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Someone Done Stole Christmas!

I had the most bizarre dream last night. Given this past years “wonderful” Christmas, it definitely is troubling. I dreamt someone broke into our house and stole a chunk of our Christmas ornaments! They left everything else, they just went after Christmas ornaments. I was devastated and bawling in the dream. I even woke up feeling like I had been physically crying.

Whether or not this spells doom for this coming Christmas, who knows. Other things didn’t make sense. Like my Grandma was alive in the dream, but one of her legs had been amputated. Oh and we did get our ornaments back, and the thief was caught, thanks to Oprah. Yes Oprah, who apparently has spy cameras everywhere, personally called our house with a tip on the thief that lead to her apprehension. Yeah the burglar was a woman!

An End To The Boycott?

So I have been thinking a lot recently of ending my boycott of “the establishment.”It’s been 1 1/2 years, I think I’ve made my point. Though in truth, the person who the main point was aimed at could give two shits if I’m there or not. He’d rather I’m not their and around his kid’s I’m sure. I honestly wonder if he even noticed my absence. I am fairly sure if I showed up, and he started shit, something along the lines of “you’re here every day doing nothing” might come up. He’s one of those people that what he’s convinced himself of is so. Hopefully though others might be more inclined to stand up to his shit. Otherwise should I end my boycott, and go over there, Mr. Nice guy is gone. If he treats me bad, I will explode on him and not keep it inside like I had for so long. I don’t care who I cut his balls off in front of, metaphorically so to speak. Be it his employees, his kids or customers. I will swiftly castrate him.

One of the reasons I’ve considered ending it, aside from the fact that I just miss seeing John during the day as well as others over there, is that I just spent a good deal of money upgrading all my website designing related software. I had been planning a total revamp of the farm’s website before I ended up starting my boycott. I left their site un-updated for a good 6 months before agreeing to take it over again. I posted about this awhile back. However I have not had the time to completely revamp it from scratch. I am however tired of the design as is. They open in a month, and I wanted to get a new website up by then. However I knew I wouldn’t have time to do one from scratch, so I got a template I could modify. I actually like the template and the program (RapidWeaver) a lot, though it’s not the program I had started using a year ago (Freeway, which gives way more freedom in design). Still, I like what I’ve been able to do quickly, and this way I can get them a new look and a better page up by opening date. Oh how I wish I had these kind of programs when I was still running the soap page! Oh I have been watching “Days” again, more on that in another post!

Of course the site has to be kept up to date with content. I didn’t spend money on all this for a bland site. Over the past year trying to get info out of John alone to update the site with has been HARD. I want new photos, I want all the info on what’s new. When I was there, I could get this. Since I haven’t been there, it’s like pulling teeth. I can’t magically make content! The only way to get it is to do it myself, which of course means going into said establishment. So I guess I’m looking at finally returning.

Though as I said, should someone open a can of shit, I’ll be opening a can of whoop-ass and stuffing them inside. Don’t think I also haven’t just thought of deleting their site before. Did I ever mention it’s on my server and I have been paying for it for years? Yeah . . . . sometimes the only thing “the ass” understands is the bottom dollar . . . which I can easily cost them if need be to make a point. Though I am not that mean, I’d rather just cut his balls off in public 😛

My S2H Came!

So my S2H came today. Yay! Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather, so I haven’t been able to fully try it out.

It was very easy to set up. Putting it on is easy, but the little computer thingy that keeps track of your workout is basically just sitting snuggly inside the rubber/elastic band you wear. Therefore when putting it on and taking it off, it has a tendency to slip out somewhat. You’ll want to be careful to make sure you don’t drop it (then do something bad like step on it!).

In contrast to what I originally posted, from assumptions, it doesn’t work based on your pulse rate. At $20 bucks I guess that was not gunna be feasible 🙂 It basically has a motion sensor. However you really need to be shaking it or moving around to activate it. Simple walking won’t do. Power walking, swinging your arms a lot, will however make it work. So yes you can use it for walking! To make sure people don’t cheat though by just randomly shake it through the day, you have to do three minutes of continuous movement of the thing to get a credit bar to fill up.

More thoughts as I begin to use it!

Grrrr Hacked!

So my blog, actually a few of my sites, got hacked today. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but it seems someone dropped a bomb on me, for reals. I found an exploit script dropped into one of my sites that I’m assuming they used to collect a lot of info on many of my sites. I spent far too much time today restoring files, changing passwords and installing a butt-load of security scripts. Grrrrrr! Seriously, hack someone worthwhile, like The American Family Ass-ociation 🙂

*Update* Here is hoping no more problems arise. I am currently weighing various options after this mess! If you run into any errors on the blog, or you get a forbidden or denied error, please email me! I’ll do my best to get it fixed.

S2H Replay! Free Crap For Working Out? Yes Please!

I have all these posts in my head I want to write, I just need to find the time to sit down and do them. Some are on some things I’ve received as gifts, or bought myself, that I wanted to share because I think they are really neat. One I just bought, after seeing a report about it on TV, is the S2H Replay Watch.

The S2H Replay Watch, which costs a whole $20 bucks, really isn’t a watch per say. Though the website for it does say it tells time. You wear it while your working out and it tracks your cardio time, via your pulse I guess. Every time you reach 60 minutes of cardio, the watch gives you a code. You input the code into the website and it turns into points. You wrack up points and exchange them for gift cards or other prizes.

So wait, I can get free shit for working out basically? Sounds like a win to me! At $20 bucks, I figured it was worth a try. You can order them through their website or I ordered mine last week and just got the email today that it shipped (so if you order one be patient). I’m very excited. I have finally been getting back to the gym, and I think this will just motivate me to keep it up and even go more. I just hope it works. I shall keep you posted!

P.S. If your not into cardio, they are working on a pedometer that is coming soon.

Superbowl Sunday . . . . Which Means GLEE!

It’s Superbowl Sunday! In fact the Superbowl is on right now as I write this . . . though not in our house. We could careless 🙂 The only thing Superbowl Sunday means in this house is that “Glee” is back right after the game. Woohoo! Time to get our “Thriller” on.

Let’s see, what to blog about? I’m trying to be good about my diet and fitness again. I’m down two pounds, and I’m finally back at the gym. I actually just started back today after 2+ weeks of not going because of that nasty cold I caught right after the cruise. I’m sure though it helped with those 2 pounds, but I fortunately got off the ship weighing about the same as I got on. Amazing I know!

The snow is FINALLY starting to melt. I can now walk the dogs further than 10 feet from the house. Our driveway had been a giant sheet of ice all week. NOT fun, especially with two little dogs who think they are sled dogs pulling me their master. No mush, stop! I almost fell far too many times this week.

However as our current snow melts, it looks like we may be blessed with more this week. They are calling for a Nor’Eastern at the end of this week, and should it hit land and not go out to sea, we might be in big trouble. These are the storms which resulted in the 2 foot blizzards we had last winter. Who am I kidding, I still love the snow, so bring it on. The doggies love the snow too 🙂

If you haven’t checked out my Tumblr blog, it’s linked to the left in the side bar right under the Blogs header – which comes after the photo of moi. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but it’s mostly just photos I post from my phone. Still, I’m loving it. I’m also still trying to find a theme for it I like, so don’t be surprised if it changes style a lot.

I’m still on the fence about Twitter. I actually did get my first Twitter name back finally. I can integrate it both into the Tumblr blog as well as the side bar here like I used to. I just haven’t bit the bullet and jumped back in. I’m still trying to be good, not wanting it to take over my life again like it did 🙂