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Fishy Fishy!

So I figured I best check in before another week goes by without a post. As Summer approaches I should have more to blog about, both more free time and more going on. For example I finally plan on getting this house into long overdue shape by cleaning out the basement and redoing the guestrooms downstairs finally.

I have to get back to watching what I eat and make time to get to the gym. I hit 160 today. Not as bad as the 180 I was, but I was 150 back in December when I basically stopped running due to a nasty rash, which turned out to be eczema.

I do admit, I have been hitting McDonalds FAR more than I should lately, and that has to stop. In trying to eat healthier I’ve actually done something shocking, I’ve started eating fish! Okay actually one kind of fish, tilapia, which I can take because it’s so mild in flavor. However I need some good recipes for it, so please share if you have any you love. So far my favorite way too cook it seems to be blackening it with a yummy Cajun-creole rub I got off the net. Spicy goodness!

Finally a bit of cute news. I submitted some photos of the pets to Cute With Chris, a website about pets with a weekly video blog show. He posted a photo I took of Nikko and Lance! You can see it here on Cute With Chris!

Post Note: Emily and mine’s night of fun this past weekend got canceled, neither of us were feeling 100%. We are aiming to do it this coming weekend! So the cams should be on πŸ™‚

This Is The Crap To Give One Nightmares

I’ve seen the following picture on a few blogs the last few days, so I’m keeping it going. I have NO idea what the hell is going on with this . . . um . . . woman? But it scares me. This is the crap that you’ll dream about tonight, not in a good way.

The odd thing is, the photo fascinates me! I actually want to know more about her. Though I’m afraid to find out at the same time.


I Shall Call You Cadbury!

Bunnies! So the farm has bunnies, several actually. People get them for their kids, along with baby chicks around Easter, then decide it was a bad idea and drop them off at the farm.

Well someone for got to put a divider between two of the rabbits, and, well, baby bunnies! They just found five of them today, which they think are about a week old.

Of course I had to see them, and of course the minute I did I decided I wanted one. Yeah, just what I need, another pet! No worries, first the suckers have to live πŸ˜› I have no plans to spend money on and set up a rabbit cage for dead bunnies. Then I have to decide if I really want one, and where to keep it. I’m worried about the doggies and the cats should I keep it inside, and the roaming fox should I keep it outside.

On The Mend

I’m finally on the mend, getting over my cold. I’m still feeling some odd side effects. Yesterday I basically lost my voice by the end of class. Very hoarse. Today it seems something is going on with my sense of taste. Everything tastes very bitter. Lovely! My nose oddly is completely clean and not stuffed up though.

Anyway, Emily is coming over this weekend. So we’ll be on cam for entertainment πŸ™‚ I don’t know how entertaining I’ll be if my taste doesn’t come back though. We should be singstaring, watching movies and playing other games. The cam blog will be on, and I’ll give out the info how to log in and watch us with sound πŸ˜›

I still have my long ass post to finish, which discusses my thoughts on the future and what the hell I’ll do when I’m finally out of school.

Sicky Sick Sick

I figured I best check in since it’s been a few days since I blogged. This was SUPPOSED to be my week off work, where I could focus on writing and getting a lot done. What happened? I finally got sick! I felt like I’d been fighting it off for a week or two and I finally ended up sick as a dog. YUCK! Needless to say I was not thrilled. I’m on the mend, but my head is all congested and I’ve been regulated to the couch for the past few days. I hate being sick, worse than that, I hate cold medicine! It’s nasty stuff. I can’t believe they haven’t developed a way to make it taste good yet. The person who does will be rich.

Snuggie As A Naptime Blanket? FAIL!

So I love my Snuggie, and I’ve been using it a lot actually. I have to admit, I’ve been wearing it backwards too sometimes, you know, as if it was a robe, which it isn’t, it’s a Snuggie.

However there is an issue with it. As long as you have your back to the chair or the sofa, it’s great! If you wanna take a nap? Better not sleep on your side like I do! You’ll suffer from hospital gown backdraft in the Snuggie.

Are You Looking At My Bum?

