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Fricken American Idol!

I knew I should have stopped watching this dumb show after Gina was kicked off. I cannot believe America voted off Melinda Doolittle. She was the most talented of the bunch. I have a feeling this show really is rigged, after all Blake and Jordin would be so much easier to mold and market and sell albums for, something many American Idols seem to fail to do.

We got hit with a nasty rain storm tonight, and apparently a Nor’easter is coming in tomorrow. Uhg, here is hoping we don’t have a repeat of the great basement flooding again!

I am in serious need of a trip to the grocery store, as because I have been lazy and not gone, I’ve been doing some eating out the past two days. Yesterday I got a sandwich from The Panera Bread Company. EVERYONE who goes there can’t shut up about the place and how good it is. This was only the second sandwich I have had from them, and it was as terrible as the first. Sorry but give me Subway any day over them.

Tonight I got it in my head that I really really wanted KFC. Now I have not had KFC in years, so this is why I wanted it. I forgot how greasy it was, but hey no trans-fat anymore according to the commercials. However what in the hell do they put in their biscuits that turns them into rocks within a matter of hours?

When the weather clears up I’m going to try and take some more pictures of the farm and land around the house, since it was requested.


The Shadow Monsters Are Coming To Get Me

So last night I went to bed way way too late, way later than I should have. I could have just been tired and imagining things, but knowing my house, I don’t think so. I laid down in bed and that’s when I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye, the black shadow monster. It was only out of the corner of my eye. I tried to pretend it was nothing, even turned the light on. Well of course nothing is going to be there with the light on! Laid back down and saw it again, it was growing almost . . . a darkness. Now I’m sitting here telling myself it’s a trick of the (lack of) light, it’s nothing. However it was cold in the room, and later as I tried to close my eyes I was hearing sounds, things being knocked around. I thought maybe a cat was in the room and under the bed, but I wasn’t about to look under the bed and get attacked by the clown doll. The BF eventually woke up and he looked under, I said I thought a cat might be under there. No cat! I had to basically pull the covers over my head and go to sleep!

In other news, our backyard has become a prison! Well not exactly. You see the farm fields next to (and all around) us are being ravaged by deer. When the idea of a hunt was proposed last year to control the growing heard, the people in the town went ape shnit. So the farm is putting a fence up all around the field and property. The deer will now be playing in everyone else’s yards, eating their gardens and causing problems in the roadways. I’m wondering how long before people complain about the fence (cause they can’t complain about the deer they went nuts to save).

Spiderman 3: A Disappointment

So I did get out of the house to see “Spiderman 3.” After far too many “It’s was okay” remarks, I wasn’t expecting to be wowed . . . and I want. It was just okay. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. If you haven’t seen it, this may spoil some things!

First off, there was just TOO much going on. That I think was the downfall. You had the black spidey suit. Then there was Harry, back for revenge. Then Flint Marko/The Sandman. Finally Eddie Brock, who became Venom. Tooooooo much! It was like they felt they had to be Batman and put in more villains. They should have stuck with just one villain. The Sandman was just terrible in my opinion. MOST of the movie was wasted on him while Venom basically got the shaft. Venom should have been the focus. Harry/The Goblin just should have been left out all together.

Then there was Spidey’s love interest, MJ (Mary Jane). She was a total whiny cheating bitch in the movie. Sure Peter was just as jerky, but she was just awful I felt. It just became really hard to feel sorry for her, let alone care if Spiderman rescued her (again).

They also tried to make the movie funny. I guess they felt the darkness of the first two didn’t work so well, so they were going to make us laugh. Oh the audience laughed, but I suspect more because the funny scenes just came off as stupidly funny. What was funny was how hard the movie went to hide the fact that Spiderman had gotten, well, fat. My friend reminded me in one part of the movie Eddie even commented that Spiderman looked a little chunky in recent photos. Don’t expect any buff shots of Peter Parker as in the previous films, as all shirtless shots are quick or above the shoulders only lol.

Was it worth seeing? Sure, they all are at least once. But like the others, I think I’ve only seen them twice and never again.



After being dead again most of the morning, it finally hit me . . . allergies! I took some Clariton D and am much better. I also hit TarJay and spent a small fortune on new hepa filters for my air cleaners I bought last summer. They needed changing in a bad way. So hopefully I’ll be feeling much better come tomorrow.

I am contemplating “Spiderman 3” as I write this. I had intended to go to a showing around now, but just now started feeling up to it. It’s a loooooong movie and I didn’t need to fall asleep during it (probably wouldn’t be an issue as I’m sure the theater would be filled with screaming kids). I am going to try and go tonight, since nothing is on TV.

The other half of me wants to just sit on the couch and play some videogames. I haven’t done that in a long time 🙂


I have been trying to get a blog post out for days, it just wasn’t coming. Last night around 11pm I was just zapped and I don’t know why. I figured I’d blog this morning. Unfortunately all day long I’ve been zapped too! I just want to lay down and take a nap. Maybe it’s the weather, who knows. Just the other day I had wondered what happened to spring. Well spring is gone and summer is here!

I had tentative plans with friends tonight and Saturday. I figured tonight’s plans would get canceled, sure enough the were. Fine by me really, as I would not have been able to stay up without getting a second wind. Tomorrow I was just supposed to see a movie, which I’m thinking I may try and do on my own. I need to get out of the house this weekend. Too many weekends couped up.

