princess Bumbles after the abominable snowman character from the holiday show “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

I’m currently in contact with her breeder about the new pup, which I won’t be getting till fall. While I’d love to get the dog sooner, this does actually give me time to have some fun this fall in the city with friends. Once the dog comes my social life will be over for a few months as it’s hard leaving a puppy for more than an hour at a time (for me at least, and for the house which he or she will pee and poop all over). I don’t think I’m getting another Westie though, even though many readers have encouraged me to do so. I think I’m going with a Cairn Terrier this time around. They are of the same size roughly so it will be a good match. We’ll see, both options are available.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos of her at (that’s a link BTW). I wanted to set up a photo album on this blog, but have been having issues doing so. On that site you can also view some of my past cruises and vacations. I actually have many more photos I should add to those vacation logs, but I just haven’t yet. Some photos actually need to be scanned first. I also tried my best to put descriptions for the photos, but I soon got bored and gave up. I’ll put finishing that on my long list of things to do :).


Welcome To The Blog, Again

Hopefully the second time is the charm. I went to upgrade my blog software to the latest version, as well as move the url of the blog because of an issue that arose. Please make note that the url has changed. Unfortunately while upgrading and moving I did something wrong and lost all my previous posts. Oh well, it wasn’t like I had written all that many yet.

So here we go, take two. I had created this blog at first to keep friends who I don’t get to see updated on the going-ons in my life, but then I thought it might be fun to post the link publicly for readers of my soap pages to view. I thought it might be a fun way to make some new on-line friends as well as give soap readers a chance to get to know a little bit more about me.

In one week, yes one week, I will be turning 30 years old! On Saturday I’m heading to New York for a day trip with my friend Laura to see Spamalot. On Sunday a bunch of my friends are getting together for dinner and then we will hit a dance club that’s playing 2 hours of classic disco followed by 2 hours of today’s dance hits. It should be a blast, a mix of old and new music. I’ll give you my thoughts on Spamalot as well as a recap of my wild night out.

I’m working on trying to put together a photo gallery on this site. First up will be a bunch of photos of my dog Princess, as well as some thoughts on Princess and what might be in both of our futures ;).


PS If you make a comment and it doesn’t show up, don’t fret. I may have to approve it due to a spam catcher.