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Yes I know I have been MIA lately. I’m sorry about that. Getting back into the swing of work has been kicking my ass, and I’ve been feeling run down a lot lately. Not sick, just run down. I do need to go in for a physical soon, it’s been awhile (I know my mom will read this and worry!).

Aside from my work load, the snow hasn’t helped much in terms of getting out. It’s fun to look at from your window, but trekking out to a bar or club, heck even go to dinner to meet friends in it, not so much fun. Also it just keeps coming! It’s not even March yet either, which is generally the really crappy month for weather.

Another bummer is that everyone seems to be sick lately. Something is going around the region for sure, so with my friends sick, I’m locked up in my house even more so than usual.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. I’m still alive, I’m here, I’m just busy and without much to say lately. Heck the movies I’ve rented as of late have stunk so I can’t even give some fluff movie reviews. (Okay not totally true, I started a review for Whip-It and forgot about it!)

Snowtos! The Great Storm of Feb

Some photos I took during the storm and the day after. Enjoy!

As you can see, many trees and branches down or coming down. Lots of icicles to put your eye out with. Bunny’s outdoor cage is now some “Saw-like” death trap!

Cruise Photos!

The link at the bottom takes you to the whole album where you can look through all the photos, as well as see some select titles (so you know what is going on).

Cruise 2010 – Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas

We Have Snow!

The question is how much. It’s blowing so much that I can’t find anywhere to get a good read. Anywhere from 9 inches to 24! I think about 15 is probably right, but this morning they were saying Philly had 18 already. It’s supposed to continue all day too.

Anyway, some photos! Nikko wants to run into the snow as far as he can, Princess meanwhile wants to run the other way, back inside where it’s warm. Also a shot looking up and down the road. The road ironically is pretty clear, though keeps getting covered as soon as it’s shoveled. Still there are people driving, where they have to get to I don’t know. I think they’re going to end up stuck somewhere though.

Snow Is Coming!

So my weekend plans have basically been ruined, all the way around, thanks mostly to snow. I was planning to see one or two friends tomorrow, but both are now ill, and even if they weren’t the snow probably would kill at least tomorrow night’s plans. Yes it looks like a blizzard is coming! I guess we won’t really know how bad it will be till tomorrow, but we could get at least a foot of snow. To the south, where my mom is, they are looking at 2 feet! I was also supposed to go to NY Saturday/Sunday and that’s out now too cause of the snow.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I have to get up and compete with everyone for the last loaf of bread and jug of milk 🙂 I also am low on soda, and John commented there isn’t enough alcohol to make it either. It’s also looking like a second storm is coming next week. At this point (see the next paragraph) I am praying it knocks out a day of classes for me!

So while I’m sad at my ruined plans, at the same time it seems they may have gotten ruined for a reason. I found out this week (actually yesterday) that an abstract I submitted to an “Upcoming Scholars Conference” months ago was accepted, and I now have a month to get a paper in order to present at it. Ack! I had written it off, as originally we were supposed to have heard about a month ago if we were accepted (or this was my take on it at least). So I now really need every available free moment I can get to prepare for this!

Panic Attacks to occur regularly over the next month 🙂 I really now need to call my doctor for that prescription for Ambien or Lunesta 😛

Busy As A Bee!

At some point I will have time to finish editing and tagging all my vacation photos. I’ve been really busy as of late, and unfortunately don’t have much to blog about. Fortunately some fun nights with the girls should be coming up this weekend, so hopefully something story worthy there.

Other than that, the only thing on the horizon I’m excited for is the Olympics. Yay Olympics! It’s the only time I really get into sports, and I love the fact they are in Canada this year because it means they should for the most part be live and can’t be spoiled because of tape delays. I’m always too tempted to cheat and read who won what.

Post Note: John and I are going back to Swanky Bubbles for V-day this year, mainly cause I couldn’t think up anyplace else and we liked it, it was nice and quiet actually. Meanwhile a package from Amazon came and I’ve already been told it’s my gift. He pondered giving it to me early, and idiot I am said I could wait. What was I thinking! He hinted though it’s something I could use now (which makes me think it’s a sleep machine or something lol).