Some online friends got me hooked on trivia over at It’s free, and you can totally get sucked into playing these games. Check out “Last One Standing” which is under the game shows. Uhg, you won’t leave your PC if you start playing it.

Princess Says . . . .

Please get the camera out of my face, thanks!

Hey, Where Did Spring Go?

These past few days it’s been sunny and clear skies, but down right chilly! Tomorrow they are claiming a possible frost too. Where did Spring go? Summer is right around the corner and we haven’t had much of a spring yet. Anyways this weekend I’m trying to make and keep plans to get OUT of the house. I’m hopefully seeing some friends for dinner and doing a movie. Maybe I’ll even get to do some dancing!

Nick at Night has added a new wonderful show to it’s line up . . . “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Oh joy. After watching all of two episodes I remembered, aside from Bob Saget’s incredibly annoying commentary, why this show annoyed me. Yes a lot of the videos are funny, but half are crap people sent it purposely doing something (they thought was) funny and those were the ones that always got picked and won the money. I always hated the videos that won, I thought they were the crappy ones.

Tonight while flicking I found a channel showing “Beloved.” For those not familiar with this steaming turd, this was the movie Oprah produced and financed and was convinced was the best thing ever made on earth. It was so good she had the big Hollywood premier here in Philly, not in Hollywood. I sat through this three hour piece o’crap once and wanted those three hours of my life back. Well I initially turned it off immediately, thinking “Oh God not that crapper of a movie.” Five minutes later I had it on again. It seems it was so bad that is all I could actually remember about it, how terrible it was. I for some reason felt the need to be reminded exactly why it was terrible. Let me tell you, it’s been on for about a half hour now and it’s terrible. I can smell it it’s so bad!

Your Gunna Love It

So this weekend I got a lot done on my list of chores to do. I finally straightened up my desk area and the guest room. No I didn’t organize the drawers like I should have, but everything is in the drawers at least and not all over the place. I haven’t tried the new statistics, it will probably get done this week at some point this week. I never really got out to do a movie, though I stayed in and watched some.

I watched “Dreamgirls” on Saturday night. After watching it I so wished I had seen it on the big screen, I’m sure it was incredible. This movie was just phenomenal and Jennifer Hudson really did deserve that Oscar. The movie starts out slow, but really picks up quickly. Jamie Fox’s character in the movie is pure scum. I am not really a fan of the Motown music, but I loved the music in this film. I’m also not a fan of Beyonce but I loved her in this film too! Jennifer Hudson though, stole the movie. Were she not in it then I don’t think it would have been as good as it was. The ending to the film was very powerful.

The other movie I watched was “Little Children.” I don’t know if I can recommend this one. It is not your typical kind of film. It was very good, but different. It had moments that were funny, moments that were heartbreaking and moments that were aggravating. I did not like the end of the film at all. I’m one of those people that if I think the end of a film sucks, no matter how good the rest might have been, it just ruins the whole thing for me.

The Weekend

So yeah the weekend is here! I wish I could be more excited, but the weekend, like the week, is still work time for me. It looks to be a nice weekend so I’m going to try and at least get out of the house. It’s the big “Equality Forum” over in Philly, and Sunday is the big “Sunday Out.” I’ve gone to it the past few years, I think I’m over it. Besides unlike past years when they had Cyndi Lauper or Taylor Dayne performing a concert, they don’t have squat this year!

“Spiderman 3” came out, and that could be an option to get out this weekend. I know it will be mobbed though. It’s one of those movies I want to see, but I’ll probably only watch once. The others were like that for me. I’m hearing from those who saw it that it was awesome to it was okay but the end sucked. Don’t the ends of all of them suck though?

I still have these gift certificates I’m aching to spend, but there is nothing to spend them on! Otherwise I’d take a shopping detour this weekend 🙂

The house has become a mess in places and I cannot take it anymore. Namely my work area and the guest room where all my crapola is. It’s cleaning time this weekend. Of course what this means is putting everything in drawers so the room looks clean. What I should do is take the time to ORGANIZE all the crapola in the drawers and in my closet, but I don’t see myself feeling up to that. I haven’t felt up to doing that for almost 2 years, which is why everything gets put into the drawers 🙂 It’s at least organized by drawer though (CDs, Clothes, Computer Crap).

Of course I also have to buckle down and do the school work this weekend, trying out some of these new statistics the guy helped me learn. Well I don’t know if I’ll get to them this weekend honestly, what I need to tackle isn’t feasible for what we went over.

I know, my life is so exciting right now 🙂


Long Day

So it’s been a long day. Traffic to school and from school was terrible! I got home late and have just started the soaps (which are playing right now). I’m doubting there will be any dinner out tonight unfortunately.

The meeting at school went well. The guy showed me some quick and easy simple statistics using SPSS I can use to supplement what I’ve been doing. It’s JUST what I needed. Of course after leaving I thought of a few more questions. He told me to feel free to email, which I plan to do. I think I know the answers, but I just need some confirmation. If anyone out there is an SPSS/stats wiz, let me know 🙂 I may tap you 😛 I have a friend who can do what this guy showed me, but she’s moving soon 🙁 Waaaaa!

I got home to find I had a voice-mail. When we saw Kathy Griffin we filled out some form to win 50,000 dollars or a new car. Well they left me a message saying the drawing hadn’t taken place, but I had been selected for a 3 day vacation in either Orlando or Vegas! Woot! The BF didn’t get a message like this and he too filled out a form. I thought maybe I had actually won a free trip. Then I realized, they probably want to sell me time shares. Grrrrr