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Butterfly In The Sky

Flying in the clouds
Disconnect from the whole world
Percocet is good

I finally got back to home home today. What a day! Not paying close attention, I ended up on the Jersey Turnpike instead of the highway I needed to be on. Not being familiar with the turnpike I only knew the town of the exit I needed to get off on, not the number. As it turns out, the exit is NOT named after the town it is in! Therefore I ended up in Trenton, from which I was able to get home . . . . . an hour later.

Needless to say the stress brought back the migraine. This being day three I am so over this thing. My boyfriend has a few percocet lying around because he hurt his back awhile back. I stole one.

All is good right now πŸ™‚


A Recipe (And A Challenge)

Probably not diet friendly at all for those on diets, though you may be able to make it with turkey meatballs or even vegiemeatballs.

Googling around, there are variations on this, I’m giving you the version my mom verbally told me.

First you need some meatballs, around 30-40 that are the size of a medium sized gumball or bouncy ball you’d get out of a vending machine (sorry I had nothing else in my head to use as a size comparison). If you go larger, decrease the number (or increase the amount of sauce). You can either make your own fresh or if you are short on time or just lazy, use frozen.

Brown the meatballs in the oven as directed on the package or per your recipe. Be sure to drain any grease.

For the sauce. 1 part Welches grape jelly (yes, grape jelly, Welches for the best taste) 1 part Heinz chili sauce (yes I said chili sauce)

In a sauce pan heat the jelly up so it becomes liquidy (yeah that’s not a word), add the chili sauce, stir to combine.

Put the meatballs and the sauce in a crockpot. Put the pot in the fridge (so the meat doesn’t go bad) and let them marinate over night. When you are ready to eat, heat up in the crock pot on low for a few hours before serving

Other recipes just say slow cook over night in the crock pot.

These are SO good! They sound disgusting, but the sauce is actually very tangy!

The challenge is to see if anyone is brave enough to make them πŸ™‚


Still Struggling With The Head

I probably REALLY shouldn’t be on the PC, but oh well. The migraine feels like it wants to come back. Now it’s at the back of my head. Never have I had a migraine move around this much, rarely do mine last more than a day. I’m supposed to drive home tomorrow finally after being in Va for two weeks. Here is hoping I don’t wake up with a headache in the morning. I have also just realized I’ll be going home to a house that probably hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks! Oh lord, I guess I know what I’ll be doing when I get home.

As I gear up for the release of “The Little Mermaid” on DVD next week I’ve noticed next week it seems all the HD-DVD and HD-DVD players hit the market (the players going for $500 bucks and up!). Meanwhile Sony has their “Blue Ray” format coming out as well. This is going to be like Betamax verses VHS all over again, and a lot of early adopters will probably wind up being screwed over.

The PS3 has Blue Ray built in, I intend on getting one of them eventually. The Xbox 360 is coming out with an HD DVD add on, which I may consider getting. I sure as hell won’t be paying an insane about of money for a new player only to end up out the money. FYI, my family chose Betamax in the 80s. Technically superior to VHS, but somehow it lost out in the end. Go figure.


A Headache, But No Fever or Chills

Last night around midnight my headache came back again πŸ™ I went to sleep (early for me) hoping to get rid of it. This morning it remains a tad. I probably won’t be on much today because of it, so I leave you with a Haiku πŸ™‚

My migraine returned.
The relatives have gone home.
No work will get done.


PS I had to modify the poem, I got the Haiku formula wrong 5-7-5, not 7-5-7


I woke up with a wonderful migraine on one side of my head (which is usually how they come on). Spent most of the morning/early afternoon on a heating pad. Thought I nipped it in the bud, but then this afternoon it hit me on the other side of the head. This has NEVER happened to me before. I’ve never had one switch sides. I think I’ve nipped that one in the bud too.

Tonight I watched “Ugly Betty” on ABC. I LOVED this show. From the promos I thought it looked ridiculous, but it was really good. I know “family” groups are going to raise a ruckus over the obviously homosexual nephew because of his age. For those who didn’t watch, this little tween kid wanted to watch “Fashion TV” and when offered desert said “No way, it will make me fat.” Just wait, a boycott will be organized I’m sure πŸ™‚ Why? Because of something on TV doesn’t meet the approval of the “family” crowd then they must organize a boycott to have it removed, rather than you know, turn the channel or monitor what their children watch.

