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Poor Nameless Kitty

Just a quick note to say I did survive my trip to Oklahoma . . . no twisters. I’ll post something about it soon.

The poor kitty still is without a name. I am pondering Titania at this point . . . Queen of the Fairies!

I wanted Demona (from Gargoyles) but John again doesn’t seem to think the kitty is in fact a demon.

Are You Ready For The End? Get Ready!

Last night I watched “Vanishing on 7th Street.” I gotta say, the movie was creepy, but only because of the timing . . . you know with the end of the world upon us this weekend and all.

The movie is about a couple of survivors who make their way to a bar one night to meet and try and escape whatever is going on. The sun comes up later each day, and sets earlier each night. When darkness descends, shadowy figures claim lives and make people disappear. Voices of the dead are also heard speaking to the living. Inexplicably electricity and other things like batteries are quickly failing too, which makes the dark more menacing.

This, unfortunately, is one of those movies that wants you to interpret what is going on based on your beliefs or ideas, but I also feel is very “Rapture” oriented. Is Kirk Cameron a secret producer here πŸ™‚ I don’t mind having to interpret a little in a movie, but not the whole damn movie. Nothing is really explained at all as to what is going on here. Those kind of films generally irritate me. I like to be told a story, not to have to guess what the story is.

The only reason I can say to watch this film is to creep you out about Saturday. Once Saturday is over, don’t bother πŸ™‚ Save it for 12/21/12 πŸ™‚


NuKitty has a vet stamped and certified vajayjay! So now she needs a name. The vet’s office said they were expecting something good, given our other animal’s names.

So for now she is Baroness Tangina Gretel Von MewMew!

Von MewMew because I called her MewMew for the past week or so.

Gretel is a play on Grendel, which John wanted for a boy.

Baroness Tangina is not only a royal name, to go along with the only other girl in our house Princess Bumbles, but it’s a reference to a movie character. Can you guess which one?

Just Call Him Chaz?

Since NuKitty, who I’ve just been calling Mew-Mew, came home, we have been trying to name him.

John’s latest suggestion is Grendel, cause NuKitty is a face eating monster. He likes to bite your nose, your ears and anything else attached to your head.

The problem now? I don’t think it’s a him. John was sure from the moment he brought the kitty home it was a boy, because the litter was very mixed colors and it takes 2 orange parents to make an orange female, but only one orange father to make an orange male. There were three black/mottled cats and 2 orange.

That, however, doesn’t mean they were all of the same parentage though. Mommy could have gotten around! There have been a couple wild orange cats around here over the years.

I have seen no signs of “ballage” since NuKitty came here. I keep watching and waiting for them to appear. Also from all the graphic “How To Sex Your Kittens” porn I’ve been looking at, I think it’s a girl.

One thing is for sure, the kitty is getting tired of being molested! If NuKitty is a girl, Princess isn’t the only one in the house anymore.

Thor! The Movie . . . . .

So I went to see “Thor” yesterday. To my surprise, it was actually a good movie. I really don’t know anything about Thor other than he’s the Viking God of Thunder, and made a few appearances in the Spiderman cartoons in the 80s. So I can’t say how much they screwed up the comic book story.

I really thought the whole “aliens” aspect was going to make it ridiculous, but it worked well and they didn’t go over the top. Basically Thor and his people are a very advanced race that were worshiped by primitive Norse peoples as gods. Then there are the race of Frost Giants, and some others who didn’t play into the movie. Basically Earth and humans are one of the 9 realms in the universe, and we just haven’t advanced enough to understand and make contact with the other 8.

Thor gets cast out of his realm by his father Odin, after being betrayed by his brother Loki. That is kinda a spoiler, but if you know anything about Norse mythology at all, then it’s really not. Then he lands on earth, meets a team of scientists studying the wormhole he came through, fights to regain his crown . . . yada yada. There are no huge twists in this story, there is no mystery. It’s a comic book genre film, but unlike the later Spiderman films, doesn’t suck and doesn’t try to do too much (i.e. introduce 8 million villains).

Thor plays into Iron Man with the Shield Agent from those movies in this film, and at the end of the film your told “Thor will return in The Avengers next year.” Like the Iron Man films, and my guess the upcoming “Captain America” film, there is a secret scene after the credits worth sticking around for.

The only things I can say bad about the film is 1) Thor didn’t take his clothes off enough at all. In fact the scene above is all you get to see of him. 2) It’s not worth paying extra to see in 3D. There was nothing I was wowed at. I don’t know if this was filmed in 3D or just converted to buy into the 3D format that’s so big now.


It’s only a month and a half late, but i finally got the farm’s new webpage up! As I’m working for free (actually on my dime, since I bought all the software needed and pay the hosting bill) I am not feeling too guilty about being so late.

In truth the only person I’d really feel the need to bring that up to is the “asshat,” cause I don’t really mind spending money on John and things I enjoy doing πŸ™‚ Lets not tell the “asshat” that though πŸ™‚ Not that he’d care one way or the other, he’d make some excuse up in his head to justify it all.