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Some Quick Vegas Ramblings

We walked around a bit today, but I made the mistake of bringing non-broken in tennis shoes. I now have blisters ๐Ÿ™ We are probably going to end up getting tickets to a show of some kind tomorrow from the half price booths, but we don’t know yet to what.

I actually played some slots today. I won on the “Fairy’s Fortune” slot machine, how fitting. I only won 2.50 from a buck one time. I got up to 3.50 another time but got hit with greedy Vegas fever and lost it all! There was another slot machine with a wizard on it that I wanted to try, but the old lady wouldn’t get off it. Grrrr.

The people on the street who want to hand you the stupid nudie stripper cards are annoying me. Yes, I see you, yes I know you want to hand it to me, but there is no reason for you to smack it against you hand and make a popping sound, it’s not going to make me say “Damn gotta have that!”

Outside of the Harley Davidson Cafe was a temporary tattoo stand, and people were getting them. I think getting a temporary tattoo at the Harley Davidson Cafe is probably the uncoolest thing you could do.


Whooping It Up In Vegas!

I wanted to post this last night, but the internet at the hotel was down. I hope I’m not leaving ANYTHING out! It was just too outrageous!

So Nica and I get to back to the hotel about 10:30 Vegas time. It is LATE our time. Our choices are get into a cab and check out Studio 54 or walk around the corner to Krave, Vegas’ “alternative club.” We decide since we are probably doing 54 Saturday night with my other friend who is here, we’ll just go to Krave. We just wanted a drink or too, it was late for us and we didn’t plan to stay out too late (remember this!)

So we get to Krave, swanky little club. There is a stage area, a dance floor below the stage, and then the bar area elevated in back above the dance floor and stage. On the stage is the DJ as well as a guy playing a sorta electronic like drum set to the music the DJ was playing. Never seen that done at a club before, it was neat. Lots of VIP couches and lounges that you have to reserve, I guess it’s for the important rich people and stuff to have their fabulous get togethers and drink 1000 dollar bottles of Crystal.

So we get our drinks and hang out, people watching and stuff. A very interesting and diverse crowd, a little bit of everything really. The club seems VERY popular with the blond girl Paris Hilton wanna be type crowd.

So we continue to talk, telling each other stories about are families and what not. Suddenly we notice the bartenders are beginning to take off their clothes! One of them had a fricken Superman S on his chest, I mean life size as if he has the outfit on. He was in the distance, so we couldn’t tell if it was a real tattoo or a temporary. If it was real, that takes some balls to put on your chest.

Then we notice gogo boys had appeared in various areas of the club, one on the stage, two others on these platforms. This is when Nica begins to become VERY amused. She became fixated on this one guy who wouldn’t take his jeans down and show his underwear, at one point yelling out “Take it off!” (BTW Nica is now awake and still talking about the guy who wouldn’t take his pants off).

Eventually I decide we need to dance, cause people are dancing, we are a tad tipsy, and it would help burn off the alcohol. So we’re on the dance floor dancing and having fun, more people watching. There were the girls in these vinyl outfits, they were so cool! One had this black Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman in Batman type outfit, the other had this Sailor Moon school girl thing going on. Funky!

Then suddenly these two gogo boys hit the main stage together. They were dancing around each other and really working up the crowd into a frenzy. I’ll just let you figure that one out on your own. This is when every woman in the place zooms to the stage with their dollar bills. This is also the point where Nica, former Catholic school girl, hard core Republican, two time George Bush voter starts screaming stuff at the gogo boys like “Woooo Spank His Ass Baby!” I’m in between utter shock having NEVER seen things like this at clubs in Philly and laughing hysterically at Nica’s reaction to the gogo boys.

Eventually we decide it’s time to go, but we decide to make a pit stop at McDonalds first as I decide grease will also do us some good. Nica decides I have to order her a happy meal, so I do. I can’t remember the last time I got a happy meal for me or anyone else. As we are in line, ahead of us are these two guys. I’m not sure what party they were at, but one had on this green plaid suit that was way too small for him, the other had on a woman’s leopard print pajamas that were way too small for him as well. He also had on this green beaded 1920s flapper cap. At one point flapper boy is like “It’s not polite to stare.” The woman in line ahead of us is like, “How can you not?” Nica’s saying “God I love Vegas!”

On the way back to the hotel we see some group of children, okay high schoolers, walking by with a case of Corona Light. Yeah okay, whatever, totally not old enough and just parading around the street with it. The kid with the Coronas looks at Nica and says “Sup sexy lady!” I have to hold in my laughter again!

We get back to the room at 3am Vegas time, 6am our time. I don’t know HOW we stayed awake so long. Must be that oxygen they pump into places here.

I don’t think anything will top last night for a long long long time.


The Night Life Is About To Start

It’s 1:30am our time, 10:30 Vegas time. Ahhhhh! Plane was late, didn’t get started till around 6pm really. We had dinner at some Italian place, it was okay. Then we watched the Siren show at Treasure Island. Basically scantily clad men and women pirates getting in on, oh I mean “fighting.” It reminded me of a Britney Spears video, but the fire and effects were cool. Then we walked back and saw the volcano explode at the Mirage and the fountains at the Bellagio. I took lots of pictures, haven’t looked at any of them yet.

I haven’t seen too many casinos yet aside from the ones in Aladin and the ones we walked by and could see into, but I imagined them to be way more fabulous than they are. I think I’ve seen too many movies, but Nica says the Bellagio is where the nice casinos are. We haven’t gambled yet, probably tomorrow. I play on playing a few slot machines and being over it.

For now, we are going to try and find someplace fun to go and TRY and actually stay awake!



