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Bad Pet Karma

b539404aa0b881e35799958f209b5278 My pet karma has been pretty negative lately. In March/April it was the cat, in May it was Princess, and now in June it’s the bunny. When the new pup comes next month I’m hoping it will break the cycle!

Little Bunny Poo Poo has developed what’s known as GI Stasis. It’s the number one killer of rabbits and tends to go undetected until too late. Basically their natural GI system gets screwed up, they stop eating and drinking, and then they die. I googled on the first signs something was wrong and got him to the vet in time. He goes in daily for an IV for the next few days, is on medication, and I have to force feed him green goop several times a day. For a bunny that doesn’t like to be picked up and held, it’s not been fun!

Needless to say, Bunny is not very happy with me right now. He has however gotten used to being manhandled. I might be able to get him out of his cage and let him run around after all is said and done. He does seem to be on the mend, and I think it’s the pain meds I just got from the vet that are doing the most good for him.

Summer Cleaning! Since I Skipped Spring Cleaning

So the past few days I spent way too much time searching for things that I couldn’t figure out where they were. I have way to many drawers of “crap” where things could be. And the overflow of crap in cabinets and other places has hit epic levels. I’ve decided if I can clean out one drawer, or one pile of crap, or a portion of a closet every day, then by the end of the summer I will have made huge progress “de-hoarding” this house. Game on!

In other news, John has someone looking into house painters. The house needs to be repainted badly, and to do that also means removing the vines and other crap that’s grown up all over it. I’ve tried each summer to tackle this, but it’s totally out of hand now. Hopefully this means someone other than me will finally remove it all and keep it from coming back!

PS . . . John is way worse of a hoarder than I am, my issue is I just saved way to many computer parts and boxes and since most are now totally obsolete it’s pretty easy to toss them or take them to the place they need to go for recycling!

New Addition!

6689137c562c269ba00ca7bab9719c64 So we are getting an addition to the family, a new dog. To be precise, a new Westie female. After Nikko I can safely say I will not get anymore boy dogs! We get her July 12th. I had always planned to get a third dog, and actually wanted to get one for the past two years. However issues came up which made me push it back. Some issues were financial, others were John bringing home MewMew kitty last year. I’ve told John at this point 3 kitties have to go to heaven before we get a new kitty! That’s gunna be a long time too, given most of our cats are between 1 and 6 years old. This should hopefully also keep him from springing some new kitten on me!

One of the main reasons I wanted a third pup is for Nikko. Princess is older than Nikko, and she probably will go to doggy heaven first. Though Nikko is a male, only a year younger, so he could go first. However I know if Princess goes first, Nikko will likely die of a broken heart. He’s that attached to her. Either way, I don’t want one dog left alone to die on me of sadness . . . then I’ll have no dogs and be even more sad! I also had planned to get a new pup when mine were around 6 or 7 and still feisty. I didn’t want to add one with older dogs who would just be annoyed with it. So mine are at the age where I feel they won’t be too annoyed with it, but if I wait any longer they might be. Plus this may help keep them young and active (not that they don’t chase cats around enough).

As for names, well I have several picked out. I just have to get to know her and her personality first and that will help me. The names of course have been picked from pop-culture, as were the previous two dogs’ names. I got a few good suggestions from friends, so here is the list so far with their origins . . . If you have an idea feel free to submit it!

  • Duchess – Because Princess is her older sister.
  • Jadis – The true name of the White Witch from the Narnia books (love the name, but not sure about naming her after an evil character)
  • Arilyn – After Arilyn Moonblade from a series of D&D books I loved.
  • Glinda – An Oz reference, which plays into Nikko (the name of the captain of the witch’s flying monkeys)
  • Khaleesi – From Game of Thrones and my favorite character . . . until the writer kills her off one day. Therefore I worry that name is jinxed.
  • Luna – A character from one of my favorite RPG games Lunar.
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