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Oh Oh Oblio!

NuKitty is doing well. He (as far as we can tell, no balls yet) sleeps through the night, and has begun using his shoebox lid litter pan today. He knows where it is and goes there to do his business.

Galahad (our oldest) and Grim (the youngest who still is not fully people adjusted yet – we think due to abuse possibly -) don’t mind him. Galahad is actually interested in him, which Princess HATES. Princess thinks NuKitty is her baby it seems. She is always monitoring him. Nikko doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Percy and Moo Kitty are NOT fans. They hiss every time he comes near. Percy in fact has kept himself upstairs or downstairs the past two days. I guess he’s jealous that he’s no longer the only orange kitty.

John and I are still debating names. He wanted Peter since he came near Easter. Not bad. Then he wanted Romeo, I vetoed that flat. I said no way, I’ll just think about Lil’Romeo, we don’t need a cat named after Shakespeare (not a fan!) or a rapper!

I want to name him Oblio at this point. John doesn’t even know who that is. He just gave me a look and I said “seriously?” He should know this, he’s older than me!

Oh Hell To The No! Cuteness Overload!

John walked in last night with a tiny little orange bundle of meow. I said “WHAT is that!” It seems a litter of cats was found in the farm barn, and the mother had left. He claims the kitten “choose him,” that out of the 5 of them he walked away and up to him and wouldn’t leave him alone all day. I’m sure!

Now he knows I had a rule in place, no more cats until one more of ours went to kitty heaven. But he also knew bringing this over would melt my heart. He said “Oh I was just bringing it to show you, I’m taking it back over in a bit.” Yeah right! He also knew I wouldn’t allow that, because one too many cats dropped off at the farm that take a liking to John try and follow him across the street and end up squished. Just last week someone’s cat was squished down the road from us (we actually think it may be the kittens father).

I have always joked I’m going to go work at the pet store down the street, as they are always hiring. I might need to for food discounts at this point!

Checking In On Easter!

Yeah, I know, I haven’t blogged in like 20 days. Bad me! I have posted some photos on my Tumblr blog though. So what’s been going on? Working like mad as usual. Coming up on my last week of teaching for the semester. I’m taking off the summer, as Fall is going to be a madhouse for me. I’ve also got a work/school conference coming up at the end of May.

Today I’m cooking Easter dinner. Ham steak slices with maple glaze and pineapple rings in the crock-pot. I hope it’s yummy! A bunch of side dishes to reheat, and then some biscuits to make. Did I mention I got an ice cream maker? Yum! John especially loves the cheesecake ice cream I made (but it was a bit of work honestly). Strawberry season at the farm is in a few months, so we’ll be having fresh strawberry ice cream then.

Otherwise, not much else to report. I’m getting my tomato planters ready for this year. I cleaned the old ones out, and just started seedlings in my house. John called me all sorts of mean names, because they only have 700 tomato plants across the street and I’m planting them from scratch like a goober. I said it was “funner” this way. Truth be told I’ll probably use ones from a nursery for my Topsy Turvy and put the seedlings in pots to see if they will grow.


9 Years!

John left me a rose by my Mac on Saturday for when I woke up, for our anniversary. We’ve been together 9 years today! (Though we met about a month prior, today was the day we became an official couple).