Blogging Rut

I’m finding myself in a blogging rut lately with little to talk about. Unfortunately not too much is going on with me right now. I’ll try and turn the cams on more often during the day since I’m not posting as much 🙂 Maybe I’ll start taking some more photos, there are tons around here to take pictures of. Maybe I’ll get back into memes like Photo Friday and Five on Friday, they are pretty inspiring when you need something to blog about! One of my good friends is set to move across country in about a month. I’m bummed about this, but she’s got a job out there for two years I know she will love and get a lot out of. She’s totally planning on coming back for visits and when the job is up, as this is her home.


3 Responses to “Blogging Rut”

DWQ Online Says:

I hope your blogging block ends soon. I love reading your posts. I though have mostly turned to photos. I guess it’s easier than not blogging.


Brechi Says:

Well sometimes you just need a break.


Aravis Says:

You’re on at night, too. Saw you working on your computer last night. I almost wrote to tell you to go to bed. *G*