Kettle Bell Hell!

Bob Harper Kettle Bell Workout So with the new year I knew I had to start working on getting back into shape, losing weight, and monitoring the blood pressure. It’s still high, I’m on two medications, and they don’t seem to be lowering it enough. I go back to the doctors at the beginning of March where I expect to be put on new medication honestly.

I know I really need to just monitor what I eat and exorcise more regularly. That will probably help more than the medicine, and even the doctor said that was the best thing I could do at my age. I went back to using an app on my phone to make a food journal so I can be more aware not only of calories, but salt/sodium. Plus it’s just a good way to know what I shouldn’t be eating to help me lose a few pounds too.

So it had been a while since I had been to the gym regularly. We are talking since before Christmas. So I plunged back in and took the worst class I could have, a kettle bell class. Oh lordy! To the left is Bob Harper (“The Biggest Loser”) doing it. They make it look so easy! I took it on a Friday, I was not able to actually walk up and down stairs, bend over, and generally sit without pain until Thursday. The weekend was particularly bad, I just wanted my legs cut off. I did NOT go back this past week, mainly because John and I had day-after-Valentine’s Day-plans. If I go back this week I will demand a lighter, easy, beginner weight and not the heavy thing the trainer stuck me with because he thought I could handle it.

In other news, the brakes on our car went out. Fortunately I didn’t get too far in the car, or had gone too fast, before realizing it. They weren’t all gone, but the pedal was to the floor and it still was slow to react. My heart did jump though when it seemed the car wasn’t stopping. We got that taken care of quickly today. The car was just serviced two weeks ago too… It’s definitely time to look for a new car after this fiasco.

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