One Week!

Ack, I can’t believe it has been a week since I blogged last! I have been twittering, so you can keep up with my madness that way of course. I’ve just been incredibly busy as of late with school and the job. Trying to stay on track to defend by May. I also have a trip to Atlanta for yet another conference at the end of April. Oy!

I have been a lot better about turning the cam on on the blog. Though usually it just looks at my doggies bed 🙂 Of course I’ve fallen behind with housekeeping, and we never did get that maid. I did at least get the majority of the house straightened up, aside from my two guest rooms downstairs. One day . . . I still have my nativity out to be put away! At this point maybe I’ll leave it up till Easter.

I got my HP laptop back yesterday. I then decided to install Vista on it instead of sticking with XP. Why I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to invite MORE stress into my life? Jesus is that OS a friggen space hog! Just putting it on and all the 8million updates it needed to function properly has taken up almost 40 gig of my hard drive. Seriously Microsoft, streamline your next OS in terms of space please! I fear how much space I’ll have left after I get all the programs I need on it! I can always revert back to XP if I need to, thankfully.

Anyway, that’s about all the excitement I have to share right now.


2 Responses to “One Week!”

WV Nan Says:

Goodness gracious Dustin, reading your work week schedule calls for a nap for me—don’t know how you do what you do. Are you enjoying teaching? I would like to be a little mouse in the class just to listen to the info —but not have to take a test–I’m done with that in my lifetime!

VISTA—are you a glutton for punishment?!!!

Your hunger for your burgers has made me consider a trip to Jen and Erin’s sooner than April. (Did I tell you that they moved to Palmyra–nice home on a large lot—fun for Laz to run and play.) I seem to read about your cravings about midnight and I have to decide—what wins out—the craving or staying in my pj’s!

Now I’m on an IHOP search–think I found one in Pittsburgh–but not your food craving from the other night.

Take care my friend–let me know when you defend your disertation—I’ll keep you in thought and prayer.


hot-lunch Says:

wow i can’t believe u voluntarily put vista on!! lol! best of luck!