Stupid Is As Stupid Does

First, thanks to all who have left comments or emailed me about the whole twitter and facebook fiasco. I am considering bringing facebook back after a period of time. It is the only way I have in staying in contact with some from my past, and supposedly it will be “reactivated” the way it was when I deleted it. That alone should probably scare people who would like to remove their facebook count entirely. Make sure you delete everything off it first if you want it gone, like those photos of you flashing your tits or puking in the gutter!

Moving on, I still have all these silly pseudo-social networks on my iPhone, which incidentally I found out I can’t cancel the data/internet portion of. Oh well. I will just keep it, as to downgrade back to my razor will probably save me a shocking 25 bucks a month. Anyway, I still have a few of these apps that “find people near you” to talk to. The following photo I spotted on “Who’s Here!” I firmly believe stupid people, or people doing stupid things, deserve to be photographed and displayed to the world 🙂

I Canz Spell Gewd

This is Tom2x527, which given the odd name is probably his AOL, yahoo, hotmail or gmail address given his intelligence level. Please feel free to mass email all to test it out if you so wish. He’s 44 and still speaks AOL. U R so cool Tom! Too bad you don’t realize there are 2 Gs in the word faggot, unless you are referring to a bundle of twigs or a the British slang for a cigarette. Clearly this isn’t an instance of not enough space so he had to abbreviate, because he includes 3 whole exclamation marks at the end of his sentence.

It made me laugh. I really wanted to message him about his mistake, but felt this was way more fun 🙂


One Response to “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”

Janelle Says:

People like this make me sad for all of the human race on so many levels.