Dogs, TV and Cruises Oh My!

My doggies seem to have lost their appetites. I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather, or if they are bored with their food. They tend to just leave it sitting in their bowls and nibble on it throughout the day. Right now they are only getting kibble. I took them off the wet food I mixed in months ago because, well Princess had gotten a bit fat. I think she’s lost a few pounds though and I might try giving them the wet, but NOT as much as I used to.

The final two performers performed on “American Idol” tonight. Sorry but Blake sucked. The BF didn’t think so, but I didn’t like anything he did aside from the Bon Jovi repeat. If Blake wins there is no justice and this show is a popularity content. Then again if he wins it will give Kathy Griffin soooooooo much material for her act.

Switching topics again 🙂 The BF got some survey sent to the farm or what not and filled it out. Because he completed it he got a free two night cruise to Nassau! I said there has to be a catch, what do they want us to buy? A timeshare/cruise package (oh yes, cruises are now doing their own brand of time shares). He swears no, it’s a real free cruise. Oh let me tell you, there is a catch. It’s with a small cruise line, and by small I mean ONE SHIP. Oh and it’s a small ship at that! By small, I mean SMALL. I can’t yet find out from their site how many people it holds, but it is a “vintage” ship.

Now I’ve done 5 cruises with the BF, he introduced me to cruising. Before I wouldn’t have even thought to go one one. They are, in comparison to any other vacation one might do, a whole lot cheaper given what you get for your money. However I am afraid of drowning, I think it’s possibly the worst way to go (must be a past life thing). However the cruises are on huge boats as he put it and they are safe. Of course it was the “Look on this cruise you can go see Mayan Pyramids!” that got me to agree to the first one. After it I was hooked.

This however is a whole different story. This ship is tiny. We gunna die on this thing! The details on when haven’t been ironed out. I am wondering if we can sell it on Ebay 🙂 Now I’m sure the cruise line has a good safety record and yada yada. But this ship scares me. We gunna die.


5 Responses to “Dogs, TV and Cruises Oh My!”

Aravis Says:

That’s what life vests are for. Anyway, having you seen any of the documentaries on the Titanic or Lusitania? Life boats didn’t help much there. At least you have less distance to jump from a smaller ship. *G*

My father and sister have taken a couple of cruises on vintage ships and really loved them. But if you’re not comfortable on a boat- and you don’t seem to be- I can understand why you’re nervous. :0(


DWQ Online Says:

Just walk around all the time in your life vests. If that fails, Aravis has a good point. Smaller ship, smaller distance to jump. Then just swim. And if you succeed, you will be all over the news as the hero that swam to the coast from a sunken ship.


Scotty Says:

I LOVE cruises and hope my partner and I can someday go on one. I have only been on one so far and it was a blast!


jeremy Says:

Which ship is it? the only 2 niter making that run is the Royal Empress from Ft Lauderdale. Click on the “Cruise link” on my blog.



Dustin Says:

That would be the ship