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There Is Something In My Eye

Half way through the cruise I noticed something was in my eye. Thought it was an eyelash, nope! Thought it was a hair, nope! It’s still there, but getting better. I think I must have got some dust in there and scratched my eye or something. That or something has burst. Funny thing is it only shows up when I look at a white or greyish color (unfortunately the color of a word document). I have been putting some homeopathic (ie non-addictive visine) drops in it to see if that helps. It’s not burning, hopefully a good sign. If it isn’t gone soon I guess it’s another thing to go see the doc about.

Even though I didn’t have a great time on the last cruise, Keith and I were already discussing what might be for next year. I think we’ve pretty much decided on a tad shorter cruise and leaving from Orlando, spending a few days there. He loves it, I was there once and loved it. Win-win all around. I’ve never been to Disney there so if we go that will be on the list. Last time we stayed at Universal and I had a blast (but I’ll have a blast at almost any amusement park really). Oh the BF is okay with it too, yes we consulted him!

The weekend is almost here. No plans yet, that may change. If I don’t however get more done school work wise on Thursday and Friday that I have the past two days, I may have to ground myself this weekend and not let myself do anything fun. We shall see.

It’s a big TV night tonight. The “Top Chef” finale, which I never watched but the BF did. Also my favorite “Medium” is on (being tivod as I blog) and also “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” which is our new guilty pleasure.

Anyways the following photo was us from the supper club on the ship about a week ago today!


Sharing The Laughter

Twas a slow day. Once again we overslept. I have set the alarm EARLY tomorrow, that way I can hit the snooze all I want, hopefully I’ll get up a bit earlier though after getting tired of hitting snooze (assuming I don’t just change the alarm time).

Started doing some school work today. Didn’t get as much done as I’d like, but I am getting back into the groove and will probably get more and more work done as the days go on. I’ve decided this week that I’m only editing what I’ve written, but have not turned in (and it needs editing!). Next week I’ll give my adviser what he hasn’t seen and start writing new stuff.

Below is a photo I scanned that I purchased at Sea World. We rode this ride “Journey To Atlantis” and they had a camera on the first drop. Had I known I would have looked up and smiled, I was trying to keep water out of my face. However the look on my BF’s face was priceless and made me burst out laughing. Even the girl who sold it to me had to hold it in. I thought I’d share the laughter (at his expense)


Computer Update

I forgot to update on the status of the computer. HP called me (again) near the end of the cruise. Talked with a woman. They are just building me a new computer with the specs of my old one, plus adding in a few extra upgrades because of the delay. She said it would be built by the end of the week and ship out soon after. Of course I have no email or order number to verify this, so I just have to hope for the best I guess. I could have my new laptop back by next week!


Vacation Wrap Up and Catching Up With TV

First up, so far so good, no sickness. I am terribly tired though. I could have kept on sleeping this morning, but I made myself get up. I have to get my body clock adjusted back to east coast time. Had a terrible time getting to sleep last night and and slept wwwaayyy too late today. I will have to take some sleeping pills right after “Heroes” ends tonight.

I have not yet got the photos up to my webshots. I’ll probably do a bit each day this week. I have FAR more photos from the San Diego Zoo and Sea World than the cruise. Had way more fun there than on the cruise.

I’m trying to figure out WHY I just didn’t enjoy the cruise this year. There were many factors, which make me wonder if I want to go on another. One of the major reasons was the cruise itself. We have only done the Caribbean before and tried something new, the Mexican Riviera. It was a disaster. The cruise was cold most of the time, the food wasn’t as good as before (a mixed blessing, I didn’t gain weight), there weren’t as many shore excursions as before and the ship just seemed a little more boring. On the previous cruises it seemed there was always something to do. This time we sat around just being bored. Also we didn’t go out of our way to meet anyone, we were given our own table at dinner which also didn’t help. Of course my working most of the cruise didn’t help either, but like I said, it wasn’t like there was anything to do during many of the days. If we do another cruise I want to go back to the Caribbean and definitely need one where I at least get to see some Mayan pyramids or something.

Sea World and the zoo were great. I liked Sea World the best. The zoo was fun, but having been to the DC zoo so many times it just didn’t have that oomph. We didn’t have time to go to the Wild Life Park, which really would have been great. Maybe if I ever get out to San Diego again I’ll check it out.

After a marathon of Tivod shows I’m finally caught up with all my shows. Loving “Heroes” but I have to give the biggest wow to the huge huge huge “Ugly Betty” reveal of the bandaged woman. WOW I didn’t see that one coming at all! Back to “Heroes” who do we think Claire’s father is? My guess is that it’s going to be “Flying Man” (I forget his name)

Tomorrow is the first day of throwing myself back into school work. I have to get my advisor some stuff by next week.



Got up at 5:45 am to get to the airport. Arrived in DC/Virginia around 3:30, left there for the drive home to Jersey and got in a little after 8pm. Bushed! I’m trying to get the house together, unpacked and stay well. The cab driver to the airport was a walking germ and let us know he just had the worst case of flu in years. Then some kid behind us on the plane was all riled up and spreading kid germs. My throat hurts . . . . . If I wake up sick tomorrow I won’t be happy. Going to bed EARLY tonight.


