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Get Me A Mop, I Peed On The Floor!

Hilarious! Hat-tip to Warren and Derrick

Crystal Light Mustache

So let’s see what I can blog about today? First up, I officially ran out of diet soda today, and am now going to attempt weaning myself from it. I’m back on Crystal Light, because as many of you know I think water tastes icky. I’m hoping this helps break the plateau I’ve found myself on with the weight. The vegetarianism didn’t seem to help take any weight off, but it hasn’t put any on thankfully. I do seem to be feeling a lot better though as I’m not eating as much crap anymore (ie McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King).

I actually enjoy Crystal Light, but it has some draw backs. First it’s not as thirst quenching as soda is (well for me), so I drink a lot more. It being pretty much flavored water, I’m peeing a lot more because of that. Like every thirty minutes! I know you wanted to know that too, which is why I shared. It also leaves a nice red mustache, and Crystal Light mustaches aren’t easy to get off. You need some serious sea breeze to get them off, water or spit alone won’t do it. Unfortunately I tend to forget I have one and then go out in public, only realizing after I get into the car after grocery shopping and see myself in the rear view mirror.

What else is going on? This Saturday I’m going out to meet real live people. Can you believe that? Well hopefully it will work-out. A bunch of local videogamers are getting together to meet each other in real life (ie not on-line). We are all of the homosexual persuasion too, and being this is a videogamer meetup, that also makes us kinda nerds. So it should be interesting. Right now it seems like only a few people have committed to coming, unless others just decide to show up and lurk about until they decide it’s safe 🙂 I’m hoping we get somewhat of a good turn-out though.

Depending on how late the shindig Saturday goes will depend on if I get up and do the hike on Sunday. I can honestly say I won’t feel guilty about not going on the hike Sunday if Saturday turns out to be a blast.

Twitter Twatter Toilet Water

So I thought I should make a final post on the Twitter debacle. Basically yesterday I got an automatic email from Twitter saying my account had been restored. I put in about 40 million attempts to restore account because I didn’t want someone usurping my username and confusing people, not that anyone would, but I am paranoid like that.

Well finally something in the system clicked and it let me restore my account. Well actually only kinda. Everything was there, but I was getting no updates from anyone I was following after the moment the restore happened. I eventually realized I would basically have to go in and unfollow and refollow everyone to get it working again.

Unfortunately this only half-ass worked as well. Some people it let me refollow, others it was just giving me errors and making the browser is thinking/spinning wheel sign in the lower corner.

Not only was that a problem, but my photo got messed up and after about 20 attempts to upload a new one (which failed) I just got pissed off and fed up. It seems the photo problem has been an ongoing issue on Twitter since sometime in April based on their “Known Issues” page.

I didn’t want a half-ass working Twitter account, it would just frustrate me. So I re-deleted it, this time for good. This time it also told me that the restore account feature was now down, so this delete would be permanent and for good. I said “Byedeybye Captain Walkah” and hit the delete button.

I figured I originally deleted it for a reason, clearly it needed to stay deleted and gone. That is what the universe was saying I think. I’m sure my 8 million daily rambles aren’t missed 🙂 I do however realize one thing Twitter was very useful for, knowing when people updated their blogs. Most of my blogroll was on Twitter so I always knew when a new post went up.

Anyways, learn some lessons from this kiddos. First, don’t delete your Twitter account unless you really want to, because like the Pet Cemetery, it will come back as something evil and only part alive. Second, if you decide you don’t like your Twitter picture, replacing it might be a gamble and you might end up with a broken link that you and everyone on your list has to look at.

Twitter has been a spaz lately, and it seems clear their servers weren’t prepared for the influx of new users that came on. I know they publicly claimed awhile back that this was not Oprah’s fault for talking about Twitter, but we all know it is. It’s totally Oprah and Ashton’s fault 🙂

I might down the road get a new Twitter for the sole purpose of knowing when blogs are updating and letting people know when mine is updated. However my guess is sometime this summer something new will be out to replace Twitter, basically making Twitter a Myspace to the Facebook of whatever replaces it.

Madonna Makes Me Happy!

Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” tour is going to be released on DVD, but not till the fall 🙁 She’s currently still touring in Europe this summer.

Anyway, some of the songs/performances from the DVD have already been leaked. Seems she’s providing them as downloads if you buy that new Blackberry Storm. When we saw her show here they were heavily promoting the thing. Well you knew someone would just YouTube them, which someone thankfully did!

Big thanks to Brand New Woo for pointing these out. I’ve been in a horrid mood today for several reasons, which I may go into in a few days. Let’s just say at least the house is clean (well the 1st floor!)

So here is “Vogue” and “Music” from the tour. These are as “classic” as you’ll get from the ones available so far. “Like A Prayer” and “Burning Up” aren’t out, and they were awesome!

Marshall, Will and Holly!

So I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend, or relaxed. Our weather here has been a little skitzo. I basically just worked most of the weekend on school, then went swimming in the children’s pool they filled up this weekend. The house never got cleaned though, so I think that is on today’s agenda. I can’t take the little balls of pet hair floating around anymore!

