John walked in last night with a tiny little orange bundle of meow. I said “WHAT is that!” It seems a litter of cats was found in the farm barn, and the mother had left. He claims the kitten “choose him,” that out of the 5 of them he walked away and up to him and wouldn’t leave him alone all day. I’m sure!

Now he knows I had a rule in place, no more cats until one more of ours went to kitty heaven. But he also knew bringing this over would melt my heart. He said “Oh I was just bringing it to show you, I’m taking it back over in a bit.” Yeah right! He also knew I wouldn’t allow that, because one too many cats dropped off at the farm that take a liking to John try and follow him across the street and end up squished. Just last week someone’s cat was squished down the road from us (we actually think it may be the kittens father).

I have always joked I’m going to go work at the pet store down the street, as they are always hiring. I might need to for food discounts at this point!

6 Replies to “Oh Hell To The No! Cuteness Overload!”

  1. Awww, he or she is adorable. How many cats now, 3? What are you going to name the kitty? LOL, just showed my 4 1/2 year old great nephew the kitten. He said it looks like your Buttercup Aunt BIN, he should name it Buttercup.

  2. Oh man… cute is that!!! I can’t turn those cute things away either…LOL Have fun with the new baby….yes, let us know what you name him/her….. Hugs to John for ‘saving’ the baby!!! 🙂

  3. I think from the look on your face that little bundle has you hooked! How beautiful. Keep sending pictures and let us know the name and how the others are reacting.

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