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I admit it. Not only do I LOVE “Singstar” for the PS3, I want international fame. I will resort to cheap and tawdry tricks, like dancing with and singing to my Jason doll that hung on my porch the past 2 years for Halloween. Hey at least the context fit. I chose Alice Cooper’s “Poison” for the video. The song was featured in “Friday the 13th Part 7” . . . . I think. It could have been 6. Who cares, I’m dancing and singing to Jason in this video people! I even uploaded it to the Singstar Scene for votes.

I . . . am . . . . pathetic . . . . .

Vote for me if you have the game!

One Week!

Ack, I can’t believe it has been a week since I blogged last! I have been twittering, so you can keep up with my madness that way of course. I’ve just been incredibly busy as of late with school and the job. Trying to stay on track to defend by May. I also have a trip to Atlanta for yet another conference at the end of April. Oy!

I have been a lot better about turning the cam on on the blog. Though usually it just looks at my doggies bed πŸ™‚ Of course I’ve fallen behind with housekeeping, and we never did get that maid. I did at least get the majority of the house straightened up, aside from my two guest rooms downstairs. One day . . . I still have my nativity out to be put away! At this point maybe I’ll leave it up till Easter.

I got my HP laptop back yesterday. I then decided to install Vista on it instead of sticking with XP. Why I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to invite MORE stress into my life? Jesus is that OS a friggen space hog! Just putting it on and all the 8million updates it needed to function properly has taken up almost 40 gig of my hard drive. Seriously Microsoft, streamline your next OS in terms of space please! I fear how much space I’ll have left after I get all the programs I need on it! I can always revert back to XP if I need to, thankfully.

Anyway, that’s about all the excitement I have to share right now.


dustinprincess3d Smile, you’re on Candid Camera! Okay not really. I’ve included yet another 3D image, this one of myself and the Princess. This one came out really well actually. You need glasses to see it of course. I can’t wait to make a movie! Alas I shipped the HP(iece’o’crap) off today to be repaired. My old Dell doesn’t have the processing power needed to make a movie without massive framerate issues. Alas as of yet, the camera has no Mac program. Horrors! It works on the Mac only as a regular cam. So I need my HP back to make a movie with it. Till then, I can still take photos πŸ™‚

I’m not sure why I’ve gotten back into caming again lately. It’s one of those odd things, it’s very voyeuristic and exhibitionist. I don’t actually watch other people’s cams to be honest, but I get the appeal πŸ™‚ No I’m not talking about sex cams! I’m talking about people who have them around their home and you can log in and watch them basically doing whatever. It’s kind of soothing in a weird way, and gives you this feeling of being an omnipresent being.

John got me the mobile cam Rovio for Christmas to check in on the dogs, and the 3D one for Vday. I also picked up a wireless webcam for myself as well by Linksys, as the USB cord ones are fairly limited unless you port your laptop around with them. My friends keep demanding I entertain them with the cam when I singstar πŸ™‚ The new wireless cam does video and audio over the net all on its own with a built in web server. I just have to supply them with the url and password, much easier than having to run the came through a server program on the laptop (which is a CPU and memory hog on Windows machines).

I still have the cam on the blog, which I’ve been trying to use more and more. I usually use it on the weekends a lot. It however still has to be run through a program on the PC right now. I’ve been using the laptops to run it, but I just got a program for my Mac and may switch over to it. I used to have a link to another domain ( which gave a larger picture of the cam as well as the chatroom under it. I might reopen that again soon, but have it set up with multiple cams and cam angles. Of course it won’t be on 24 hours, I am not that brave! Just at times when the blog cam is running. I have to fiddle with the idea and the site structure (html), as well as find the time to do that (ha!).

I also still want to do more video blogs, but haven’t had the time to make any lately. I really want to try, especially with the software that came on the Mac to see how it compares with the software I bought for my PC. The next video blog will contain a bit of a 3D clip, when I figure out something fun to showcase (minds out of the gutter please!).

Anyway, I’m back to watching “American Idol” and finishing preparing for work tomorrow.

The WTF Blanket

I posted this on twitter, but I can’t get enough of it. I cried the first time I watched it because I was laughing so hard. I bought a snuggie yet find the humor in this πŸ™‚ It really is hilarious.

WARNING: This video has some language, so don’t play it at work!

House Of The Dead & Technobabble!

I spent a good portion of this weekend backing up, wiping clean and reinstalling PCs . . . FUN! My HP laptop has to go in for service as there is a crack in the hinge/lid. It’s covered as it’s a defect in the make of it. They’ll fix it, but in a year or so it will crack again. It’s the placement of the processor, it overheats and warps the plastic. NICE! One more reason I will not be buying anymore PC’s in the future πŸ™‚ I definitely at least won’t buy an HP again after the troubles I’ve had with this one.

