Sweet Child O Mine

So the weatherman screwed up big time. Big shock. I’m still not sure where the Nor’easter is exactly, maybe it will show up tomorrow. Today we got sprinklings of rain. It was overcast most of the day, but parts were sunny. I took a few quick snaps of the backyard basically. This is the back of the house, in the distance you can see the farm across the street. I also took a photo of the garage, which is actually a barn. I took a quick snap of the inside to prove it 🙂 Yes there is an animal pen and a loft and everything. That crapola in there is NOT mine either. Finally a quick shot of the growing strawberries.

I finally was able to spend my free money this weekend. I plopped some money down on Nintendo Wii points (to buy Virtual Console games online) as well as “Guitar Hero 2” for Xbox 360. As luck would have it, Best Buy rewarded me with a ten dollar gift card for some reason. Now I have to go spend more free money 🙂

As for “Guitar Hero 2” OMG why did I not get into this game when it came out years ago for PS2? It’s soooooo much fun! Basically if you’ve ever played “Dance Dance Revolution” well it’s the same concept. Instead of dancing and hitting the arrows on a pad on the floor, you are hitting cords on a guitar controller. Waaaaaaay fun, but hard! I arm was killing after an hour. I kept on going, wasting most of the afternoon playing the game 🙂

Finally in the last bit of news for today, the trip to New Orleans in July is shaping up. Taking a weekend to go meet up with my internet friends. I really wanted to go see Maison Blanche (From Days) but then remembered it’s actually in Mississippi. Oh well! Shannan said we could do Oak Alley though, that actually is there. Oh I also told my friends while we were there I would get more earrings. I don’t know why I said that, they will expect me to do it! I got my first 2 earrings in New Orleans, so getting some more could be fun 🙂

It also looks like the cruise may finally get booked by the end of this week/early next week. Yeah! That of course isn’t till next year, but it will be out of the way.


5 Responses to “Sweet Child O Mine”

DWQ Online Says:

What nice pictures. Do you ever go pick fresh strawberries? I would so take that barn/garage and turn it into a studio.


Dustin Says:

I actually can’t stand strawberries 🙂

The barn would need sooooooo much work to be turned into a studio 😛 Most of the windows in it are broken out.


Aravis Says:

Yours is the second blog post I’ve read tonight involving Guitar Heroes, both of which were positive. Must be a good game, letting out that internal rock star. *G*

You live in a nice area. Hey, the next time that annoying brother of your BF comes to stay, why not put him in the loft of the barn? *G*


Lesa Says:

Thanks for the pictures. Your place looks so peaceful and beautiful.


Kelly Says:

We have Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II. This game is so much fun, I don’t play any instrument, but when I strap on the Guitar I am a Rock Goddess !

Have fun with it.