NuKitty is doing well. He (as far as we can tell, no balls yet) sleeps through the night, and has begun using his shoebox lid litter pan today. He knows where it is and goes there to do his business.

Galahad (our oldest) and Grim (the youngest who still is not fully people adjusted yet – we think due to abuse possibly -) don’t mind him. Galahad is actually interested in him, which Princess HATES. Princess thinks NuKitty is her baby it seems. She is always monitoring him. Nikko doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Percy and Moo Kitty are NOT fans. They hiss every time he comes near. Percy in fact has kept himself upstairs or downstairs the past two days. I guess he’s jealous that he’s no longer the only orange kitty.

John and I are still debating names. He wanted Peter since he came near Easter. Not bad. Then he wanted Romeo, I vetoed that flat. I said no way, I’ll just think about Lil’Romeo, we don’t need a cat named after Shakespeare (not a fan!) or a rapper!

I want to name him Oblio at this point. John doesn’t even know who that is. He just gave me a look and I said “seriously?” He should know this, he’s older than me!

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  1. Really love the picture of him and Princess… very cute….we had a poodle once who nursed an entire litter of kittens….glad the baby is so good for you….

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