Free Money Should Be Easier To Spend

So I have had this Cingular 50 dollar Visa card for awhile now. On top of that I also have 15 dollars in Best Buy bucks. Both of these expire this summer, so I have to spend them. There are tons of videogames I want, but they issues is they keep getting delayed or come out to terrible reviews. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time spending money that is free. I mean I can easily waste my own money, but free money needs to be thought about how to be spent carefully . . . cause it’s not mine! I think I’m just going to have to force myself to go to Best Buy and spend it on something, yes most likely a videogame.

A few weeks back I had mentioned how the BF and I were supposed to go to a local restaurant for dinner, but it didn’t happen as we both ran over in work that night. I was told tonight that we WILL be going next Thursday. Um okay. I said I WANT to go see Shrek 3, which opens tomorrow. I don’t know if we’ll get to it Friday night, Saturday night is a possibility though. His work should be slow as that Nor’easter I thought was coming in today is coming in now. I guess I should have actually LISTENED to the weather. Today was nice enough this morning, the afternoon got dreary and cold. Right now the wind is picking up. This weekend is supposed to be a rainy mess unfortunately.


One Response to “Free Money Should Be Easier To Spend”

DWQ Online Says:

If you cannot decide how to spend it, forward it to me. I’ll help. LOL 🙂

Happy Weekend. 🙂 Try not to get too wet and nasty — well do get wet and nasty but not cause of the rain.