On The Mend

I’m finally on the mend, getting over my cold. I’m still feeling some odd side effects. Yesterday I basically lost my voice by the end of class. Very hoarse. Today it seems something is going on with my sense of taste. Everything tastes very bitter. Lovely! My nose oddly is completely clean and not stuffed up though.

Anyway, Emily is coming over this weekend. So we’ll be on cam for entertainment 🙂 I don’t know how entertaining I’ll be if my taste doesn’t come back though. We should be singstaring, watching movies and playing other games. The cam blog will be on, and I’ll give out the info how to log in and watch us with sound 😛

I still have my long ass post to finish, which discusses my thoughts on the future and what the hell I’ll do when I’m finally out of school.


One Response to “On The Mend”

brand new w Says:

Hope you get well soon!