The SciFi channel had a marathon of “Land of the Lost” yesterday. I have the first season on DVD, but never got the 2nd or 3rd. We came into the thing somewhere in the 2nd season and I watched through the abomination that was the third season when the show went to hell thanks to the arrival of Uncle Jack. The marathon of course was for the new movie coming out, which I can’t decide on. I am not a huge fan of Will Ferrell’s humor, I like him in a few movies basically. His “Land of the Lost” will either be really good, or make the third season look like Emmy Award winning television 🙂

Twitter suddenly came back last night, yet it’s still broken. It’s not updated since it returned. I think I have to kick start it by putting a tweet out, I don’t know. Maybe Jesus is still speaking to me and telling me “No!” Otherwise I haven’t used facebook, except for a slip-up late one dark stormy night 🙂 *Confirmed* I’m being positively permanently punished. Twitter only shows my updates or replies to me, but nothing from anyone I follow. Time to give up the Twat!

I still haven’t eaten meat yet either, though the Big Mac is now haunting me. I kid you not, I was at the gym yesterday and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” was on. I look up and the question is “Based on the famous jingle, what is not an ingredient in a Big Mac?”

Anyways, I have a few other things to share, but I’ll save it for another post. I still have to get my review of “EA Sports Active” up at sometime too.

This Little Ant Didn

Well I didn’t get out hiking, hopefully next week though! I overslept, but not that it would have mattered if I didn’t. With it being a busy holiday weekend for the farm, John took the car to run various farm related errands (picking up and delivering produce).

I’ve been having most horrible dreams as of late. A lot of me ending up in public naked. I know it’s a classic anxiety dream. I usually don’t have the naked dream though, usually the ones where my teeth fall out. I also keep having the dream where I have taken up smoking. I’ve never smoked a day in my life, so it must be from a past life. I wake up even remembering how the cigarettes tasted. They didn’t taste good either from what I recalled.

The ant problem in the kitchen seems to be better now. I don’t know if it was the ant traps that did it, or spraying the counter with Windex 🙂 Jamie told me to try that trick out, and it seems to have worked. Makes me feel like I’m in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” though. Here . . . . try some Windex!

All The Little Ants Are Marching

So for the past few days we’ve had an ant problem in the kitchen. I have no idea where they are coming from, other than outside of course. This hasn’t ever happened before either. They are always on the stove or counter by the sink as well. Historically that has been a messy spot, as I usually prepare food on the stove because our counter space is limited. So I’ve been cleaning it almost daily, but it’s not helping. I finally put some ant traps down, hopefully if there is a colony somewhere close, it will be RAID’d!

My old Twitter account never got fixed, and I’m just accepting it probably won’t. Maybe God is telling me to stop Twittering for good 🙂 I emailed Twitter support about the problems I’m having restoring it (ie it’s not working), but all I got was a bot form response saying “Based on your question, we think these known issue FAQs will be of help.” Um, no, they weren’t . . . and they made me read those before I could put in a help request. I replied back and emailed off a different support email. Maybe I’ll get a human answer one day soon.

I took an hour to go out to the Collingswood May Fair today. Basically live bands, rides for the kiddies, and a buttload of crafters and venders. Lots of people, lots of doggies, and the summer sun straight down on me. I just got back and am pooped!

I still haven’t eaten meat since last weekend, and I’ve eased up on the fish too. Carbs are gunna be a problem for me! I ended up getting some wraps to use in place of breads to see if that will help. So far the only temptation to eat meat has been a Big Mac box trashed by the side of the road that I kept passing while walking the dogs. Mmmm, Big Macs! I finally just picked it up and threw it away so I didn’t have to keep seeing it.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the hiking day, but sadly I’m not sure if I’ll make it. It will be almost an all day affair, leaving here around noon and probably not getting back till 6pm. I will have to see if I feel I can sacrifice the hours. I need to get 2 dissertation chapters done and fired off this weekend. They were supposed to be done by Monday, but I didn’t realize what shambles one of the chapters was in. I ended up rewriting it and adding a ton of new stuff. Now all I have to do is proof them.

Even if I get them done by tonight, I have other issues. Nikko it seems isn’t feeling too well, he’s having ass explosions 🙁 I do not want to leave him home for six hours with no walks! It’s a holiday weekend, so the market is slamming busy, and John might not be able to get over to walk him enough. I also really want to clean the house really well, it’s long overdue, and might help with the ants 🙂

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say. I am going to have a review of “EA Sports Active” for the Wii up soon. I’m trying to get through a few days with it so I experience a good number of the excersises. The personal trainer option basically picks them out each day and they vary from day to day. I have to say, it’s been kicking my ass!

Unburning Bridges . . . .

After 2 days sunk in, and several “What the hell did I dos” I decided to bring back Facebook and Twitter . . . . but there is a catch 🙂 I don’t intend to actively use them till June 15th! Facebook I knew was only deactivated, which I appreciated, as I have too many people on it I couldn’t contact otherwise. Myspace, well I think that one is dead as a doornail . . . and I could care less. Myspace is so 2001! Seriously, I never used it anymore . . . evident by the fact I deleted it from my iPhone weeks ago.

