So last night I went to bed way way too late, way later than I should have. I could have just been tired and imagining things, but knowing my house, I don’t think so. I laid down in bed and that’s when I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye, the black shadow monster. It was only out of the corner of my eye. I tried to pretend it was nothing, even turned the light on. Well of course nothing is going to be there with the light on! Laid back down and saw it again, it was growing almost . . . a darkness. Now I’m sitting here telling myself it’s a trick of the (lack of) light, it’s nothing. However it was cold in the room, and later as I tried to close my eyes I was hearing sounds, things being knocked around. I thought maybe a cat was in the room and under the bed, but I wasn’t about to look under the bed and get attacked by the clown doll. The BF eventually woke up and he looked under, I said I thought a cat might be under there. No cat! I had to basically pull the covers over my head and go to sleep!

In other news, our backyard has become a prison! Well not exactly. You see the farm fields next to (and all around) us are being ravaged by deer. When the idea of a hunt was proposed last year to control the growing heard, the people in the town went ape shnit. So the farm is putting a fence up all around the field and property. The deer will now be playing in everyone else’s yards, eating their gardens and causing problems in the roadways. I’m wondering how long before people complain about the fence (cause they can’t complain about the deer they went nuts to save).

5 Replies to “The Shadow Monsters Are Coming To Get Me”

  1. Tangina…

    Cross Over Children All are welcome
    All are welcome
    Go into the Light
    There is peace and serenity in the light …

    Carol Anne….

    I see your ghosts are keeping you up at night. Have you asked them what they are doing? They can hear you, you know. So strike a deal with them. The shadow! Are you seeing shadow people in your room? Is he big, Large, Wears a hat? You can rid yourself of shadow people – by cleansing your room with light and by invoking the light and banishing the darkness.

    I had a shadow person and a crone visit, a few times in the past. But I sweet grassed and blessed the apartment and they disappeared. Can you tell I listen to too much Late Night Radio (Coast to Coast AM)…

    If the spirits are acting up, then there must be a reason for that, I’d get to the bottom of that sooner than later. Go to the Coast to Coast website and look up guests that discuss spirits and ghosts. There are many in your area as well from listening to late night interviews.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Get some sleep

  2. The pictures of the farm are beautiful! I would love that kind of scenery in my backyard. What kind of farm do you live on/near?

  3. I bet it smells wonderful, I would love to see more pictures. Do your doggies try to eat them?

  4. No the doggies always get walked on leashes. We have a big road by us, they’d get squashed 🙁 Plus even though I could take them deep into the farm where they wouldn’t, they are terrors, they’d run away if they saw something worth chasing lol.

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