Sharing The Laughter

Twas a slow day. Once again we overslept. I have set the alarm EARLY tomorrow, that way I can hit the snooze all I want, hopefully I’ll get up a bit earlier though after getting tired of hitting snooze (assuming I don’t just change the alarm time).

Started doing some school work today. Didn’t get as much done as I’d like, but I am getting back into the groove and will probably get more and more work done as the days go on. I’ve decided this week that I’m only editing what I’ve written, but have not turned in (and it needs editing!). Next week I’ll give my adviser what he hasn’t seen and start writing new stuff.

Below is a photo I scanned that I purchased at Sea World. We rode this ride “Journey To Atlantis” and they had a camera on the first drop. Had I known I would have looked up and smiled, I was trying to keep water out of my face. However the look on my BF’s face was priceless and made me burst out laughing. Even the girl who sold it to me had to hold it in. I thought I’d share the laughter (at his expense)



5 Responses to “Sharing The Laughter”

Musicguy Says:

That’s hilarious! What makes it so good is that the little girl in front of you looks so relaxed!


Becky Says:

sounds like you all had a blast !


karen Says:

that’s priceless! i always tend to look stupid in those pictures, lol


Jenifer Benner Says:

That’s hilarious!! Sound like you guys had blast!!


Aravis Says:

That looks like so much fun. Poor BF! *G*