Butterfly In The Sky

Flying in the clouds
Disconnect from the whole world
Percocet is good

I finally got back to home home today. What a day! Not paying close attention, I ended up on the Jersey Turnpike instead of the highway I needed to be on. Not being familiar with the turnpike I only knew the town of the exit I needed to get off on, not the number. As it turns out, the exit is NOT named after the town it is in! Therefore I ended up in Trenton, from which I was able to get home . . . . . an hour later.

Needless to say the stress brought back the migraine. This being day three I am so over this thing. My boyfriend has a few percocet lying around because he hurt his back awhile back. I stole one.

All is good right now 🙂



3 Responses to “Butterfly In The Sky”

karen Says:

i’m just getting over a migraine that has been lingering for about two weeks. i haven’t had to take an imitrex in two days.



Aravis Says:

Percocet can be magic when you’re in pain. Feel better!


Rebecca Says:

mmmmm percocet…..I had some left over from dental surgery….I actually used it for migranes rather than the pain from dental surgery