For those who missed it, the premise is this . . . “Ugly” Betty lives in Queens with her father, sister and “gay” nephew. She’s fresh out of college and lands her big break as the assistant to the editor in chief of “Mogue” (A vogue ripoff). Betty is a tad overweight, bad hair, bad fashion sense and braces. She comes to find out that she was hired by the company’s CEO basically because he did not want his son to be distracted with his usual beautiful assistants which he ends up boinking. The son has other problems, he was appointed over a woman who worked there 20 years and should have got the position, so she’s out to ruin him. She almost does but Betty saves the day and earns the son’s respect.


No Sir No Dancing Today

Today was the first full day of the relatives being here with the dogs. As I kinda suspected, I got almost know school work done. I decided I would just try and rework and edit what I’ve written, as any kind of new analysis would be too frustrating. I got an hours of editing in this morning, this afternoon I just gave up. I had a difficult enough time getting soap updates done with all the talking to one another and to me going on. I think I may just have to accept the next 2 days I’ll get no school work done, oh well. We’ll see if I can get something done. As for tonight, normally I would work till about 10-11pm. I’m already just giving it up.

My poor aunt and uncle, they had problems with their motor home getting here, and now their one car they brought has clutch problems. They have to take it to a dealer to be fixed. They may be here until next week rather than the few days they were planning on.

I’m going home either Friday or Saturday as planned. I can’t stick around that long, I need to work! Plus my BF called me today asking “When are you coming back!”

Last night I watched “The Lake House.” I only rented it because there was NOTHING else at Blockbuster to get. I was pleasantly surprised. Total chick flick, cheesy and predictable. However it was fun and I would recommend it for people who like romantic stories with a bit of magical flare.

Finally “Project Runway” tonight, from the promos I guessed that all four were going to the finale. I so wish they kicked Jeffrey off though!


Madonna and the Muslims

Today on the news I half caught some story about a Mozart opera in Germany that had to be cancelled. The problem? The opera featured props of the severed heads of Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed. The Muslim population went ape shit over this. If you recall recently there was a lot of controversy over some cartoons in papers in Europe, it’s a sacrilege to depict Mohammad in any kind of drawing or sculpture. Well the same thing happened in Germany with this play. Well the person reporting the news story went off on how this play was being shut down because the Muslims didn’t like it, it’s a classical opera, other religious figureheads are also being displayed, yada yada. Basically it was like she was saying “Muslims get over it.” Meanwhile, The American Family ASSociation is currently working a boycott of NBC. Why? Because Madonna has the balls to mock the crucifixion of Jesus in her concert, which NBC is planning to air in November.

You know what? If you don’t like something. Don’t watch it. If you feels it insults you or your faith, DON’T WATCH IT. The 700 Club insults me but instead of organizing a boycott to get it taken off the air I just don’t watch it!

BTW, I saw the concert, and what MOST of the reports don’t tell you is that while Madonna is on the “mirrored” cross and singing “Live To Tell,” above her is a number that grows ever larger. Eventually it reaches an absurd total and you are informed that this is the number of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Images are shown on television screens, as are numbers and websites where you can find out more information and how to help. Kinda changes the WHOLE scene doesn’t it? You know if it was Mel Gibson up there singing the song from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” people would be saying “Wow Mel’s so great helping those kids out.” However since it’s Madonna they have to attack her.


PS Raging Rainbows posted a similar thread thismorning lol!

More Dogs Everywhere!

On Monday October 2nd at 10pm, Nick At Night begins their “Designing Women” marathon! They will show the show from 10-2am every night of the week, I believe afterwards it will be added to the nightly line-up. Yes! I have missed this show since Lifetime (television for lesbians) stopped showing it.

I remember tuning into “Murphy Brown” and then “Designing Women” on Monday nights with my mom. I have so many favorite moments from the show, many of course are of Suzanne Sugarbaker. “Consuela Consuela Bobela!” I also loved the episode where Julia got hassled by the construction workers and Charlene just had to know what the guy said to her, calling it “a sickness.” Julia then launched into this whole speech that went something along the lines of “Hey, what it is, what it is hot mama. Need it. Want it. Got to have it. Now.”


Well Everyone Else Is Doing It!