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Sickness and Percy Turns 1

So it came a week late, but it came. I woke up around 6am with bad stomach cramps, and then the stuff started coming out of all ends. Yup, I spent the day with what the BF had last week it seems. As long as I could stay asleep, I was good, the minute I woke up . . . blaaaaaaarg. By 11am I finally had to force myself up because the dogs were getting restless. I was trying to get cleaned up before taking them out, but I didn’t move fast enough or acknowledge Nikko enough. The brat lifted his leg on my desk chair, which unfortunately had my coat on the back of it! I was not pleased at all. I cleaned it up as best as I could, but it will be going to the cleaners for sure.

I spent most of the day on the couch trying to recover and yelling at animals to be quiet and stop jumping on me. I realized the Percy cat turned one recently. HE was born mid-April last year and given to us on Mother’s Day. He’s a very small cat and that had me concerned. Was he the runt? Did we not feed him enough? The cats have a big bowl of dry food, but Percy is picky. He’ll eat it if he’s starving, but he’d rather have wet. He’s the only cat we give wet to, and generally he just nibbles a bit, walks off and lets the fat cats have the rest. Brat. Compared to the other fat cats, he’s very small. The BF says he’s not abnormally small, the other cats are just abnormally large.

And now I will leave you with the lesson learned today. If you have to barf, let the chunks fly. Don’t hold it in trying to get to a toilet or a trash can, even if you spew all over the brand new carpet. If you hold it in, it will come out your nose. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than having to smell barf whiff all day long!

The Ghosts In The House

Because I have had some questions, I dug up a post from one of my old blogs about the house and the ghosts 🙂 I updated it a bit as well.

The house is haunted by at least three ghosts. A little bit about the history of the house . . . . . Okay I don’t know much about it. It is a Craftsman Cottage and was built in the early 1900s. However the house next to it dates back to 1631 (I know this cause they have a little signpost saying so) and the house across the street, the BF’s family house, is an old Quaker house, so it’s pretty old too (1700s).

Anyways the one known ghost is a teenage boy who used to live here. His name is Michael something, I forget the last name. He committed suicide. He didn’t do it in the house though, he did it outside in his car (carbon monoxide). He haunts his bedroom upstairs, the guest bedroom. He also wanders around the house every now and then. The creepy thing is, he used to date the BF’s sister and was the BF’s brother’s friend. He’s very acting when the BF’s brother is here. Generally he just makes the environment really really cold, sometimes he brings a breeze with him. Princess doesn’t seem to like him, when he comes around she growls. People have tried to get him to “cross over into the light,” but for some reason he doesn’t want to go. For whatever reason he doesn’t want to leave. When I moved in we made a deal, he could stay and do as he pleased as long as I didn’t have to see him. Yes, he has been seen by others! Unfortunately the other day I think I got my first glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye.

The other two ghosts are actually small children, and it is believed they may haunt the house next door or a house that may have possible been here at one point. Nobody knows much about them. They have been seen, once as a reflection by a former house tenant. You know when they come around. They like to chase the cats, and the cats go nuts when the kid ghosts come to play. They also have a habit of playing with clocks or anything digital. The kids don’t seem to sleep as they often come late at night when nobody is downstairs. You can hear the cats running all over the place, and sometimes you can hear giggling! One night the BF and I were upstairs watching TV and a laughing sound could be heard downstairs! I asked what that was . . . he said either the cats or the ghost children. The ghost children was the wrong answer!

This is a picture of the upstairs of the house and the two bedrooms. The bedroom on the left is the guest bedroom where the one ghost dwells. I took this photo late one evening after the sun had set. It was actually pretty dark upstairs, so there wasn’t any odd sunlight to cast reflections or make weird things happen. Notice the orb in the doorway! Yeah yeah, it could just be a particle of dust or a drop of moisture in the air. However click on the photo to enlarge it and look closely at the orb. Is that a face in it? I have looked at the photo full sized and the face is there, it is not a re-size/sampling fluke.

A Haunting In New Jersey

Oh I almost forgot. Speaking of the haunted room from the last post, I think I saw the ghost today! So our house is a Craftsman Cottage, it’s turn of last century and has a weird layout. There is basically a little hallway that separates the dining room from the staircase/bathroom/downstairs guest rooms. If someone comes from the staircase and heads into the bathroom, you just basically see a blurred figure. Today I saw a blur, thinking it was the BF rushing to be sick, I went to check. Noooooooobody there!


Sickness and Death

So yesterday the BF’s nephew came home early from school. He was sick. Today the BF woke up sick. He was back home from work around 10am and in bed all day. That’s huge, he never stays away from work that long . . . and it’s across the street! Anyways he’s nauseous, he’s hot, he’s cold, he’s hot again. Uhg. I don’t think this is the little aliment I had at the beginning of the week, this is far worse it seems. I don’t want to get sick. I may be bunking on the couch tonight. I’d stay in the guest room upstairs, but it’s the haunted one. The one downstairs is too much of a mess unfortunately.

So What

I have been bad and only blogging every other day. I’ve still been feeling blah, and I’ve decided it’s because the house is HOT and the AC hasn’t been ON. Apparently some piece was broken, it’s fixed, it’s on, it feels nice. The doggies enjoy it too, they’ve been panting a lot.

