Princess Wants To Be A Star

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a contest of sorts going on for their "Best in Show Show," you send photos of your pet/pets in and describe them, Ellen is going to show some of them on air. I already sent in a photo of Princess. I choose the one of her on the "About Me" page where she’s looking up at me (without the bone). I think that is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken of her.

I am going to try and get a photo of Nikko today to send in. He has a little ottoman he likes to sit on, I’m going to try and get one of him on it.



3 Responses to “Princess Wants To Be A Star”

lori Says:

Welllllllll,, you could send in the pic of you and the Easter Bunny!!!! heheheehe,,. Is she showing them a few at a time every day,, or on certain days,, when should we be looking and rooting for Princess and Nikko?


Dustin Says:

I THINK the show airs next monday, But I’m not sure. I think she’s showing all the photos on that show.


Michele Says:

What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas… UNLESS you post it on your web.. hehehhe. Have a GREAT time! I am a mom of 3 and let it LOOSE in Vegas at Studio 54! Just think what you can do being SINGLE! WHOO HOO!

I can’t wait to hear about your trip…