I was able to restore Facebook entirely. Twitter told me I could restore my account, but as of yet it hasn’t happened. I actually went on to re-register the account name to protect myself from any fucktards who decided to usurp my ID, but it seems they thought of that already. My ID was saved and it told me I could restore it. It just doesn’t seem to have happened yet 🙂 However like Facebook, I won’t use it for at least a month. I am not putting it back on my iPhone, I am not installing it back onto my Mac either!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

First, thanks to all who have left comments or emailed me about the whole twitter and facebook fiasco. I am considering bringing facebook back after a period of time. It is the only way I have in staying in contact with some from my past, and supposedly it will be “reactivated” the way it was when I deleted it. That alone should probably scare people who would like to remove their facebook count entirely. Make sure you delete everything off it first if you want it gone, like those photos of you flashing your tits or puking in the gutter!

Moving on, I still have all these silly pseudo-social networks on my iPhone, which incidentally I found out I can’t cancel the data/internet portion of. Oh well. I will just keep it, as to downgrade back to my razor will probably save me a shocking 25 bucks a month. Anyway, I still have a few of these apps that “find people near you” to talk to. The following photo I spotted on “Who’s Here!” I firmly believe stupid people, or people doing stupid things, deserve to be photographed and displayed to the world 🙂

I Canz Spell Gewd

This is Tom2x527, which given the odd name is probably his AOL, yahoo, hotmail or gmail address given his intelligence level. Please feel free to mass email all to test it out if you so wish. He’s 44 and still speaks AOL. U R so cool Tom! Too bad you don’t realize there are 2 Gs in the word faggot, unless you are referring to a bundle of twigs or a the British slang for a cigarette. Clearly this isn’t an instance of not enough space so he had to abbreviate, because he includes 3 whole exclamation marks at the end of his sentence.

It made me laugh. I really wanted to message him about his mistake, but felt this was way more fun 🙂

No More Strings, I

So I figured I should make a post about my last post 🙂 Why did I apparently lose my mind and delete all my social networking sites? Well I did much more than that, a bit on that near the end of this post though.

So why did I do it? To cut the IV that is the internet that has been keeping me alive for far too long now. Since around 1994 I have been way too connected to the internet. It started when I began my first webpages, the “Days” page and my old “Sega Saturn” page. I quickly found IRC and chatrooms and began nightly chats.

After the IRC died down, it was the chatroom on my site and later a forum I started. The forum quickly became a full time job though, trying to deal with and police fights, complaints, etc. I am not a bad cop, so I failed miserably at that. People walked all over me, and I idiotically let them because I didn’t want to be “the bad guy.”

After the page got sold though, the chatroom pretty much became a private room for the people who used it more as a social get-together space. It however is pretty much dead right now. Everyone went off and you know, got real lives 🙂 I soon ended up becoming a Twitter and Facebook addict, and these took over. Twitter was so useful and easy that I started neglecting blogging because it just seemed like I was putting everything I had to say on Twitter.

Not only was I hooked into Twitter and Facebook, but I was told too many times that I whined, bitched and complained too much. Also I was always on my phone, at the dinner table, when out with people, even taking it to bed to check off and on. John nicknamed it the devil’s tool.

So I decided to pull the IV out. I deleted my MySpace, Facebook (they don’t let you delete it actually, they deactivate it) and my Twitter account. MySpace and Twitter are fully gone, deleted, dead. I can however re-activate my Facebook account, though I don’t know if I’ve lost all my friends, photos, posts or what not. So effectively this blog is now my only personal social outlet left really. From now on I’m also going to try and be positive and not bitch so much 🙂

With my social outlets gone, my iPhone basically is an expensive phone that has lost half of its use. Actually since I rarely even use my phone to talk, it’s pretty much lost all its use. I tried to see if I could drop my data plan and keep it as a phone only, but I couldn’t via the online account management. So I emailed AT&T asking if it was possible to do so. I’d still be able to use it as a phone, as well as use any apps that don’t require the internet. For those that do, I should be able to still do it through my wireless home network. Of course that means when I leave the house, it just becomes a plain old phone. I’m okay with that actually.

I need to get out more and meet real people and have real world friends. I love my online friends, but I need social interaction as well. I’ve already made plans to join a group that goes hiking every Sunday and will be going this weekend for the first time.

Oh as if all the above doesn’t seem insane as is, there is more. Because I’m now out of a job and don’t have one until I go looking for one, I need to be on a budget. I am not planning on looking till the end of June or July honestly, I don’t want to have the distractions of a job while trying to finish my dissertation. I’ve learned the long and hard way I’m not good at multi-tasking the dissertation and work 😛 So to keep me from spending money I shouldn’t be, and from borrowing too much from my savings to pay it off, I cut up every single one of my credit cards. No, I’m not kidding. I cut them up and put half in the garbage and half in the recycle bin (I hope they are recyclable). I am not someone who has their card numbers memorized either, so I’m shit out of luck if it can’t be paid via check or debit card. I still have a few things that I am billed for monthly or every few months, I’ll begin moving them over to my bank account soon enough.

Well I guess there you have it. I’ll probably be blogging a lot more now that Twitter and my other outlets are dead 🙂