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Less Than 24 Hours Till My Ghost Adventure!

So in 24 hours I will be at historic Fort Mifflin hunting ghosts. How am I spending the day before? By going to see wonderful movies like “House at the End of the Street” and watching “Ghost Adventures” on TV. Nothing like getting in the mood to be scared with scary movies and television!

My plan for tonight was to stay up as late as possible, then sleep as late as possible tomorrow. However given I was up early this AM, I am thinking this isn’t going to happen. I will need a nap at some point tomorrow to make it all the way through tomorrow night. I also plan to get a lot of coke as well for caffeine. Some nights I have horrible insomnia, it will be my luck that tomorrow night is not going to be one of them.

I’m going to be at Fort Mifflin from 6pm to 8am. I’m sure there will be a lot of breaks throughout the night, so I’ll do my best to post updates and photos of anything interesting. These will be posted on my Tumblr Blog as it’s easy for me to share stuff there quickly from my phone. Better photos from my camera and a more detailed description of the night will have to wait until next week at some point.

Countdown To Deadtime!

So deadtime is what they used to always call the hours between midnight and three A.M. on this show “Paranormal State” that John used to be obsessed with. I hated it, I thought it was the biggest bunch of fake crap I’d ever seen. I still think it’s fake, and fortunately John no longer watches it. Since someone will likely end up at this blog google for this, I will quickly explain why I think it was fake. The best example I can give was from an episode that dealt with a family battling evil forces thanks to a voodoo doll. First the voodoo doll was a gift from a friend who apparently picked it up in New Orleans. That means it was likely something sold to a tourist, and therefore just mass produced garbage. Even if it was authentic, voodoo dolls are normally used to target a living person, not house a spirit of some kind. Then the family decided they didn’t want it, so they just burned it in the fire. Really? Who goes to that much trouble? Why not throw it out? But that’s how they got haunted. Bullshit!

Now moving on, I have for some horrid reason found myself watching some of these god awful shows as of late as nothing is on T.V. right now. One of them is “The Dead Files” on The Travel Channel, which I actually will admit I’m fascinated by. It’s a fairly neat show involving a psychic and a cop investigating peoples homes or businesses. The other show I’ve for some unknown reason started watching is “Ghost Adventures.” I think I just ended up mesmerized by the host Zak and the absolutely stupid things he does in each episode to provoke ghosts, demons and what not. Even John, when he saw me watching it one night, commented that the guy “Was built like a brick shithouse, but dumb as a box of rocks.” That’s him to the left by the way, with a fan I am assuming. I stole this off Google images.

However as someone living in a haunted house, I have developed the bad habit of watching these shows at night before bed . . . and then I wonder why I can’t sleep! My trip to Ft. Mifflin is about a week away now, and after watching all these damn shows I’m starting to get a little spooked.

Another Year Older . . .

Another birthday is here, and soon will be gone. We’ve been having some crazy storms here, and a tornado touched down about 5 miles from us yesterday. Anyway, this was my birthday gift from John this year . . . it’s huge and HEAVY! The thing is totally cast iron! I assembled it in the dining room as it was the only place with enough space . . . only to realize I couldn’t get it moved anywhere afterwards. So I had to take it apart again. Fortunately it’s only 3 pieces, and it’s easy to do. I’m trying to figure out where I can safely put the thing in my yard and secure it. The storms like to come in during October and the wind whips the hell out of my decorations as is. I don’t need this thing blowing over! I do think though after the season is done I’ll use it in the garden. Next spring I could plant some nice trellising plants at the base.

Oh yeah, what am I holding? That was a gift from a friend. It’s a piece of a tombstone dated 1927. They got it years ago in a not so nice way . . . . and just recently found it while cleaning out storage. I said I would put it in the garden as well to appease the angry ghost who was upset his (or her) grave got desecrated.