I knew I should have stopped watching this dumb show after Gina was kicked off. I cannot believe America voted off Melinda Doolittle. She was the most talented of the bunch. I have a feeling this show really is rigged, after all Blake and Jordin would be so much easier to mold and market and sell albums for, something many American Idols seem to fail to do.

We got hit with a nasty rain storm tonight, and apparently a Nor’easter is coming in tomorrow. Uhg, here is hoping we don’t have a repeat of the great basement flooding again!

I am in serious need of a trip to the grocery store, as because I have been lazy and not gone, I’ve been doing some eating out the past two days. Yesterday I got a sandwich from The Panera Bread Company. EVERYONE who goes there can’t shut up about the place and how good it is. This was only the second sandwich I have had from them, and it was as terrible as the first. Sorry but give me Subway any day over them.

Tonight I got it in my head that I really really wanted KFC. Now I have not had KFC in years, so this is why I wanted it. I forgot how greasy it was, but hey no trans-fat anymore according to the commercials. However what in the hell do they put in their biscuits that turns them into rocks within a matter of hours?

When the weather clears up I’m going to try and take some more pictures of the farm and land around the house, since it was requested.


7 Replies to “Fricken American Idol!”

  1. Dustin, Dustin, Dustin….Melinda, really?? No, No, No, LOL…I could not stand the whole, “you think I can sing, you really think I can sing” bit she put on in the beginning. She had a stylist and publicist before she even went on the show because she was a very good backup singer and I agree she should have been front stage, but OF COURSE she can/could sing!! I just wanted her to bring the diva out and be like, “Hell Yeah I can sing!! I should’ve had a record deal years ago!!” And the whole bringing her shoulders up to her ears whenever they gave her a complement (more of the “oh golly gosh you think I’m good” bit) Uggg, I got so tired of that!! By the end she was finally acting like she should have been acting from the start. Anyways, just my two cents 🙂 But I’m with you on the Gina thing, she was really good and I was rooting for her too 🙂

  2. Panera Sandwichs are good – Subway come on. You can put any processed meat on some bread and call it subway! What did you order. I happen to think the Asiago Roast beef is great!

  3. How dare you say that Melinda is better then Jordin!! Jordin will win, she has it all. She pretty, talented and has a good likeable personality. Blake is by far the most entertaining, I would actually pay to go to his concerts and buy his CD. Gina was one of my favorites too.

  4. I had a chicken frontage sandwhich once and then some bacon chicken panini. Both were just waaaaaay too rich for me, which is probaly why I didn’t like them.

    Melinda rocks the howse!

  5. When you come back to NOVA, you should try potbelly’s! It’s so delicious! Better than subway, quizno’s and panera anyday!

  6. Don’t you remember the rat infestation in the Taco Bell/KFC restaurant in Manhattan? Do you still want to know what they put in the food? *G*

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