I thought what a better place to launch the new blog than Las Vegas! Yes, I am in Las Vegas baby.

Why the new blog? A few reasons. I had been running two blogs at the same time, and that was a bit much. On one blog I had anonymity and felt free to be my self, yet actually didn’t reveal who I was. On the other I wasn’t anonymous, but held back a lot of the time. I really wanted to merge them for the longest time. The other reasons are the blog I originally had here was getting spammed to hell and back and I needed to change the blogging software. That and the blog had evolved over time, as did the focus of my posts on it. I figured what a great time to bring both together and start anew.

So I have basically started fresh, abandoned the old blogs for a new blog. Now what can you expect here? Probably a lot of the same I wrote on my other blogs. For those who read the old blog that I had here, this one will have a stronger emphasis on being a personal journal and a place to be positive rather than a place to rant and rave about things pissing me off. Plus you now get the face and name behind the curtain. For those who read my other blog on, well remember that poll I posted? Yup, prepare to see a different side of me (not that side!). Some of you might not like it or some of the things I might discuss here (no sex talk of course), so if that is the case then you are free to leave and just stay safely in the land of soaps.

The name of this blog isn’t set in stone. I just didn’t know what the hell to name it and selected “Hey . . . It’s That Guy’s Blog” as a spur of the moment choice. It is growing on me, but I’m not in love with it. I’ll think about names over this weekend, and if you guys have any ideas feel free to leave some suggestions. As if you already didn’t know, I do have a tendency to lean towards fantasy names and themes. I want a really good blog name (and tag line) basically because it will reflect the end design of the blog. I’m hoping to get someone to design me a custom skin/template for the blog (I guess I need to come up with design aspects I like too).

The webcam feature from the blog isn’t up right now, it will be back when I return from Vegas. Also, for those who had my old site/sites blogrolled, I’m still adding you all back to the new blogroll. Feel free to leave me a comment to remind me if I forget to add you!

So that’s it for now. I am off to explore Vegas. Check back later to find out what trouble I’ve gotten into!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . . Yes, I am.


Nevermore . . . R.I.P Dustin’s Magical and Spiffy Blog

Yes, you have read correctly. This is the end of this blog . . . . . but not the end of my blogging ๐Ÿ™‚ I have started a fresh new blog elsewhere (though it currently looks the same). The reasons will become clear. Be forewarned though, this new blog may from time to time leave the TV-14 of SoapLand and PG-13ness of this blog behind. You choose to enter at your own risk (don’t worry, no nudity and sex or stuff like that, totally safe for work, my mom reads this blog afterall).

This post on the new blog explains everything


P.S. This blog will remain up for archival purposes only, but within a weeks time all posts will close and no more comments will be allowed.

Nikko Fears The Camera

Everytime I catch Nikko looking cute and try and take a photo to send Ellen, he gets scared and runs under a chair or something. Cameraphobia?


Tired . . . Stressed . . . Vacation!

I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to take Nikko to the vet, the stitches came out today. Then I went to the gym, been trying to get back into the habit, then I unfortunately had to go to school in order to get some books I requested from the library. Wow, being at school made me feel really really old. I can’t wait till I don’t have to go back anymore!

Tomorrow my day of hell gets worse, not only do I recap Days and Passions as well as the OC, but I need to recap Passions on Sci-Fi because as it figures, I didn’t have that day in my archives. All this plus trying to pull together Thoughts and Spoiler updates before I leave for Vegas on Friday morning. Ahhhhhhh!

On top of all that, I’ve been trying to pull together a major blog surprise for Vegas. Oy! I have found out that I do have high speed internet at the hotel, that’s at least one thing I don’t have to worry about.

By time I get to Vegas it might be just before I have a meltdown. Going on a mini-vacation shouldn’t be this stressful.


Princess Wants To Be A Star

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a contest of sorts going on for their "Best in Show Show," you send photos of your pet/pets in and describe them, Ellen is going to show some of them on air. I already sent in a photo of Princess. I choose the one of her on the "About Me" page where she’s looking up at me (without the bone). I think that is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken of her.

I am going to try and get a photo of Nikko today to send in. He has a little ottoman he likes to sit on, I’m going to try and get one of him on it.


Extreme Vegas Blogging?

I dunno, it could happen! In all honesty, I don’t know what extreme blogging is. I’ve seen "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" and "Wayne’s World" in a matter of a week, so "Extreme" is the current "word of the day" (you are supposed to scream now).

However, given I’ll be in Vegas with Nica, I’m sure there will be some kind of extreme R-rated blogging going on here. If I’m not doing it, I’ll hand the keyboard over to her. We’ve already decided that, uh, never mind. Wait till this weekend when I won’t have to be lectured about it.


Viva Las Vegas!

So it is official, I am headed to Las Vegas on Friday! I can’t wait. I’m going with my friend Nica and we are meeting a friend I met on a cruise two years ago there. It will be a blast! As of yet we haven’t yet figured out exactly everything we want to do. I have been put in charge according to Nica of finding entertainment. I have book marked a website with clubs and fun places to go, and my friend from the cruise has some ideas in mind too. Here are some of the things I am thinking off, feel free to leave comments if you have any other ideas!

1) Gamble, but all I can really do is play slot machines. Anything else is too complicated and I don’t feel like learning.

2) Dancing! Every night if possible ๐Ÿ™‚ Studio 54 at the MGM looks fun.

3) Ride one of the roller coasters on top of/inside of the hotels (Manhattan Express looks good).

4) Try and find Rita from HBO’s "Taxi Cab Confessions" (Your shirt reminds me of the sky, I want to fly in your shirt)

5) Go to a "Showgirls" starring Elizabeth Berkley type of show.