Grrrr Hacked!

So my blog, actually a few of my sites, got hacked today. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but it seems someone dropped a bomb on me, for reals. I found an exploit script dropped into one of my sites that I’m assuming they used to collect a lot of info on many of my sites. I spent far too much time today restoring files, changing passwords and installing a butt-load of security scripts. Grrrrrr! Seriously, hack someone worthwhile, like The American Family Ass-ociation 🙂

*Update* Here is hoping no more problems arise. I am currently weighing various options after this mess! If you run into any errors on the blog, or you get a forbidden or denied error, please email me! I’ll do my best to get it fixed.


3 Responses to “Grrrr Hacked!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Why would someone target you? Sorry this happened. But don’t give up on your faithful fans!


Dustin Says:

I think it was not a target, but a random hack bot that exploited an old out of date wordpress blog i have on my server. I updated EVERYTHING 🙂


Dustin Says:

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