Busy As A Bee!

At some point I will have time to finish editing and tagging all my vacation photos. I’ve been really busy as of late, and unfortunately don’t have much to blog about. Fortunately some fun nights with the girls should be coming up this weekend, so hopefully something story worthy there.

Other than that, the only thing on the horizon I’m excited for is the Olympics. Yay Olympics! It’s the only time I really get into sports, and I love the fact they are in Canada this year because it means they should for the most part be live and can’t be spoiled because of tape delays. I’m always too tempted to cheat and read who won what.

Post Note: John and I are going back to Swanky Bubbles for V-day this year, mainly cause I couldn’t think up anyplace else and we liked it, it was nice and quiet actually. Meanwhile a package from Amazon came and I’ve already been told it’s my gift. He pondered giving it to me early, and idiot I am said I could wait. What was I thinking! He hinted though it’s something I could use now (which makes me think it’s a sleep machine or something lol).


One Response to “Busy As A Bee!”

Aravis Says:

I’m with you- I love the Olympics even though I don’t generally follow sports. What are your favorite Winter events? I hadn’t thought about the benefits of time zones. You’re so right!

I like that you held off on the gift. It gives you something to look forward to, and will drive you nuts. *G*