Vacation Has Come To An End

I ran out of internet time the next to last day of the cruise and didn’t want to pay for more internet, so I haven’t been posting much. Yesterday we got back and to the hotel, but couldn’t check in. We spent the day at Sea World in San Diego. Today we hit the zoo. We had a blast! I took more photos there than on the whole cruise. I think Sea World has been my favorite part of the whole trip. I enjoyed it more than the whole cruise! Anyways I’ll be uploading all my photos to my webshots account soon and will let everyone know when they are up.

We are taking it easy tonight. We fly home at 7:45 am which means being at the airport early.


One For The Days Fans

Rarely do I talk about the soaps on my blog, because it is supposed to be about my life outside the soaps. However tonight was just too funny. On the cruise there is an optional supper club which you pay thirty dollars to attend. The food is absolutely amazing, we are talking a 200 dollar dinner easily for 30 bucks. We dined there tonight and they have a live singer. I kid you not, she sang “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” (Bo and Hope’s song) followed by “Lady in Red” (Steve and Kayla’s song). I was like what the hell? Alas they didn’t go into “Friends and Lovers.”


Some More Vacation Photos!

I’m having another massage on Thursday. She told me I’m a complete knot all over, that usually she tells people to have 1 or 2 massages a month but I need them weekly!

More Vacationing

So since my last entry we have gone to Acapulco and Zihatanejo. We got off the boat in Acapulco walked around and then later saw the cliff divers. Amazing! They were also just kids. The youngest was around 9 and the oldest 15. They climbed these cliffs and dove from various heights. They reach 50 miles an hour and there is only 14 feet of water they are diving into. Totally insane.

Zihataenjo was not that impressive. We walked around, took some photos, that was about it. We didn’t pick any other shore excursions for the rest of the cruise, we will just lay about.

I’ve been on my computer too much, but oh well. I can spend my vacation as I see fit I guess  The BF and Keith are taking lots of naps and stuff, so I don’t feel bad. There isn’t much else for me to do and I’m not one who can sit still for long.

The other night I went to the club and stayed till it closed. They were party poopers and went to bed. I had an absolute ball. Half of the club was filled with the boat staff who had the night off and could come have fun too.

Tomorrow I’m getting a massage. Hopefully it will make a lot of my stress go away. Well, it will make me feel better. I’ll have some more photos soon.

Oh I got a call from HP, who STILL have my PC. A woman told me they’d be just outright rebuilding it, but they need my order number. I couldn’t give it to her as I didn’t have my PC on me. She was supposed to email me with her contact info. I haven’t heard from her yet. *Sigh*

Vaction Update! Photos Included!

So far the cruise has been up and down. Let’s start with the good . . . .

The ship is the sister ship to the first ship I ever cruised on with the BF five years ago. That is kinda fun, it has a nostalgic feel and all to it. The décor is nice and there are a lot less old people than on last years cruise. The club on this ship is like that on the first and has the best layout. It’s a two floor club with a dance floor on the bottom and an area upstairs to sit and watch. The music is far better than last years as is the crowd in the club.

The BF was delirious to see that in the daily listings they have a meeting for “The Friends of Dorothy.” If you don’t know what this means, Google it. We went the first night but it was in a noisy jazz bar. It was weird and awkward, not a good place to mingle or talk. People showed up, but it seemed nobody wanted to talk. Others not in the know just came to sit and listen to the music or wait for the dining room to open. They way out numbered everyone else by far, so that hindered communication too. They have since moved it elsewhere, but last night nobody came. I may scoot in and see if anyone is there tonight.

The Annoying . . . .

The internet runs like a slug. It’s terrible. You have to try connecting to sites five times before it works. I think I’ve used half the minutes of the block I bought and it’s only been one day. Most of it was trying to get to sites and my email.

The Bad . . . .

The first real day of the cruise and I was hit with a huge migraine. This of course put me into a foul mood. The rest of the day was spent . . . . working on my soap pages.

The second day it was my BF’s turn to be sick as a dog. He has not gotten out of bed. He says it was probably something he ate yesterday. A bartender just said “Maybe it was the lobster, “not even knowing that is what he ate! Oops! I guess the lobster was rancid. I keep saying he has the Norwalk virus. He tells me not to say that. I once again spent most of the day doing work.

I’ve decided I just have too much work to do not to work. I’ve essentially given up on time management. Terrible I know. I spent the past two days basically working and taking little breaks to walk around and do stuff on the ship. I don’t see this changing for the rest of the trip.

Tomorrow we go to Acapulco. We are going to see the cliff divers tomorrow night. Hopefully the BF will be well enough to get up and do stuff. Hopefully the weather will be better too. Its been cold and cloudy so far, which sucks.

Anyways, here are a few photos I’ve taken. Enjoy!