I have been bad and only blogging every other day. I’ve still been feeling blah, and I’ve decided it’s because the house is HOT and the AC hasn’t been ON. Apparently some piece was broken, it’s fixed, it’s on, it feels nice. The doggies enjoy it too, they’ve been panting a lot.

I have a meeting with a man at school next week to discuss my dissertation results to date. He’s going to give me advice on what I can statistically add or do with them. I’m hoping it’s not going to be something radical. I just want a little advice as well as a few supplementary things to add to it. I do not have time for a radical redo at this point. Otherwise I foresee a long summer ahead.

Vacations are still being planned. Hopefully the cruise for next year will soon be booked! Hopefully everyone who wants to come will join as well 🙂

This week on Nick at Night is “Huxtapalooza.” It’s been fun to see the Cosby kids all grown up talking about the episodes. Hey, at least I have a week of no Fresh Prince! Oh the Nick and Night TV Land Awards were on this weekend too. If Alice could drag her butt onto that stage why couldn’t Jan Brady? Where the hell was Jan? Afraid Marsha would show her up? She was the only one not up there.


2 Replies to “So What’s Up?”

  1. I don’t know where Jan was, but I started watching Celebrity Fit Club on Sunday for the first time because of Ross the Intern, and Maureen McCormick is also on it. Marcia Marcia Marcia!


  2. OMG – you watch to much Nick at Nite TV Land. I’m boycotting them. I’m still not over the entire not finishing the Designing Women’s week. LOL

    And does the TV Land Awards really have a purpose?

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