So yesterday the BF’s nephew came home early from school. He was sick. Today the BF woke up sick. He was back home from work around 10am and in bed all day. That’s huge, he never stays away from work that long . . . and it’s across the street! Anyways he’s nauseous, he’s hot, he’s cold, he’s hot again. Uhg. I don’t think this is the little aliment I had at the beginning of the week, this is far worse it seems. I don’t want to get sick. I may be bunking on the couch tonight. I’d stay in the guest room upstairs, but it’s the haunted one. The one downstairs is too much of a mess unfortunately.

3 Replies to “Sickness and Death”

  1. Have you done any table tipping or trying to find out why your house is haunted, or have I totally missed an entire conversation about your ghost? I did notice you wrote about it the other day !!


  2. Oh please. I’ve slept in the haunted room several times, and I’m still alive!! lol

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