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Every time I sat down to blog, I ended up not doing it. Bad me! Anyways, Memorial Day Weekend was kind of a bust. No it was. I was supposed to do dinner with friends Saturday night, then they wanted to come play Nintendo at my place. Dinner unfortunately kept getting pushed back and back, to the point that by time it was done there would be no game time. I also spent a few hours cleaning my house thinking people were coming over, and inhaling toxic cleaner fumes gave me a bit of a headache. The headache passed, but the lateness wasn’t appealing to me, neither was PF Chang’s spicy food. I ended up canceling, we tried to do it Sunday . . . but I was tired and just not in the mood. It’s supposedly going to happen this Saturday.

I did get a few movies in. Let’s see . . . . don’t rent “Epic Movie.” Don’t even touch it in the rental store. Better yet, don’t even look at it. I should have known after the horror that was “Date Movie” not to watch this thing, but I did. I have lost a bit of respect for some of the actors who appeared in this steaming turd of a movie. Don’t even watch it when it comes on cable and is free!

Tonight we watched “Pan’s Labyrinth.” I’ve only been trying to get my hands on it since it came out. This movie is not at all what I was expecting! The effects and cinematography were beautiful. The story however was dark, disturbing and very depressing. There was an awful lot of gore and violence in it, we looked away a few times. It was a good movie in all, but not one I’d rush to watch again.

Finally a mocking bird has taken up residence outside the house. It’s most notable at night when I walk the dogs and there aren’t any cars on the road . . . everything is quiet . . . except for the bird. I don’t know what idiot decided to write a song about making this bird a present for some kid, but I don’t think they ever heard one. Annoying as all hell! The thing won’t shut up. I hope it does not find it’s way to the tree outside our window.

Outside The Haunted Room

Death waits inside . . . . .

So Emily pointed out to me that it looks like there is a face in the window looking down at me as I’m taking the photo! I didn’t even notice this. In the full sized picture though it is questionable. It does look somewhat like a face, but when zoomed in on looks more like a reflection of the branches.

Blogger Arrested For Throwing Rocks At Cars

Very soon that will be me! I swear I’m going to start carrying rocks in my pockets! I really don’t understand some people. When I walk the dogs, people feel the need to drive by me and blast their horns to scare me, or yell out the window. It pisses me off to no end. Also if I have to run across the street, which granted is a busy highway at times, some people get so angry! Hey idiot, you were 100 feet away, do you think I’m going to run out into traffic and risk my life? I’ll cross the street and then a car will go by honking at me like I caused them some great upset. I ran back out and flipped one the bird yesterday! Then there are the idiots at night drag racing down the damn street. Yes, I’m throwing something one of these days. Maybe not a rock, but something. Hmmmm, you know, I should invest in a pooper scooper.

Last night the BF and I went out to dinner. It was sooooooo good, but unfortunately didn’t agree with me. We went to a little Mexican themed place that blends Mexican flavor with a lot of American classics. For an appetizer I had chicken and avocado quesadillas with salsa and this amazing Mexican creme. For dinner I had pulled pork with spicy chipotle peanut bbq sauce, chipotle mash potatoes, black beans and green chile cornbread. My mistake was going from a really rich appetizer to a very spicy dinner. Oy! My stomach didn’t like me after dinner. We were planning on doing PF Changs this weekend, though I may have to rethink that one now.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

Spoil Sport

I’m feeling terrible tonight. I had no idea that “American Idol,” which they constantly remind us every five minutes is live from the lovely Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, actually ISN’T live on the west coast (where ironically it’s broadcast from).

I blogged about the winner of the show tonight and some people hadn’t seen the show . . . . whoops!


Farm Fresh Berries

Dogs, TV and Cruises Oh My!

My doggies seem to have lost their appetites. I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather, or if they are bored with their food. They tend to just leave it sitting in their bowls and nibble on it throughout the day. Right now they are only getting kibble. I took them off the wet food I mixed in months ago because, well Princess had gotten a bit fat. I think she’s lost a few pounds though and I might try giving them the wet, but NOT as much as I used to.

The final two performers performed on “American Idol” tonight. Sorry but Blake sucked. The BF didn’t think so, but I didn’t like anything he did aside from the Bon Jovi repeat. If Blake wins there is no justice and this show is a popularity content. Then again if he wins it will give Kathy Griffin soooooooo much material for her act.

Switching topics again 🙂 The BF got some survey sent to the farm or what not and filled it out. Because he completed it he got a free two night cruise to Nassau! I said there has to be a catch, what do they want us to buy? A timeshare/cruise package (oh yes, cruises are now doing their own brand of time shares). He swears no, it’s a real free cruise. Oh let me tell you, there is a catch. It’s with a small cruise line, and by small I mean ONE SHIP. Oh and it’s a small ship at that! By small, I mean SMALL. I can’t yet find out from their site how many people it holds, but it is a “vintage” ship.

Now I’ve done 5 cruises with the BF, he introduced me to cruising. Before I wouldn’t have even thought to go one one. They are, in comparison to any other vacation one might do, a whole lot cheaper given what you get for your money. However I am afraid of drowning, I think it’s possibly the worst way to go (must be a past life thing). However the cruises are on huge boats as he put it and they are safe. Of course it was the “Look on this cruise you can go see Mayan Pyramids!” that got me to agree to the first one. After it I was hooked.

This however is a whole different story. This ship is tiny. We gunna die on this thing! The details on when haven’t been ironed out. I am wondering if we can sell it on Ebay 🙂 Now I’m sure the cruise line has a good safety record and yada yada. But this ship scares me. We gunna die.