Emily took this photo of me wearing my Snuggie last weekend while we “Singstarred.” I had on jammies underneath. Aren’t my boxers sexy πŸ™‚ I was hunched over my laptop in this photo BTW, I guess I was setting up the cam or something.

Monster Mania 2009!

Oh what a night! First night of Monster Mania is over. A full day tomorrow, well as much as I can squeeze in. Tonight I went for the ones I wanted to meet, tomorrow I’ll pick up some extras. There are a few more I’d like a photo with perhaps. Oh Alice Coopers line was nuts, and he quit a bit early. We hope to get him tomorrow . . . but he is on the same floor as my friend at the hotel. We watched him get off the elevator!

Dustin and Amy Steel

Here I am with Amy Steel. She played Ginny in Friday Part 2. Unforgettable for the ending . . . “Jason, Mother is speaking to you!”

Dustin and Fairuz

The amazing Fairuza Balk! Nancy from “The Craft.” She was so nice. She overheard me in line saying “Return to Oz” was disturbing though lol. I’m sorry, it was. I saved by saying as a kid it creeped me out. Hell as an adult it creeps me out!

Dustin and Betsy Palmer!

And of course, the moment of the night. Probably even better than meeting Freddy Krueger himself . . . Betsy Palmer aka Pamela Vorhees! Oh . . . My . . . .GOD! She had us laughing so hard I got a headache. I kid you not.

My friend Michelle was talking to her for awhile, she was so nice. Then when she went to sign an autograph she says “Wait I should stop talking while I do this or I’ll fuck it up.”

Then when I get there she molests my face saying “I love a man with facial hair.” She later asked “So can I say anything to turn you on?” We asked her to do “Kill her mommy kill her.” DAMN I wish I thought to record her. Oh My God! It was the best. She went off doing the whole routine and we were in stitches. Seriously, my head HURT from laughing so hard.

I Always Feel Like, Somebody

I outlined a rather LENGTHY post on whats going on in my life right now, and what the future looks like. I just haven’t had time to flush it out yet!

This weekend is “Monster Mania” here in Cherry Hill, it’s the big horror movie convention! I’m so excited, some people I met at the last one are coming down so we get to hang out again.

Of course I also have to be mindful of my time, I have a lot to do this weekend πŸ™‚ Work all day, play at night! I should have some fun pictures and maybe some stories after this weekend.

The NEW Wonder Woman Animated Movie

It’s no secret that I LOVE my Wonder Woman! Well a new animated movie came out this week on DVD. So of COURSE I had to have it! Not only did I get it, but I got a super sweet (ie kinda crappy) exclusive action figure with it. Hey, it will be a collector’s item one day (in 20 years).

So what did I think after watching it tonight? Fricken Awesome that’s what! Of course it would be, it’s Wonder Woman! The only Wonder Woman movie/show that ever sucked was that 70s Kathy Lee Crosby version made for TV. Totally horrid! I do fear if they ever make a real live action Wonder Woman movie it will end up like the Cat Woman movie staring Halie Berry. *Shutters!*

This movie basically tells of Wonder Woman’s origins, meeting Steve Trevor and coming to the US. It’s been totally updated though, no WWII and Nazi stuff. It also brings in Ares as her main foe in this one, but Cheetah makes an appearance in there too πŸ˜‰ I’ve already been “informed” a sequal is in the works.

The animation is great, but even better, the voice acting! Kerri Russell plays Wonder Woman, while Nathan Fillion rocks as Steve Trevor. His one-liners are fantastic in this film. Alfred Molina plays Ares, while Rosario Dawson is Artemis. Virginia Madsen rounds out the all star cast as Queen Hipolyta.

Everything from the story, to the animation, to the acting was a treat. This isn’t Wonder Woman for the kids or grandma either. There is blood, there is ass kicking and there is some sexual references in there!

Rent it! Buy it if your a Wonder Woman nut though.

Vacation Photos!

It only took me two months, but I finally uploaded my vacation photos from Orlando and the cruise. Here is a link to the photo album. There are 130 some photos so I did not label them. They range from Orlando/Universal to the forts in Puerto Rico to a butterfly farm to the cruise ship to Haiti.