Waiting For Something Heavy To Fall On My Hands

I did NOT have a good weekend. I sliced two of my fingers this weekend on the same broken light switch. Guess it’s time to fix it! Then I ended up burning my thumb on a George Forman grill. It’s really not that easy to type anything when your figures are all throbbing and covered in neosporin. I’m waiting for something heavy to fall on my hand next, or for me to slam my hand in a door or something. I already know it’s coming, it’s the only thing I haven’t done to my hands this weekend.

I’ve also been having some insomnia problems this weekend. I should be in bed NOW, as I told the BF I would try and get to sleep at a descent hour tonight. He asked if I planned to come to bed tomorrow 🙂 I will admit, Guitar Hero added to keeping me awake last night. Plus a certain someone drunk calling me!

We never made it to “Shrek” this weekend. Maybe after dinner on Thursday? Though on Thursday “Pirates” opens. I don’t think we’ll make dinner and that movie in the same night, as I’m sure it’s probably 3 hours long. Plus I need to actually watch and pay attention the the second one first. Speaking of dinner, I found out the place we are eating is in a dry town! It’s a BYOB kind of place. Bleck! The first time in ages we actually get to go to dinner just the two of us and no drinkage! I unfortunately don’t drink anything that could easily be ported in, such as beer, wine or champagne. I have to do the fruity mixed stuff (ie girly drinks).

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Barbecues, pools opening and the beginning of the Jersey Shore season. I’m supposed to either go out with my friend Jen or we will just stay in and do a movie/videogame night. We haven’t decided. Should the weather be nice I’d like a fun night out myself. We shall see, I haven’t had much luck lately when it comes to planning nights out 🙂 Should we stay in I have to get my hands on “Pan’s Labyrinth.” It’s supposedly and excellent movie, but it’s all rented out, has a very long wait online and is even sold out in several stores (I can’t find the 2 disk special edition, if I’m buying a movie I haven’t seen I at least want the special version).


4 Responses to “Waiting For Something Heavy To Fall On My Hands”

Aravis Says:

Ouch! Go easy.

Can you mix your drinks and carry it in a thermos in a cooler or something like that?

I hear great things about Pan’s Labyrinth as well, though it’s a lot darker than most people thought it would be based on the ads. It’s not easy to watch I’ve been told. I still want to see it though. Good luck in your quest to find it!


Dustin Says:

I was considering that, but I don’t think we even have a thermus. Plus that might com off tackey lol.


Scotty Says:

I understand the blogger blues…my problem was I had A LOT to say and didn’t feel I could say it…a lot of that is changing though…I am back! new blog, differnt name…smae place and same me!


Emily Says:

What? Who drunk called you? Who? Who?