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New Years Dress

New Years!

I’m opting to wear one of my new outfits I got on sale from Express tonight. It’s one of my “I can’t gain any more weight or it won’t fit” outfits. I think it would have fit a bit better pre-holidays too πŸ˜‰

Rose Has Something To Say . . . .

Betty White Is Sick Of Your Shit!

I just think this is hilarious πŸ™‚

Year Almost At An End

I’m back in Jersey, Christmas is over, New Years is around the corner and before you know it; we’ll be on our way to Orlando and then off on our cruise after a few days at Universal.

Christmas was good, but I’m always sad when it’s over. I got a lot of fun stuff. I got yet another nativity, this time a rubber ducky nativity set! Who knew they made such things?

Take the Baby Jesus into your tub!

Probably the fun “neat” gift was a Rovio from my BF. This is a robotic webcam on wheels that you can control through a web browser on your desktop, laptop, iphone, etc. It really is neat! You can also get audio through it and speak through it to whomever you happen to be checking in on. I can even set up guest access privileges to let others drive it, but that idea scares me at the moment πŸ™‚

Princess Wonders Where Dustin Is?
Princess Can Hear Dustin, But Where Is He?

I’m currently on my 9 day diet and exercise fast. I want to try and get back down to where I was BEFORE falling off the wagon right before the holidays! I’ll let you know if I’m successful or not πŸ™‚ Started back running today and trying my best to eat right! It will be very hard to eat right in Orlando/Universal. The cruise should be easier, but I know the bad stuff will tempt me!






Of course the photo I took of the tree with the presents didn’t come out, and it was the only one I took! I sharpened it as best as I could.

I originally put bows on the dogs head. Nikko could have cared less, Princess threw a fit to get it off before I could take a photo. I ended up tying her up and trying to get photos. This is from the iphone, as it was the only one where she was looking at me. My mom then tied a ribbon around Nikko’s neck, and again he didn’t care. She tried with Princess, but another fit ensued πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2008, Various Photos

Here is another fun filled photo post! I took these tonight, as I arrived back home in Virginia.

Original Nativities

First is our original nativities. The one at the top right was our families, which we inherited from my great grandmother. To the left is one of those melt-in-your-oven-and-stink-up-your-house stained glass kits my mom did sometime in the 80s. Below is a small set my uncle made for my grandma at some point.

Lots of photos in this post, so read on for the rest . . .


Disgusted . . .

I am a bit peeved with myself honestly. Before Thanksgiving I was about 3-4 pounds from my goal weight. Now I’m about 10 pounds from it! Yes a lack of getting to the gym to run as well as eatting too much crap has bitten me in the butt. The sad thing is, I knew this was going to happen this time of year and I still did it anyway!

A few years back I lost a lot of weight and totally gained it all back around this time of year. I refuse to do that this time! I have about 2 1/2 weeks before we head to Florida for our vacation and cruise. I have to get serious and at least get back to where I was before I made a wrong turn. I will still be lighter than I have in years, but I wanted to hit my goal weight for the cruise πŸ™

I went out shopping today to finish the last of my Christmas errands. It seems Express is hurting, they were having an almost 50% off half their stuff. I couldn’t pass that up. I love their clothes (well some of them) but do NOT love their prices. I got 2 new pairs of jeans and 2 dressy shirts. They are my motivation not to gain more weight, otherwise they won’t fit πŸ™‚

Send Me Your Snow

I keep seeing on my Twitter feeds and Facebook from lots of people sick of the snow they are getting. So here is there chance to send it my way!

Lately the weather here in Jersey has been sunny and hot one day, almost to the point you could wear shorts, to cold and gray the next, or just plain shitty like today. It’s cold, gray and raining. I mean pouring down rain.

We have not seen a really good snow in years here. I’m going to say 5 or 6 was the last time we got hit to the point that the state was put into a state of emergency because it was so deep (I think we got 10 inches, which is a lot for us).

I would like a nice deep snow, one that shuts down the state. One that makes traffic outside just stop because nobody can drive in it. I want me a blizzard! Of course the downside of where I live . . . no hills to go sledding on. Plus I’d have to shovel a walkway to walk the dogs. The doggies love when we get snow, they run around in it and think it’s the best thing ever. Of course they’ve only seen it a few times.

Puppy Princess In The Snow Nikko's First Snow

Here is a shot of Princess’ first snow, and one of Nikko coming in after his first snow.

Oh Miss Mary Saw A Spider!

I never saw this before (it’s 2 years old) but it’s fricken hilarious. Watch this weather man go from somewhat straight to gay in zero seconds.

BTW there are tons of hilarious weather news clips on YouTube! What is the weather going to be in Haiti today?

Of course the worst one is Rated R for language. This means don’t play it at work with your sound turned all the way up! Now while we shouldn’t laugh at people’s disabilities, well this guy apparently had an attack of tourettes on air . . .

Childhood Memories

So in this post I fully embarrass myself with some photos I selected of my childhood to scan. This is a long post and I don’t need to clutter up the blog with all these photos, so make the jump after the first photo to see them all.


Baby’s first bath! Well one of them. Here is my ass hanging out from under the shower curtain. I hope I won’t get sent to jail for posting child pornography of myself? My face is hidden to protect the innocent, though I’ve already told you it’s my ass haven’t I?


Some For Uncle Joe . . .

It’s the holidays, and while it’s no longer Turkey Day, it’s still okay to play this video. This damn song gets stuck in my head every time this year. Oh yes, it’s “Turkey Lurkey” time again!

Last year I did a post about this number from the musical “Promises Promises” which you can read here. I first discovered this number from the movie “Camp.”

This year I found yet another classic rendition of it online, which I present to you now. This song and the dance moves will now be stuck in your head, enjoy!

BTW, what the hell is that little tiny stuffed creature in the background? Be on the lookout for him. He’s scary, and I’m sure kills people while they sleep!