Disgusted . . .

I am a bit peeved with myself honestly. Before Thanksgiving I was about 3-4 pounds from my goal weight. Now I’m about 10 pounds from it! Yes a lack of getting to the gym to run as well as eatting too much crap has bitten me in the butt. The sad thing is, I knew this was going to happen this time of year and I still did it anyway!

A few years back I lost a lot of weight and totally gained it all back around this time of year. I refuse to do that this time! I have about 2 1/2 weeks before we head to Florida for our vacation and cruise. I have to get serious and at least get back to where I was before I made a wrong turn. I will still be lighter than I have in years, but I wanted to hit my goal weight for the cruise 🙁

I went out shopping today to finish the last of my Christmas errands. It seems Express is hurting, they were having an almost 50% off half their stuff. I couldn’t pass that up. I love their clothes (well some of them) but do NOT love their prices. I got 2 new pairs of jeans and 2 dressy shirts. They are my motivation not to gain more weight, otherwise they won’t fit 🙂


4 Responses to “Disgusted . . .”

Zan Says:

First off you looked great when I saw you this summer! Second and you know this, burn more calories than you take in. Easier said than done I know. You are aware of where you’ve gone wrong, enjoy Christmas and then get right back on track. You will do it before the cruise! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Dustin!!!


Aravis Says:

I go through the same thing every year. But I refuse to give up the feasts that accompany the holidays! I’ll just have to make up for it as soon as it’s over.

Using those outfits as motivation is a solid plan. Good luck!


Cheryl Says:

Tell me about it…I gained all the weight back that I lost (ok…that was only 5 lbs. but it still wasn’t easy to lose). Good for you refusing to cave and gain anymore weight! I hope the diet goes well and that your new clothes look fabulous!


hot-lunch Says:

i know, right?! i had lost about 12 pounds recently but after the past few holiday weeks, i’m now afraid to get on that scaleto see how much i’ve set myself back!!