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Social Media Slump . . .

So I’ve found myself in a social media slump as of late, though I’m not exactly sure that’s a bad thing? I had given up Twitter a long time ago because it was just too addicting. I had it linked to my Facebook and basically I was just sharing and posting too much. I actually still have a Twitter account, I just use it to read famous people and get news rather than put a million tweets out there about what I’m doing at every waking moment. But even now I find myself not checking it as much as I used to. Damn I thought I was bad, but famous people Tweet a lot! When I do finally check on it, I can’t keep up. Maybe I need to unfollow some people who like to constantly retweet their fans every single praises about them . . . and their crappy attempts at music . . .

As of late I’ve really found myself not having much fun on Facebook either. I’m beginning to think it needs to be renamed Politicsbook. Now I will admit, I have gotten on my politic high horse on Facebook numerous times. But as the election rolled around in the fall, I vowed not to do it unless I felt I had to speak about something. I figured that people would quickly get sick of politics, I knew I was at that time. Every time I saw things that pissed me off in my feed I posted silly photos of unicorns farting rainbows or something equally as silly. However since the election it’s just been non-stop politics on there, or at least in my feed. The shooting in Newtown, as tragic as it was, also has just spurned a million and one gun posts as well. I mean some people do nothing but post nasty political posts all day long . . . It must take a lot of energy to hate Obama that much! I was no fan of George W., but lord I didn’t sit around all day posting about him and sharing slanderous and hateful stories and photos. I know I should unfriend people who push my buttons like this, but that makes me feel bad. I do my best to just hide their feeds, but some post so much it still gets through! This weekend with the Oscars was another great example. My newsfeed got flooded because Michelle Obama appeared at the very end. Nobody had anything nice to say about her either mind you. I have thus for the past few weeks just stopped posting on Facebook. I actually deleted all my photos, even all my personal info, and all my wall posts from this year and even several past years. It was my plan to delete every wall post I made to give me a fresh start, but that got tiring! I only had 1 1/2 years left to delete believe it or not. Facebook doesn’t make it easy, you have to go through one by one by one to do it. The only thing I’ve done on Facebook as of late is change my cover photos to silly things. I haven’t gone as far as deleting it all together as I do have friends I have no other way to keep in touch with outside of Facebook, and I do like to still interact with others on their walls. But I’ve taken a break from posting updates of my own. Mainly because I want to post very not-nice things like “Jesus Christ I’m glad I don’t own a gun, because after having to read all these fucking posts about people thinking Obama’s coming for their guns, I’d probably shoot myself in the head with it!”

The one social media I do still love is Instagram. I think what I like about it best is that it’s just photos!

Where am I going with all this? Well I have been trying to find some ways to revitalize my blog. I seem to often be at a loss of words when it comes to writing actual blog posts. Clearly that’s not the case with this one! I do have some fun things coming up the next few weekends that I think will make fun posts. A Broadway play, Monstermania and a party with my paranormal friends 🙂 But once again I’ve been wondering about incorporating apps on my phone into the blog somehow. I opened the Tumblr Blog in part because it easily incorporated a lot of the apps. I can pull the Tumblr posts into here, but I’d prefer to keep the two blogs separate: it for funny photos and this for actual text posts (and the occasional photo blog post). Hence I’ve been wondering if I should start using Twitter again, sparingly mind you, to give some short quick updates on things since I have trouble writing long posts nowadays.

One thing I did manage to work into the side bar tonight was Instagram. I replaced the old Webcam block that I no longer used with an Instagram plug-in with whatever the latest image I’ve taken on my Instagram is. Yay! Photo sharing is fun!

Kettle Bell Hell!

Bob Harper Kettle Bell Workout So with the new year I knew I had to start working on getting back into shape, losing weight, and monitoring the blood pressure. It’s still high, I’m on two medications, and they don’t seem to be lowering it enough. I go back to the doctors at the beginning of March where I expect to be put on new medication honestly.

I know I really need to just monitor what I eat and exorcise more regularly. That will probably help more than the medicine, and even the doctor said that was the best thing I could do at my age. I went back to using an app on my phone to make a food journal so I can be more aware not only of calories, but salt/sodium. Plus it’s just a good way to know what I shouldn’t be eating to help me lose a few pounds too.

So it had been a while since I had been to the gym regularly. We are talking since before Christmas. So I plunged back in and took the worst class I could have, a kettle bell class. Oh lordy! To the left is Bob Harper (“The Biggest Loser”) doing it. They make it look so easy! I took it on a Friday, I was not able to actually walk up and down stairs, bend over, and generally sit without pain until Thursday. The weekend was particularly bad, I just wanted my legs cut off. I did NOT go back this past week, mainly because John and I had day-after-Valentine’s Day-plans. If I go back this week I will demand a lighter, easy, beginner weight and not the heavy thing the trainer stuck me with because he thought I could handle it.

In other news, the brakes on our car went out. Fortunately I didn’t get too far in the car, or had gone too fast, before realizing it. They weren’t all gone, but the pedal was to the floor and it still was slow to react. My heart did jump though when it seemed the car wasn’t stopping. We got that taken care of quickly today. The car was just serviced two weeks ago too… It’s definitely time to look for a new car after this fiasco.

Just a Few More Vacation Photos To Share!

I thought I would post a few more photos from our vacation. At some point I need to update my side bar links, as well as my main domain’s links to my photo galleries as that website went caput. I don’t see myself organizing things on Flickr until this summer at some point when I have a little more free time to do so.

Each one gives a short description of what it’s a photo of, and this time I did a better job of not over sharpening them, reducing the file size, and keeping them their original pixel size. I’m loving my new camera, and by next year’s trip I should have mastered it pretty well.

Next year we leave out of San Juan, so hopefully we will go a few days before the ship sails to enjoy it. Unlike Ft. Lauderdale, it won’t be dead as a doornail. I’m pretty over that place, and each year it’s become more and more of a ghost town. It might have something to do with the time of year we are there, but we noticed a lot of the bars, restaurants and clubs had closed up compared to previous years.

We also might just go to Orlando first and then over to San Juan, as it’s been years since we went there and I am dying to see Harry Potter world. I honestly can’t believe I just haven’t booked a trip to go, even if by myself.