I have a meeting with a man at school next week to discuss my dissertation results to date. He’s going to give me advice on what I can statistically add or do with them. I’m hoping it’s not going to be something radical. I just want a little advice as well as a few supplementary things to add to it. I do not have time for a radical redo at this point. Otherwise I foresee a long summer ahead.

Vacations are still being planned. Hopefully the cruise for next year will soon be booked! Hopefully everyone who wants to come will join as well 🙂

This week on Nick at Night is “Huxtapalooza.” It’s been fun to see the Cosby kids all grown up talking about the episodes. Hey, at least I have a week of no Fresh Prince! Oh the Nick and Night TV Land Awards were on this weekend too. If Alice could drag her butt onto that stage why couldn’t Jan Brady? Where the hell was Jan? Afraid Marsha would show her up? She was the only one not up there.


Who Wears Short Shorts?

This weekend the sun came out, the temperatures went up and the shorts went on. It was so nice! Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so great. Saturday I was a zombie most of the day, which just sucked because that was the night we went to see Kathy Griffin. Today I’m better, I just don’t seem to have an appetite. I must have eaten something bad.

Kathy Griffin was hilarious. It was very improvish, she just got up there and talked her head off about whatever came to mind. She hates Ryan Seacrest, so you for some reason you ever run into him, tell him Kathy says “Suck It.” I want to go hunt him down just to say it myself. Oh her TV show “My Life On The D List” returns on June 5th! Sweet! I would have enjoyed it more if I was feeling a bit better, and hadn’t been sat next to the grumpiest woman in the world who kept checking her phone.

In other news, its time for Vacation planning! Keith really wants to book the cruise for next January. We all decided to live dangerously and give Royal Caribbean a try this year. We’ve never done anything but Carnival. Unfortunately the ones we want leave Miami, whereas I want to do Orlando for Disney. May have to play with the flights a bit there. Also, Shannan from Texas has to go back to New Orleans this summer. She’s already rounding up the posse for Bourbon Street again. Oh lord!

This morning I woke up to hear something or someone outside the window apparently saying “Witch! Witch! Witch!” I was half asleep still, I think it was a bird or something. I don’t know, it was creepy though.


Lazy Pets
I Ain

So the other night, while laying in bed and trying to get to sleep, I wondered what has become of our resident ghosts. They have been really quiet lately, we haven’t heard from any of them. I’m sure I’ve jinxed it though and now they’ll wake up. Hey as long as I don’t have to see them.

Meanwhile I’ve once again had issues getting to sleep on time. I know it’s cause I sit on my butt in front of the PC all day and am stressed. I did something unusual today, I said frak the soaps and went to the gym . . . while they were on! It put me behind schedule, but I knew the exercise would do me good. Here is hoping I can get to bed at a descent hour.

Meanwhile Sanjaya finally went home on idol tonight. Will the show even be any fun to watch anymore after this?

Out With The Rain, In With Wind And Cold

So it continued to pour off and on all night long . . . . . At some point around 5am the wind came in. I thought it was going to tear the roof off! It was absolutely horrible, you could hear it beating the house. It remained cold and windy all day. We got a bit of snow this morning, they are saying possibly more tonight. Even though the rain has stopped, the Delaware is still rising. This is going to be messy.

The basement . . . . just gross. The BF pumped most of it out and we’ve got fans going down there now. Unfortunately the fans force the stale, rank, cat litter scented air upstairs. Yuck!

Of course the weather and other problems doesn’t really compare to the news of the day from Virginia, the terrible shootings at Va Tech. Absolutely unbelievable. I remember when I was in undergrad we had to read a play based on the shootings at Kent State. To us back then it was just history, we weren’t alive so it wasn’t easy for us to connect with it. You just never think that in your lifetime you’ll see something like this.


Miserable Day

So if you live on the east coast then you no doubt had the miserable day I did! It’s been cold and has been raining all day. The poor people up north are getting sleet and snow! I guess I should count my blessings, but I think I might welcome that. Thanks to the non-stop rain our basement got flooded big time. It tends to flood during heavy rains, but this time it got hit hard. It’s not furnished and everything is stored in plastic boxes and up off the ground. However we did have a good number of empty cardboard boxes down there that got trashed and will need to be taken out. Oh yeah, the cat pans are down there too . . . . bio-hazard zone!

In other news I had a wonderful school related stress dream! I was back in class, but with friends and classmates from high school. Apparently a project was due and almost none of us had done it. I don’t remember what it was, it was some kind of book report/poster thing. I remember sitting around a round table as the presentations began. The teacher was my 9th grade English teacher. I somehow had in my bag a really poorly made poster/report on Steven Kings’ “In the Eyes of a Dragon.” Oddly it was done when I was in 9th grade (but I wasn’t in 9th grade in this class). I decided it was better than nothing! I tried to get the date off of it so the teacher wouldn’t know I had reused it. I was also trying to remember what the hell the book was about so I could get up and talk about it. I don’t know how it ended, I woke up. I also don’t know why when I have these dreams lately they always seem to involve my 9th grade English teacher. I wonder if she’s dead and communicating with me from the other side?