There Is Something In My Eye

Half way through the cruise I noticed something was in my eye. Thought it was an eyelash, nope! Thought it was a hair, nope! It’s still there, but getting better. I think I must have got some dust in there and scratched my eye or something. That or something has burst. Funny thing is it only shows up when I look at a white or greyish color (unfortunately the color of a word document). I have been putting some homeopathic (ie non-addictive visine) drops in it to see if that helps. It’s not burning, hopefully a good sign. If it isn’t gone soon I guess it’s another thing to go see the doc about.

Even though I didn’t have a great time on the last cruise, Keith and I were already discussing what might be for next year. I think we’ve pretty much decided on a tad shorter cruise and leaving from Orlando, spending a few days there. He loves it, I was there once and loved it. Win-win all around. I’ve never been to Disney there so if we go that will be on the list. Last time we stayed at Universal and I had a blast (but I’ll have a blast at almost any amusement park really). Oh the BF is okay with it too, yes we consulted him!

The weekend is almost here. No plans yet, that may change. If I don’t however get more done school work wise on Thursday and Friday that I have the past two days, I may have to ground myself this weekend and not let myself do anything fun. We shall see.

It’s a big TV night tonight. The “Top Chef” finale, which I never watched but the BF did. Also my favorite “Medium” is on (being tivod as I blog) and also “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” which is our new guilty pleasure.

Anyways the following photo was us from the supper club on the ship about a week ago today!



10 Responses to “There Is Something In My Eye”

KipEsquire Says:

I reiterate my view that you are one of the spiffiest couples in the blogosphere. 🙂


jeremy Says:

Just Lovely!!

I am hoping to take hubby to Disney in the coming year, and maybe a cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean.



Becky Says:

cool been to Disney, Sea World, Universal, NIckelodeon 3 times
enjoyed every minute of it. Short cruises are great too !


Aravis Says:

I know I’ve said it before, but the two of you really do make a great looking couple.

Now I’m off. I have to watch my own recording of Medium. :0)


lovechild Says:

Tell your lovely BF that I am not happy with tonight’s results since I went to High School with Marcel and he even graduated in my brother’s class.


DWQ Online Says:

You two are a great looking couple. That’s a great a great photo.


Dustin Says:

It wouldn’t be that short of a cruise. The last 2 years we went on 8 day cruises instead of 7 day. It gives you an extra day that makes a difference. However the 7 day cruises really do have better stops for the most part, which is why we are looking to going back to them.


Sorted Lives Says:

Great pic and wonderful post. Glad to see you are already planning for next year. If our Sunday brunch is still together (and it probably will) you and Keith are always more than welcome to join.


karen Says:

how’s your eye today? odn’t mess with eyes, once damage is done, it’s hard to un-due.


Dustin Says:

It is getting better each day, and I’ve started using drops which i think are helping