Unburning Bridges . . . .

After 2 days sunk in, and several “What the hell did I dos” I decided to bring back Facebook and Twitter . . . . but there is a catch 🙂 I don’t intend to actively use them till June 15th! Facebook I knew was only deactivated, which I appreciated, as I have too many people on it I couldn’t contact otherwise. Myspace, well I think that one is dead as a doornail . . . and I could care less. Myspace is so 2001! Seriously, I never used it anymore . . . evident by the fact I deleted it from my iPhone weeks ago.

I was able to restore Facebook entirely. Twitter told me I could restore my account, but as of yet it hasn’t happened. I actually went on to re-register the account name to protect myself from any fucktards who decided to usurp my ID, but it seems they thought of that already. My ID was saved and it told me I could restore it. It just doesn’t seem to have happened yet 🙂 However like Facebook, I won’t use it for at least a month. I am not putting it back on my iPhone, I am not installing it back onto my Mac either!


5 Responses to “Unburning Bridges . . . .”

Janelle Says:

Funny enough, I had to get a new phone because my old one, the track ball stopped working (I have a blackberry) and I totally forgot in my last comment to tell you that, while I do check twitter throughout the day, it takes like 60 seconds or longer to refresh and about one out of five times I try to update my status from my phone, it gives me an error message. I think my phone is trying to tell me, “Give it up. It’s so last year” LOL


BlogspotBecky Says:

glad to see you’re back


Emily Says:

I knew it.


Dustin Says:

And have I used it? Have you seen me twittering all day or on facebook talking all day?



BlogspotBecky Says:

Did I see or miss something? Nope. didn’t see anything. I haven’t been on Twitter much lately.