Blogging Rut

I’m finding myself in a blogging rut lately with little to talk about. Unfortunately not too much is going on with me right now. I’ll try and turn the cams on more often during the day since I’m not posting as much 🙂 Maybe I’ll start taking some more photos, there are tons around here to take pictures of. Maybe I’ll get back into memes like Photo Friday and Five on Friday, they are pretty inspiring when you need something to blog about! One of my good friends is set to move across country in about a month. I’m bummed about this, but she’s got a job out there for two years I know she will love and get a lot out of. She’s totally planning on coming back for visits and when the job is up, as this is her home.

Waiting For Something Heavy To Fall On My Hands

I did NOT have a good weekend. I sliced two of my fingers this weekend on the same broken light switch. Guess it’s time to fix it! Then I ended up burning my thumb on a George Forman grill. It’s really not that easy to type anything when your figures are all throbbing and covered in neosporin. I’m waiting for something heavy to fall on my hand next, or for me to slam my hand in a door or something. I already know it’s coming, it’s the only thing I haven’t done to my hands this weekend.

I’ve also been having some insomnia problems this weekend. I should be in bed NOW, as I told the BF I would try and get to sleep at a descent hour tonight. He asked if I planned to come to bed tomorrow 🙂 I will admit, Guitar Hero added to keeping me awake last night. Plus a certain someone drunk calling me!

We never made it to “Shrek” this weekend. Maybe after dinner on Thursday? Though on Thursday “Pirates” opens. I don’t think we’ll make dinner and that movie in the same night, as I’m sure it’s probably 3 hours long. Plus I need to actually watch and pay attention the the second one first. Speaking of dinner, I found out the place we are eating is in a dry town! It’s a BYOB kind of place. Bleck! The first time in ages we actually get to go to dinner just the two of us and no drinkage! I unfortunately don’t drink anything that could easily be ported in, such as beer, wine or champagne. I have to do the fruity mixed stuff (ie girly drinks).

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Barbecues, pools opening and the beginning of the Jersey Shore season. I’m supposed to either go out with my friend Jen or we will just stay in and do a movie/videogame night. We haven’t decided. Should the weather be nice I’d like a fun night out myself. We shall see, I haven’t had much luck lately when it comes to planning nights out 🙂 Should we stay in I have to get my hands on “Pan’s Labyrinth.” It’s supposedly and excellent movie, but it’s all rented out, has a very long wait online and is even sold out in several stores (I can’t find the 2 disk special edition, if I’m buying a movie I haven’t seen I at least want the special version).

Sweet Child O Mine

So the weatherman screwed up big time. Big shock. I’m still not sure where the Nor’easter is exactly, maybe it will show up tomorrow. Today we got sprinklings of rain. It was overcast most of the day, but parts were sunny. I took a few quick snaps of the backyard basically. This is the back of the house, in the distance you can see the farm across the street. I also took a photo of the garage, which is actually a barn. I took a quick snap of the inside to prove it 🙂 Yes there is an animal pen and a loft and everything. That crapola in there is NOT mine either. Finally a quick shot of the growing strawberries.

I finally was able to spend my free money this weekend. I plopped some money down on Nintendo Wii points (to buy Virtual Console games online) as well as “Guitar Hero 2” for Xbox 360. As luck would have it, Best Buy rewarded me with a ten dollar gift card for some reason. Now I have to go spend more free money 🙂

As for “Guitar Hero 2” OMG why did I not get into this game when it came out years ago for PS2? It’s soooooo much fun! Basically if you’ve ever played “Dance Dance Revolution” well it’s the same concept. Instead of dancing and hitting the arrows on a pad on the floor, you are hitting cords on a guitar controller. Waaaaaaay fun, but hard! I arm was killing after an hour. I kept on going, wasting most of the afternoon playing the game 🙂

Finally in the last bit of news for today, the trip to New Orleans in July is shaping up. Taking a weekend to go meet up with my internet friends. I really wanted to go see Maison Blanche (From Days) but then remembered it’s actually in Mississippi. Oh well! Shannan said we could do Oak Alley though, that actually is there. Oh I also told my friends while we were there I would get more earrings. I don’t know why I said that, they will expect me to do it! I got my first 2 earrings in New Orleans, so getting some more could be fun 🙂

It also looks like the cruise may finally get booked by the end of this week/early next week. Yeah! That of course isn’t till next year, but it will be out of the way.

Free Money Should Be Easier To Spend

So I have had this Cingular 50 dollar Visa card for awhile now. On top of that I also have 15 dollars in Best Buy bucks. Both of these expire this summer, so I have to spend them. There are tons of videogames I want, but they issues is they keep getting delayed or come out to terrible reviews. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time spending money that is free. I mean I can easily waste my own money, but free money needs to be thought about how to be spent carefully . . . cause it’s not mine! I think I’m just going to have to force myself to go to Best Buy and spend it on something, yes most likely a videogame.

A few weeks back I had mentioned how the BF and I were supposed to go to a local restaurant for dinner, but it didn’t happen as we both ran over in work that night. I was told tonight that we WILL be going next Thursday. Um okay. I said I WANT to go see Shrek 3, which opens tomorrow. I don’t know if we’ll get to it Friday night, Saturday night is a possibility though. His work should be slow as that Nor’easter I thought was coming in today is coming in now. I guess I should have actually LISTENED to the weather. Today was nice enough this morning, the afternoon got dreary and cold. Right now the wind is picking up. This weekend is supposed to be a rainy mess unfortunately.