I Shall Call You Cadbury!

Bunnies! So the farm has bunnies, several actually. People get them for their kids, along with baby chicks around Easter, then decide it was a bad idea and drop them off at the farm.

Well someone for got to put a divider between two of the rabbits, and, well, baby bunnies! They just found five of them today, which they think are about a week old.

Of course I had to see them, and of course the minute I did I decided I wanted one. Yeah, just what I need, another pet! No worries, first the suckers have to live 😛 I have no plans to spend money on and set up a rabbit cage for dead bunnies. Then I have to decide if I really want one, and where to keep it. I’m worried about the doggies and the cats should I keep it inside, and the roaming fox should I keep it outside.


6 Responses to “I Shall Call You Cadbury!”

WV Nan Says:

Hey Dustin–you are a soft heart when it comes to animals—but so am I. Jen had a rabbit for a few years along with her cat—just needed separate litter pans. Although I swear they kept sharing. The doggies should be ok–but they will like the bunny droppings—nice and crunchy. Jen’s bunny would come when called and was just like a kitty! The only two problems–bunnies like to chew on electrical cords and they need to be kept draft free—can cause major health issues.

Can’t wait to see pics as they grow.

Cadbury–cute! Jen’s was Retsae (ret–say)–it’s Easter spelled backwards!


Megan Says:

OMG those baby bunnies are SO cute! I hope you get one!


brand new w Says:

i’d name one Bunnicula.

And what’s this about a roaming fox?


BlogspotBecky Says:

cute little bunbuns


Aravis Says:

They’re so sweet!


boo Says:

Dustin, Your Mom is right, Mom’s are always right. Rabbits can be really hard to care for. I had one as a child. It dropped droppings with every hop. We never got it litter box trained. The cage was hard to keep clean. Plus it bit the crap out of us. We lost interest in it and it became our Mom’s problem. Needless to say the rabbit was gone one day when we came home from school. We were told it ran away. I wonder if we didn’t eat it for dinner, JK. Our local paper just had a big write up, warning people to learn about the care of rabbits before you buy one to give for Easter. Many end up in animal shelters.
Maybe read up on them before you decide if you want to take on all the extra work. If you do take one you have to name it Bugs-bunny.