So I had to back it up and wipe it clean. I’m not sending a PC in with things on the hard drive πŸ™‚ I need a working PC, because to date there is no Access program for Mac, and it’s the one thing I need a PC for at this point. So I got to back up my old Dell laptop and reinstall it (cause I couldn’t deal with the slow 10 minute boot-up!). It’s running great now, which always happens with a fresh install. It’s however an older laptop, some things aren’t as quick on it. I’ll survive.

I called HP for service, they are sending a box for me to ship off the other laptop in. When it returns I have to finally face the dilemma . . . to install Vista or not? I know I shouldn’t . . . . I do, but I probably will at this point. The HP, when restored to factory defaults, just has too much preloaded crapola on it. A Vista install will be completely clean. Plus like it or not, Microsoft isn’t going to support XP for much longer, even though they do need to admit what a mistake Vista was πŸ™‚

Moving on . . . I have a video game recommendation! I am a Sega nut, I have every system they made (RIP) and used to run a Sega fan page. One of the games they make is “House of the Dead” which is a zombie shoot-em-up game. I’ve played them in the arcades, had some on my old Sega systems. They were great fun.

Well Sega just released “House of the Dead: Overkill” for the Nintendo Wii. If you like shooting things, get this game. If you like zombie and horror flicks, get this game. If you like potty humor and long strings of profanity, get this game! Seriously, it’s a great game. Basically it’s a gun game, which means you are shooting things on the screen as the game moves on “rails.” That means it moves on a guided path through levels as you shoot stuff and try not to get attacked or hit by thrown objects. You win cash and can upgrade your gun on the way.

The game is great, as is the story. Sega has outdone themselves. They reinvented the franchise in the spirit of the old exploitation horror films of the 70s, which were reintroduced to audiences recently by Quentin Tarentino in his “Grindhouse” films. The movies and story are presented in a disco 70’s funk soundtrack with a cheesy voice over guy. Oh this is one game you aren’t going to want to play with the kids around! Every other word is the F-word, if not some other profanity. This is one of those games that if you aren’t offended by cursing, well you will just start giggling because of some of the lines.

Get this game, also get a Nyko Perfect Shot to complement it and make it easier (playing with the Wii-mote on it’s own is a little awkward and hurts your wrist).

Look Ma! I


For Valentine’s Day I got a new webcam, but this one is special! It takes photos and videos in 3D! Oh yes, I’m going to have fun with this one! Get some 3D glasses handy cause I’ll eventually have a 3D video blog up soon. I need to fiddle with it (when I find the time!) and get the best picture out of it that I can.

I also got a giant card, some hot chocolate mix (real chocolate bits you have to melt) and a hearts “key to my heart” martini glass (which I’m toasting with in this photo, it’s empty).

All Your Toys Are Belong To Me!


I don’t even KNOW what to make of this. Last week I was expecting a Wonder Woman figure I ordered from an Amazon Market Seller to show up. Instead I got fricken Robocop meant for someone in Chicago! I contacted the seller and they are supposed to be sending me a shipping label to ship it back to them so they can correct things. I’m guessing someone in Chicago got Wonder Woman instead of their Robocop. I figured the labels were just messed up on the two shipments. As of yet I haven’t received anything to send the Robocop back.

Well today I get a package addressed to me, inside I find the above, a Warhammer figure set that was supposed to go to Jacob Rich in Utah. Sorry Jacob, someone sent it to me! I’m puzzled as this thing was ordered a few days ago, the receipt clearly lists Jacob’s address, yet they printed out a label for me? I’ve NEVER ordered a thing from these people before (it came from a Market Seller, not Amazon). This wasn’t a mix-up of orders as I thought happened with the Wonder Woman figure.

What is going on? I am confused! I feel bad for poor Jacob, who ordered this and someone sent it to me. Should I send it to him? Or just let him deal with the morons who sent it to some wrong person? Clearly his figures aren’t going to show up. That would probably be bad karma for me. Maybe Jacob Rich of Utah will search his name and see this post!

As for Amazon Market Sellers, please in the future, if you are going to send me free stuff other people bought . . . . make it something I want or something expensive that I can pawn on ebay okay?


This one follows up on the Christian Bale video I posted a few days ago. OMG! I almost peed my pants watching this one. I was telling my friend Emily tonight about the youtube/audio clip of diva extraordinaire Patti Lupone freaking out during a recent performance of “Gypsie” because an audience member was taking photos. You can find a 3 minute tirade here. However above is the hilarious dance remix!

My Thingie


First, you can see from my last photo I got a much needed haircut.

Second, these are Seuss inspired shirts we bought in Florida at Universal Studios.

Third, why the hell am I Thing 2? I’m number 1 dammit!

Backwards Robes


I am a total goob! While picking up some stuff at La Tar Jay I saw it and just had to have it . . . it was only $14.95!

Yes I bought a Snuggie, or basically a backwards robe πŸ™‚ Here I am modeling it for you and looking very much like some cult member.

Oh and yes, I still have my nativity up on the cabinet behind me. One of these days I’ll get to putting it away.